Air Force EPR Promotion Statements

Airman Promotion Statements

- Demonstrated awesome life saving skills in Aug '09 ORE; garnered "Top Performer" award--promote BTZ!

- Hard working reliable performer--positive attitude and work ethic meets all expectations--promote to SrA!

- Keen eye--noticed shock strut leak--assisted with strut replacement--promote Senior Airman Below-the-Zone!

- Insp'd nine cluster bomb racks for 5 BW AFGSC Challenge efforts; 54 munitions/100% release--promote BTZ!

Staff Sergeant Promotion Statements

- Mx efforts enabled 55 WG's '05 ACC Daedalian Weapon System Mx Trophy win--SSgt promotion warranted!

- Consistently exceeded training requirements; exemplified supervisory and leadership skills--promote to SSgt

- Consistently performed duties and tasks beyond supervisors' expectations; set example for peers--promote now

- Superb professional and technician; deservedly promoted below the zone-- promote to SSgt without delay!

- Superb performer; exceeded all expectations/eager for increased responsibility--ideal image as SSgt selectee

Tech Sergeant Promotion Statements

- Meticulous mx professional/craftsman--obtained June 06 "Top Wrench" award--promote to TSgt immediately!

- Sterling performer; thrives on challenges and continually produces at the highest level--promote to TSgt ASAP!

- Valuable section member; continue to challenge with additional responsibility--promote to TSgt without delay

- Superior crew chief--awesome attitude/superb ability exceeded expectations--promote to TSgt when eligible!

- Brilliant leader--tackled all responsibilities head-on/exceeded every leadership challenge--perform as a MSgt

- Leadership/work ethic above all peers--challenge with increased responsibility now--promotion warranted!

- Evolved into exceptional SSgt; impressive performance consistently lauded by flight leadership--promote now

- Accepted all challenges and mastered all duties; exceeded expectations--promote immediately to grade of TSgt

Master Sergeant Promotion Statements

- Top-notch NCO; highly respected; well-rounded leader; as skilled as a SNCO--promote to MSgt immediately!

- Outstanding leadership skills; poised to assume the role/responsibilities of MSgt--promote to Master Sergeant!

- Outstanding NCO; consistently demonstrated the ability to handle increased responsibilities--promote to MSgt

- World class NCO; aggressively attacked many demanding challenges with success as the end result--promote

- Outstanding NCO; continually proved himself; challenge with more responsibility--promote to MSgt now!

- Completed nine credits towards CCAF--on target for December '07 grad--earned selection as MSgt promotee

- Outstanding professional; produced excellence/quality in every task, mentor to Airmen--promote to MSgt now!

- Pure gold; demonstrated unmatched strong, charismatic leadership capabilities--promotion to MSgt warranted!

Senior Master Sergeant Promotion Statements

- Dynamic SNCO; demos leadership abilities/innovation/effective problem solving--"big picture" strategic goals met

- Remarkable leader; guided flight to outstanding 95% quality assurance pass rate--promote to SMSgt quickly!

- Exuded fundamentals of a professional NCO; challenge with additional responsibilities--promote immediately

- Hard-charging SNCO; possesses solid-gold professionalism & leadership needed for SMSgt--a must promote!

- Outstanding SNCO, true professional; section earned 100% QA pass rate during his tenure--promote to SMSgt!

- Mx leader; IG lauded his section as "Impressive" during Aug 10 AFGSC NSI--zero findings; promote now!

General Promotion Statements

- Dedicated/knowledgeable apprentice--combined superb mechanical skill with professional attitude--Promote!

- Superior performer; deployed 67 days/launched 119 sorties/1,322 flying hrs in support of OEF/OIF--promote!

- Deployed 72 days; performed 330 preflight/thruflight insps; supported 128 ISR msns/1,348 flying hrs--promote

- Aced thruflight evaluation in '09 PACAF LSEP; propelled MXG 88% pass rate--PACAF #1 FW--promote now

- Exceptional maintainer/team player; work ethic/personal drive enhanced unit's cohesiveness--promote now!

- Unparalleled work ethic on-and off-duty; consistently surpassed all supervisor's expectations--promote now

- Spearheaded two weekend projects--volunteered to set-up classrooms after hangar re-modeling--promote now

- Diligent NCO; 100% scheduling effectiveness maintained--aided in 2010 AFGSC Daedalian Award; promote!

