Quality Assurance EPR Bullets

- Assistant NCOIC of standard's/evaluations--performed 10 position/annual certifications--+30% manning

- Vital in stand-up of AFIT first ever squ-levl Quality Asrn office; completed 2 CUI write-up--enhanced mission
- Limitless initiative; processed 40+ MICT chklst for 25 user--enhanced integrity through simplified procedures
- Directed training to newly assigned SAP Managers; briefed critical procedures--enhanced adherence to prog

- Contrib'd 20 hours to environmental data migration; updated HAZMAT folders; exceeded AMC goal by 10%

- Trained 12 newly assigned personnel on CERE procedures--significantly enhanced war-fighting abilities

- Modernized sectionís outdated process for tracking safety issues--logging rate now at 100% for first time

- Set up forms and publications accounts for six branches--integral to successful squadron operations!

- Supervised systems installation and user acceptance testing; critical system operational with zero problems

- Revitalized the Report of Survey Monitor program and continuity book--enhanced program integrity through simplified procedures and enforcement of a strict suspense and follow-up system for assigned investigators

- Selected over all Misawa AB TSgts for Titan Research Company (TRC) Quality Assurance (QA) award

- Drove the flight's efforts to prepare for the merging of the squadron's equipment management software -- Ensured the testing and reporting of the status of 250 computers and other communications systems

- Directed the review of the workcenter's inspection checklists to add new topics previously omitted including electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, radiation hazard, and more--reached 100% compliance with standards

- Completed all required Quality Assurance training in record time-fully qualified in one month--outstanding effort!

- Assumed responsibility for the squadron's long-defunct ESD protection program -- Launched big improvements in the ESD practices of maintenance and non-maintenance workcenters

- Positively affected the installation and activation of several communications-computer systems -- Ensured peak operation before acceptance by completing exhaustive inspection routine on all systems

- Ramrodded inventory of workcenters; reclaimed over 100 items to the inventory--$5M recovered

- Performed over 100 technical inspections in less than a year--ensured adherence to preventive maintenance program

- Star Quality Assurance inspector-proactively combines inspections with training-23 inspections in 6 months

- Hard hitting -persuasive, strong communications skills overcame staff reluctantance to accept changes for workcenter

- Completed Staff Assistance Visit to Minot AFB; recommended changes to current programs-50% improvement

- Developed Quality Assurance program at remote site; program in operation in a week! Outstanding work!

- Worked with all squadron workcenters to identifiy areas needing improvement--improved efficiency by 30%!

- Led a team of four evaluators to oversee the installation and acceptance of a local area network expansion project spanning four facilities; raised the bar for QA involvement and efficiency

- Established a highly effective material deficiency reporting and follow-up program that ensured problems were promptly reported to the proper action agencies; improved product fielding and program management AF wide!

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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