Professional Military Education (PME) EPR Bullets


- Dedicated to professional growth; completed 85 hr SEJPME I & II/72 hr SNCO PES--mentored 25 enlisted personnel

- Completed SEJPME; enriched leadership abilities & jnt ops knowledge--postured for coalition forces supervisor role

- Aced 40-hr SEJPME crs; gained insight to National Strategy & Mil capes--garner'd skills to lead in joint environment

- Awarded SEJPME certification; completed 40 hrs course/94% pass rt; enhanced joint leadership/management


- Completed distance NCOA--increased leadership and supervisory skills--completed 1 year ahead of schedule

- Graduated SNCOA #1 of 279! Selected by peers/instr f/ distinguished academics/leadership--received Levitow Awd

- Completed NCOA/SNCOA DL/4 CLEP's; earned 24 credit hrs--garnered CCAF degree/BS completion within reach

- Completed SNCO Course 14...broadened leadership ability/knowledge...ready for additional responsibility


- Displayed leadership quality; exemplified by ALS peers--won Commandant Leadership Award, promote now

- ALS John Levitow Awd Recipient! Recognized #1/17 by peers/instructors--ready to guide the future of the AF

- Dedicated volunteer; completed 6 hr Veteran's Home Freedom run--efforts helped raise $375 for base ALS

- Organized ALS study sessions; bolstered 100% flight pass rate for class 13-C--earned Commandant Award


- Attended 1st Sgt symposium; learned valuable ldrshp/resource options--increased the number of add'l duty shirts 20%

- Focused on self-improvement; accomplished NCO Professional Enhancement Course--reinforced AF standards

- Attended professional development writing course; acquired writing skills...created 4 exercise SOP documents

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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