Postal/Mail EPR Bullets

Job Description

Performance Assessment

- Expedited 5M lbs mail/280K pieces Pen-wide--provided prompt delivery/supported heightened contingency presence
- Shined as postal specialist; balanced Det's hi-ops tempo w/training requirements--87 tasks certified/awarded SEI 984
- 78th ABW leave monitor; validated 654 requests error-free/reconciled duty status--upheld 100% prsnl accountability
- Chaired DDR initiative; scheduled 790 defenders f/mandatory drug screening--pristine on-time rate/zero "no shows"
- Reviewed/coordinated 235 evals/45 decs/verified 2K spt docs--achieved 98% process rate, exceeded HAF standards
- Created 3.3K manifests/distro'd 1.6M lbs mail--ensured payment of $750K to 13 air carriers/zero govt over-payments

- Coordinated receipt/dispatch of 436K lbs mail; labeled & bagged 33K pcs--ensured delivery to 18 IAPs/106 locations
- Safeguarded '17 promotion tests for 360 mil mbrs; shipped/secured 130 parcels--enhanced integrity/material security
- Resolved postage/UPU machine malfunction; coordinated $1.5K in repairs--enabled dispatch of 2K lbs mail, 0 delays
- Teamed w/374 LRS; dispatched 22 sets of tires, $9K in parts/equip--expedited repair of 26 vehicles valued at $300K
- Generated 1K manifests; enabled airlift/verified payment to air carriers--spt'd ops at 21 DoD sites/30 global gateways
- Executed work center trng plan; trained/briefed newly assigned NCO & 4 Amn in AMT duties--delivered 100% OJT

- Managed postal volunteer program; trained 35/garnered 140 man-hrs--alleviated wait times for 2.4K+ patrons
- Spearheaded absentee voting program; delivered/routed 1K ballots in < 1 hours--crushed DoD stds by 96%
- Operated $4K COPE account; led 6 finance clerks/54 audits--accounted/deposited $187K in postal revenue
- Spearheaded National Stamp Collection Month; promoted at local school/conducted raffle--$1K door prizes
- Led SecDef lvl-visibility prgm; process'd 944 absentee ballots--ensur'd mbrs right to vote for '12 Pres Election
- Supported CFC w/1K+ boxes official mail; ensured distro all federal employees--key to $13.6M in donations

- Mentor; conducted tours of post office for local DoD elementary classes--kids informed how mail is processed

- Implemented lithium battery prohibition; re-rout'd HAZMAT--ensured safety of 1.6M/11K acft valued at $3.9B

- Processed 156K lbs of bulk mail; made available to patrons w/in 24 hours--surpassed DoD standard by 67%

- Orgainized training plans; managed training of 14 SrA & 4 NCOs w/weekly regimen--100% OJT/completed
- Supervised self-inspection; assessed 35 checklist items/corrected 15 discrepancies--poised for 2012 inspection!
- Perfomed stringent PSC QC checks--removed excessive cmd rqmts--cust svc incrs'd/saved 60+ man hrs/year

- Attained postal certification/all sections; finished 3 months ahead of schedule--maintained overall 85% avg

- Relocated DoD's largest AF post office < 24hrs;moved 25K lbs mail/assets--maintained 100% accountability

- Meticulously maintained $3K fixed finance account; all unannounced audits well with in 1% tolerance-sold 95K

- Performed final disposition > 300 parcels; identified/returned unclaimed mail--created 25% more shelf space

- Instrumental in the receipt/dispatch of mail; processed 11K+ lbs mail--major QoL factor for 56K in community

- Prepared 1K parcel notices daily; processed/pitched w/in 12 hours-- led to same day delivery of 400K parcels

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