PME EPR Bullets

AFI 36-2406 (14 NOVEMBER 2019)
4.16.3. Enlisted Professional Military Education Comments in EPRs. The only permissible Professional Military Education comments in EPRs will be those referencing selections for an official Professional Military Education award or completion of Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education I/II web based courses. All other comments, to include recommendation for any other Professional Military Education and selection for any other Professional Military Education attendance are prohibited. Comments referencing Air Force prerequisite Professional Military Education (or sister service equivalent) selection, attendance and/or completion are prohibited, to include implied comments.

Professional Development Center (PDC)

- Dedicated leader; attended 40-hr NCOA prepratory PDS--sharped NCO tool belt/gained insight from Senior ldrship

- Completed professional development; attended 3 hour Emotional Intelligence course--strengthened leadership ability

- Dedicated AF steward; showcased superb ldrshp skills recv'd in PDC--trnd 14 terminal prsnl/56 core tasks completed

- Attended 4-day NCOPE seminar; bridged gap between ALS/NCOA--strengthened mentoring/supervisory skills

- Attended 3-day NCO Professional Enhancement Seminar; bridged ALS/NCOA gap--enhanced mentoring skills

- Attended AFRC Time Management Crse--enhanced his mgmt skills--decreased cust wait from 10 to 5 minutes

- Attended credit mgt seminar; mentored Amn w/knowledge gained--ensured financial awareness/responsibility

- Enhanced Amn skill; completed leadership/conflict management course--ready for increased supervisory roles

- Attended EPR bullet writing course; honed composition skills--garnered critical knowledge for Amn duties

- Completed NCO enhancement trng; mastered bullet writing/eval grading techniques--sharpened supervisory skillsets

- Consum'd Leadership Essentials/Becoming a Supervisor/Taking on a Mgt Role crs's--ready for leadership role

Airman Leadership School (ALS)

- Exceled at ALS; displayed exceptional ldrshp & academic performance--chosen by 48 peers to receive Levitow Awd

- ALS John Levitow Awd Recipient! Recognized #1/17 by peers/instructors--ready to guide the future of the AF

- Completed Airman Leadership school; developed key leadership attributes--sharpened communication skills

- Completed six week Airman Leadership School received 10 college credits--logistics CCAF degree complete

- Dedicated volunteer; completed 6 hr Veteran's Home Freedom run--efforts helped raise $375 for base ALS

- Displayed leadership quality; exemplified by ALS peers--won Commandant Leadership Award, promote now

- Driven; Graduated top 5% of ALS; 6 weeks/240 hrs completed--rcv'd coveted "Leadership Awd" from peers

- Enhanced skills & leadership; Volunteered to cmplt first Airman Leadership Distance Learning Course on Blackboard

- Epitome of excellence; showcased superb ldrshp--earned ALS class 14-D top honor/John L. Levitow award

- Epitome of junior Amn; selected by commandant for key ALS admin position--filled CEPME manning shortfall

- Graduated ALS; assumed class commander role--nine credits towards CCAF/recieved leadership experience

- Organized ALS study sessions; bolstered 100% flight pass rate for class 13-C--earned Commandant Award

- Phenomenal ldr; earned coveted ALS Ldrshp Awd...chosen by peers out of 37 Airmen...set mark for excellence

- Stood out above peers; hand-picked as ALS class speaker--earned top 10% academic ranking/DG Awd winner

- Top 2% of ALS class/47 peers; displayed exceptional leadership/academic performance--rec'd Levitow Awd

- Vol'd 6 hrs to Relay for Life; organized/manned ALS booth raffle sales--aided $30K raised for cancer research

NCO Academy (NCOA)

- Excelled as NCOA class ldr; scored top 10% of 262 students/98% overall avg--received Distinguished Graduate awd

- Absolutely sterling performance at NCOA--awarded Academic Achievement plaque--represented AAFB well

- Completed distance NCOA--increased leadership and supervisory skills--completed 1 year ahead of schedule

- Completed NCO Academy--increased knowledge of and value to Air Force--commendable 86% class average

- Conquered challenging opportunity; honed ldrship/comm skills--awd'd coveted NCOA Distinguished Graduate

