RADAR Maintenance EPR Bullets

- Innovated radar testing/insp process; ID'd rqmts/relocated mobile sys onto fixed platform--elim'd 18 mx hours annually

- Implemented TCTO modification; movement of support equipment from old to new pallet for AN/TPS-75 radar sys

- Safely convoyed $1.2M mission critical equipment; 800 miles in 2 days--deployment exercise Northern Strike 2018

- Ensured maint completion and radar mission readiness; supported 488 sorties--successful Northern Lightning 2019

- Provided ATC service for three IFE incidents; quick response ensured the safety of ANG assets/personnel--zero loss

- Enforced TFR area for Air Show; provided service for 30+ aircraft--lauded by wing leadership for professionalism

- Piloted 60+ simulator scenarios; assisted in training apprentice controllers--instrumental in two position certifications

- Head'd radar banding error;isolated/replaced broken cables--ensured efficient air power lethality against key ISIS tgts

- Resp'd to in-flt total radar fail; directed aircrew antenna calibration--restored C2ISR combat sorties,capturing 6 tracks

- Skilled analyst who possesses expertise beyond pay-grade;drove radar banding repair--ensured mission effectiveness

- Deployed to Al Udeid Air Base, maintained 3 TPS-75 radars--provided 99.6% uptime for Arabian Gulf Air Defense

- Led radar techs to replace high voltage xformer--reduced voltage loss, improved performance, minimized down time

- Worked weeks to establish new radar site, deployed new TPS-75, provided continuous air picture w/ other two radars

- Served as IMDS monitor; provided 100% documentation of scheduled/unsched mx--improved mx picture & forecast

- Attended week-long training seminar for UPX-37 prior to deployment overseas--committed to mission success

- Inventoried and packed TPS-75 antenna for shipment to depot for repair--coord w/sister agencies reduced mx delay

- Troubleshot UPA-59 loss of display; identified & replaced faulty 1A7 card--restored operational capability in minutes

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