- Exceptional Apprentice--constantly rises above challenges--displays highest integrity & dedication--promote!

- Outstanding maintainer--continually produces superior results--ready for increased responsibility. Promote!

- Rallied/motivated section; achieved 8 acft w/in 5 LO backlog days--met MXG/CC goal for 1st time...promote

- Top-notch NCO--impeccable leadership qualities/initiative/technical skills; set example for others--promote!

- Razor sharp Crew Chief--displayed high levels of professionalism/integrity/daily dedication--promote now!

- Outstanding NCO--Consistently demonstrates superb management skills and technical acft systems knowledge

- Superior performer--effectively manages available resources to accomplish mission objectives--Promote now!

- Front line maintenance leadership--122 sorties/1237flt hrs in FEB-APR 07 for IRAQI FREEDOM--promote!

- Savvy crew chief; achieved 100% pass rate on five QA personal evals--drove 98% AMU pass rate--promote!

- Top notch Airman; nailed 600-hr insp/completed 24 hrs ahead of std--AMXS Amn/Qtr, Apr-Jun 06 promote!

- Maintained the best; propelled 137 sorties/1,323 flt hours on (assigned) acft; no mission delays--promote now!

- Leadership/devotion above present tasking; highly dexterous/completes intricate task with ease--promote now!

- Dedicated Airman; loaded with potential, possessed abilities above grade/skill level--promote immediately

Five Promotion Statements

- MXG Amn of 4th Quarter, presented ACC Command Chief coin and selected BTZ--promote ahead of peers

- Flexible/motivated Airman; primed for diverse duties/responsibilities--empower and promote immediately!

- Dynamic NCO; displayed individual maturity and initiative at levels above peers--promote ahead of all others

- Dynamic Airman; impeccable maturity/initiative are displayed at levels above all peers--promote immediately

- Invaluable NCO whose selflessness and dedication to service is an inspiration to all--promote ahead of peers!

- Top-notch, skilled Airman; devoted to duty with reputable NCO leadership qualities...promote immediately

- Exceptional leader with unrivaled potential; epitomizes "Service Before Self"--promote ahead of all peers!

- Unparalleled work ethic; consistently exceeded supervisor's expectations--promote without delay ahead peers!

- Consummate professional; executed superior dedication with increased duties/responsibilities--promote now

- Dynamic/resourceful technician--never failed to rise above challenges presented to him--promote immediately!

- Superior NCO with whom maturity and initiative are displayed at levels above peers--promote immediately!

- Consistently set example; displayed superior technical expertise and excelled at duties--promote immediately

- Valuable Airman; committed, excelled/produced quality results in every task/challenge--promote above peers

- Well rounded; consistently displayed outstanding leadership and airmanship skills--promote ahead of peers

- Highly effective NCO, dedicated to mission first; challenge with increased responsibility--promote at once

Less Than Five Promotion Statements

- Donated four pints of blood to American Red Cross; minimized essential life resource shortages--promote!

- Effective and capable NCO--continue to challenge with increased duties and responsibilities--promotion ready

- Collected donations for holiday care packages--given LOA from 55th Services Sq/CC--promote immediately!

- Dedicated Airman; highly motivated and produced adequate results when challenged--promote with peers

- Key AFAF contributor; humbly gave $240--crucial resort for airmen aide during crisis times--promote to SSgt

- Masterfully passed three QA personal evals; augmented unit's stellar 95% QA pass rate--promote immediately!

- Handpicked as motorcycle safety course rep; ensured 15 AMXS personnel fully trained--earned TSgt charge!

- Led fitness sessions/testing of 280+ Airmen--drove 98% pass rate--exemplified AF "fit to fight" mentality

- Talented maintainer with excellent skills; consistently displayed competence in all areas--ready for promotion

- Proven Instructor; readied for upcoming NCOIC, Installation Personnel Readiness job--promote when eligible

- Unveiled OPSEC violation; identified improper disposal of mil uniforms--eliminated security breech--Promote

- Exceptional; increased levels of responsibility for career progression a must--promote as soon as possible

- Extraordinary NCO; undaunted desire to provide unrivaled war-fighting support--success with every challenge

- Talented maintainer with excellent skills; consistently displayed competence in all areas--ready for promotion

- Conquered two 750-hr insps in 16 hrs; "zero" defect QA follow-up--enhanced unit's 84% mission capable rate

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