Air Force Public Affairs EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Staff photojournalist for (Your Base) public website, print/web publications and social media platforms
- Provides vital command information to a base-wide audience of 10K Airmen, civil servants and tenant organizations
- Crafts news and feature products for internal/external audiences in support of wing/AF/DoD priorities and campaigns
- Produces and accessions imagery for historical documentation; accomplishes studio photography for base customers

Performance Assessment

- Authored SFS Raven feature f/women s history month; produced # photos/article--lauded by base leadership

- Led 3 base tours; highlighted JBCHS mission/professionals--bolstered community relations for 63 visitors

- Responded to 3 acft noise complaints; resolved within 72 hrs--improved base & lcl community engagement

- Attended 6 hr photo tng; improved/learned advanced techniques--shared knowledge amongst peers

- Guided civ ldrshp base tour; dedicated 20 hrs f/base tour--6 Lilac princesses/1 queen familiarized w/SERE

- Led official portrait and alert photography tng schedule; ensured pipeline Amn msn ready--100% on-call ready

- Led 5 member photo and video section as NCOIC during ORE; retained 100% ops--all msn requirements met

- Delivered hands-on-tng to 10 new Amn in UGT; increas'd office productivity--flawless PA spt to 11k base mbrs

- Implemented manhour accounting system; tracked 2,155 hrs f/14 personnel--justified manning in WW PA study

- Validated ofc visual requirements; revamped photojournalist equipment toolkits--garnered $31K tech refresh

- Led KC-46 groundbreaking coverage/AETC CC visit; coord'd w/2 agencies--reached 17M/headlined AF news

- Led Open House pre & post coverage; directed 6 Amn/1K images/5 articles--30K visitors, reached 192K pers

- Coordinated Ebola training documentation for 18AF; 138 images provided HHQ w/AF med response progress

- Streamlin'd quality assurance process; decreas'd product review time by 30 mins--increas'd ofc efficiency 20%

- Organized! Created comprehensive database for ComRel events; saved 10 man hrs/month--seamless transition

- Brilliant PA! Coord'd 3 local parades; showcased AF pride/professionalism--bolstered community relations

- PA lead for Golden Knights Air Expo routine; provided internal/external coverage--reached 90K in attendance

- Forged new methods w/civic outreach OIC; saw significant rise in support for Wg/CC's honorary CC program

- Organized 50 Airmen for NFL Draft 3-day mil appreciation event; mbrs honored on nat'l TV to 45.7M viewers

- Synergized total force; employed recruiters/ANG Wg/87 ABW for public engagements--elevated nat'l outreach

- Collaborated on NYC engagement plan; refined goals/objectives--ensured msn success despite 45% budget cut

- Lead planner for AF Birthday; mngd 10 hi-vis events from HBO to Yankees--poised for success in #1 US city

- PA warrior; drafted rules on public release--ensured respect for sensitive detainee ops mission in Afghanistan

- Skilled liaison; linked Airmen to civic and media engagements across 3 states--minimized tyranny of distance

- Generated 23 task force command products; daily news/hi-vis displays kept ldrs updated for strategic outlook

- Expertly documented HQ events for task force ldrshp w/300 photos; pictures enhanced morale for dplyed team

- Strategic thinker; created key PA retrograde plan--office prepped for transition to Afghan communication lead

- Organized CSAF luncheon w/25 Airmen from tri-state area; highlight of 3-day visit--CSAF lauded "Fantastic"

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