Public Health EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Oversees PHA clinic/two prsnl, provides annual med assessments/IMR updates, leads wk ctr ops, reports compliance
- Manages deployment related health assessment compliance, tracks/notifies/coordinates completion with clinical tms
- Leads med audits of mobilized prsnl, preps/delivers site specific med intel briefings, certifies prsnl deployment ready
- Directs Wg/ANG health/deployment monitors f/33 units, guides PIMR rqmts, prepares trng & grants med sys access

Performance Assessment

- Spt'd wg AF CPI initiative; dev'd 1-stop reintegration prgm/assets brought to 2K redeployers--saved pt/gp 2K hrs/yr
- Revamped post dplment process; implemented process ensuring DD 2796 uploaded to EHR--closed loop for 73 mbrs
- Oversaw UDM/CC trngs; ensured proper use of Dplmnt Med Clearance Module--65 prgm mgrs educated/0 shortfalls
- Supervised short notice ORE to Latvia; coord'd 4 clinics/revealed 6 non-deployable prsnl--cleared 69 mbrs in 48 hrs
- Managed No Notice Anti-Malarial Meds prgm; coord'd w/7 units/briefed 248 mbrs--minimized avg clinic time to 1 hr
- Marshalled Dplmnt Med newsletter; educated UDMs on critical discrepancies--eliminating 63 needles dplmnt deficits

- Acting CH NCOIC/3 mos; led FVA/FSP/completed 38 insp's f/17 facilities--protected $52M food supply/11K patrons
- Coord'd Air Show spt; led food sfty tng f/279 vols/11 insp tm mbrs--assessed 23 vendors/184 evals/sfgrd'd 20K visitors
- IDMT liaison f/ACC's largest pgm; taught 200 proficiencies/42 tng hrs--expanded knowledge/bridged gap f/10 medics
- Mastered Speech crs; gained 3 crdt hrs/fortified prof knowledge/personal devlpmnt--3.7 GPA/CCAF rqmts complete!
- Sel'd MDG ACE Pres/Booster club vol coord; dedicated 15 hrs/led 6 events/raised $1.8K--boosted morale f/306 mbrs

- Spearheaded FVA; led 3 assessors/eval'd 17 facilities/323 criteria/ID'd 6 vulnerabilities--0 FBIs/shielded 11K patrons
- Drove CDC/Youth center PI; instituted e-record utilization f/93 employees--slashed review time 80%/cut 16 man hrs/yr
- Coord'd Air Show spt; led food sfty tng f/279 vols/11 insp tm mbrs--assessed 23 vendors/184 evals/sfgrd'd 20K visitors
- Aided FEMA relief efforts; insp'd beddown facilities/created prev med brf--200+ Hurricane Irma response psnl educ'd

- Led Occ Hlth prgm; mng'd qtrly ESOC rpts/monitored 186 mbrs/85 MOD; praised by ABG/CC/#1 in USAFE
- Overhauled AFAFRICA clrnc prcs; developed Ebola tracking/inprocessing procedures--spt'd/prepared 3 mbrs
- Assisted w/annual food vuln assmnt; eval'd 4 facilities/insp'd 76 criteria/id'd 7 vuln's--sfgrd'd $280K supplies
- Mng'd inprocessing prsnl records; rvw'd 55 jt svc mbrs/330 criteria--secured #1 in USAFE/#3 in AF IMR rt's

- Reviewed 1.8K CDC criteria f/318 MEHP mbrs; ID'd 35 due/overdue immunizations/labs--increased compliance 3%
- Oversaw OH prgm reviews; evaluated 855 exams/trng plans--upheald health f/167/averted fed violations/$70K penalty
- Constructed Wg PHA PI; ID'd workflow stoppage/streamlined procedures/elim'd 150 mbr backlog--saved 24 man-hrs
- ID'd FP prgm gap; created tracking system f/4 clinics--cut processing time 50%/minimized industrial hazards impacts
- Anchored base Open House success; inspected 23 booths/279 vols/no foodborne illness--shielded health/20K patrons
- Hosted ACC/SG; delivered PH intel brf/articulated surveillance prgms/deployment challenges--lauded/coined by DV

- Headed health assessments; led clinic ops f/2 techs/2K pat encounters, ID'd 3.7K med rqmts--achv'd 99.7% PHA rate
- Led Deployment Medicine prgm; processed 565 mbrs f/34 msns in 4 AORs w/0 errors--fueled PACAFs global reach
- Deployment assessment Tiger Tm mbr; briefed clinic roles f/3 tms/12 mbrs--drove Gp's metric std up 17.3% from '14
- Managed flt realignment; trn'd 3 techs in-processing ops/audited 60 records/ID'd 29 pat needs--saved 25 appts/$4.1K
- Directed med appt peer rvws; examined 91 pat encounters/4.1K criteria/3 systems/2 prsnl--cert'd clinic/pat care capes
- Gp Liaison f/Wg UDMs; trn'd 66 mgrs on deployment med/health sys ops, mng'd access--achv'd 0 sys/AOR discreps

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