- Distinguished Graduate (Top 10%) from NCO Academy; recognized for academic achievement (#1 of 76)

- Graduated NCOA top 10% of class out of 120 students--garnered prestigious "Distinguished Graduate" award

- Graduated Noncommissioned Officer Academy with a 90% average--learned valuable new leadership skills

- Kisling NCOA graduate; developed ldrshp/tm bldg skills x6 weeks--chosen as Levitow Awd winner/#1 of 171

- NCOA class ldr; led 14 NCO/mentored 2 failing peers/directed 2 svc projects--awd'd Distinguished Graduate

- NCOA Class leader/aced academic crs; designed study plan layouts--garnered critical skills for SNCO duties

- Pursued professional growth; completed NCOA/earned 11 hrs for BAS degree--enhanced mentor/ldrshp skills

- Selected by peers as top performer; led eight study grps/11 students--NCOA 2012 DG proves worthy of MSgt!

- Stellar NCO! Selected class cmdr during NCOA; led 181 TSgts/org'd 4 wg outreachs--Levitow Awd recipient

- Stellar performer; completed online NCO Academy while deployed to AOR--preparing for future challenges

- Top 10% NCOA/class ldr; mentored 2 failing peers/directed service project--selected Distinguished Graduate

- Transactional leader at NCOA; scored top 10% recognized by instructors--awarded Distinguished Graduate

Senior NCO Academy (SNCOA)

- Always seeking career growth; voluntarily self-enrolled in SNCOA DLC - 1/3 complete, leadership skills sharpened

- Enrolled in SNCO req crse 14; attained vital mgmt knowledge--advanced org supervisory/leadership toolbox

- Complet'd SNCO PME Course 14; broaden'd leadership ability/knowledge--working towards CCAF degree in Safety

- #13/185 MSgts; AETC '09 PJ SNCO OTY; SNCOA Commandant's awd; proven cmbt ldr--promote to SMSgt!

- Comp'd 16-hr Adv SNCOLC; garnered 382yrs TFI knowledge--honed ldrshp/mentoring skills

- Completed SNCO Course 14...broadened leadership ability/knowledge...ready for additional responsibility

- Distinguished Graduate of SNCO Academy Class 10D; recognized as a dedicated leader by peers and faculty

- Enrolled in SNCO req crse 14; attained vital mgmt knowledge--advanced org supervisory/leadership toolbox

- Finished SNCOA Course 14 in only 2 mos; upheld 91% avg on module tests--premiere addition to SNCO tier!

- Graduated SNCOA #1 of 279! Selected by peers/instr f/ distinguished academics/leadership--received Levitow Awd

- Mastered SNCO PME; completed Course 14--sharpened leadership capabilities/promoted PME among peers

- Conquered SNCOA DL -- highest score in Wing for this course! Polished leadership abilities & professional growth


- Fulfilled SEAC's PME vision; nailed SEJPME lvl 1 crs--readied to "Develop Enlisted Leaders for Tomorrow's War"

- Education focused; finished 2 classes f/Org Mgmt BA & 45 hr SEJPME2 crs--jt msn rdy/achieved CJCS PME vision

- Finished SEJPME II/MBA Managerial Econ crse; earned 3 crdts/motivated peers--deg 90% cmplt/Spring '20 graduate

- Finalized 40 hr SEJPME crse;internalized jt policy--utilized skill set/strengthened joint ops perspective & knowledge

- Aced 40-hr SEJPME crs; gained insight to National Strategy & Mil capes--garner'd skills to lead in joint environment

- Aced Jt Sr Enlisted PME course; improved multiforce knowledge--raised jt operational readiness & cohesion

- Aced SEJPME; honed jnt force concept/operations knowledge--bolstered working relations w/ NATO partners

- Advanced military education; mastered Sr Joint Enlisted PME--increased Armed Forces joint ops knowledge

- Awarded SEJPME certification; completed 40 hrs course/94% pass rt; enhanced joint leadership/management

- Completed SEJPME crs; mastered multi-service integration--tm'd w/USN/USMC to devise AOR mx strategies

- Completed SEJPME; enriched leadership abilities & jnt ops knowledge--postured for coalition forces supervisor role

- Dedicated to professional growth; completed 85 hr SEJPME I & II/72 hr SNCO PES--mentored 25 enlisted personnel

- Devoted to professional development; completed Sr Enlisted Jt PME crs--poised to operate w/jt svc agencies

- Fulfilled CJCS PME vision; aced Sr Enlisted Joint PME course--joint billet ready/set positive image for Amn

- Graduated Senior Enlisted Joint PME course; mastered 40 hrs skills/objects--prepped for deployment success

- Increased PME creditials; completed SJEPME crse--increased understanding in deployed joint service setting

Staff/ Cadre/ Commandant

- Garnered 2K teaching hrs; awd'd CCAF Instr cert level II--achieved SecAF's "Develop exceptional leaders" priority

- Focused on deliberate dvlpmt; energized prof exch w/SNCOs/ofcrs f/SOS/ACSC/AWC--prepp'd 5K ldrs f/strat roles

- Devoted Victim Advocate; dedicated 850 hrs on-call/emcee'd 9 county SAAPM ceremony--served 405K community

- Hand-picked 3X instr trnr; supv'd 266 hrs/10 evals/led 50 SELs--embodied AETC msn "Educate Amn to dlvr airpwr"

- Academy's most experienced instr; dvlp'd 42 cadre/led 4 IST sessions--targeted education for 1.6K TF/coalition SELs

- Leveraged int'l crse exp; liaised w/SAF/IA f/RSAF stu/taught 200 hrs ldrshp f/6 coalition SELs--built int'l alliances

- Led 112 mbr team ISO EHRI 5K; advertised event/raised funds & awareness--preserved 32-yr-old museum posterity

- Strngthn'd tms/families; led SMSgt retirement ceremony/built 10 mbr Spartan Race tm--honor'd 24 yrs/svc/sacrifice

- Designed Prof Dvlpmnt Education; authored yr long trng plan--paved way for future ldrs/utilized by 60 mbrs

- Facilitated peer prof development crse; acquired bullet & report writing skills--incr'd supervisory knowledge

- Designed Prof Dvlpmnt Education; authored yr long trng plan--paved way for future ldrs/utilized by 60 mbrs

- Led Amn Professional Enhancement crs; mentored 35 mbrs on Enlisted Force Structure--reinforced AF core values

- Polished public speaking skills; led NCOPE SNCO Panel Leadership/Mgnt skills seminar; re-blued 40 Airman

- Skillfully managed & organized wing's first-ever NCO Professional Development seminar--23 NCOs educated

- Superior NCO! Chosen over 109 candidates as FTAC Team Lead; entrusted with developing 30 Airmen from


- Highly-rated SNCO; Completed SNCOA/SEJPME & broadened leadership ability/knowledge--Amplified expertise

- Represented AF at joint 3 week Army Warrior Leadership Course--lauded for leadership/coined by Wg/CCC

- Finished 12 hrs ldrship CBTs; took initiative/acquired control of section morale fund--enhanced 21 mbr's QoL

- Future Leader; attended 2018 176 WG Enlisted Leadership Symposium--gained leadership vision & prof/development

- Created OTS seminar; consulted USAFA grads/Ed office--illustrated process f/25 Amn--Wg's 1st commissioning PDC

- Read Art of War by Sun Tzu; enhanced leadership/military strategy/tactics knowledge--daily put skills to work

- Pursued professional development; attended principles of instruction course--sharpened instructor acumen/mgmt skill

- Premier Wg Mentor! KO'd 9 crdt hrs/instr'd 6 FTAC PDC's--keyed edu pursuit f/2 NCOs...blazed pth f/36 future ldrs

- Attended 4-day professional enhancement seminar--polished team-building, bullet writing & supervisory skills

- Furthered prof dvlmnt; finalized rqmts for Prof Mgr Certification--key credentialing for ldrshp/mgt experience

- Military minded! Completed CSAF '11 "Fighter Pilot" reading list book--tutored 12 Amn to read/mil heritage

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