Records EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Supervises 12 Airmen; directs logistics for 117 locations, 20 sites supporting contingency operations & 2000+ aircraft

- Directs Enterprise Solution Supply (ES-S) system records maintenance processes; ensures accuracy of 966K records

- Oversees Readiness Based Leveling (RBL) program; 62K levels valued at $2 billion for global bases, contingency sites

- Manages Nuclear War Related Material Transaction Control Cell (NTCC) Records Maint; assures inventory control (PIC)


- Reviewed 30+ publications/OI requests; assisted w/ updates/reviews/coor'd--WG pubs/forms program eff increased 70%

- Drove sq tng pgm; mng d 16 systems/$66K IT assets--enab'd access f/1K prsnl/cert'd <10hrs/met AF&DoD std 100%
- Conducted 14 RM SAV's;trn'd & corrected discrepancies/inspected 194 items--ensured 28 orgs 100% IoR compliance
- Contributed to AF Pub Redux initiative; rescinded 7 JBA/AFDW supplements--eliminated irrelevant guidance by 12%
- Revitalized AF Form 673 procedures; restor'd how-to-guide f/27 end users/completed 4 673s--cut review time by 50%
- Handled Publication/OI requests; certified & published 9 supplements--linked 22K users across 2 bases w/updated docs
- Assisted w/staging facility project; transferred/destroyed 92 boxes/2.3K lbs of documents--mitigated 196 privacy risks

- Governed NTCC; ensured PIC of 68K NWRM assets/zero breaches--assured total asset visibility over AF #1 priority

- Key mbr in FW EMS conversion; transferred templates, created security gps--averted PA breaches/violations

- Completed 17 FARM SAVs; trained & corrected discrepancies--ensured sqs met AF records mgmt standards

- Managed base publication program; reviewed/processed 61 publications--ensured updated base/wing policies

- Fully certified BRM tech; completed CBTs/80 hrs hands on training--policy support to installation leadership

- Helped violation clean-up; provided fix actions--secured personal identifiable information of 5.2K wg Airmen

- Aided w/staging mgmt; destroyed 625lbs of archived boxed records--safeguarded info from unlawful release

- Assisted Department of Justice directed records search; expedited 395 file plan reviews--no court case delay

- Base web content manager; updated 120 SP sites/30 portal pages--kept wing synchronized w/msn info/policies

- Authored local procedures/pubs/read file; ensured FE objectivity/effectiveness--maximized wg cmbt readiness

- Aced 15-hr records management crs; earned BRM certification--vital support to base/tenant record custodians

- Received Level 1 & 2 Records Mgmt custodial training; revamped section's file plan--prgm 100% compliant

- Driven to personal enrichment; completed 15-hr MS Office Certification crse--increased computer knowledge

- Assumed section chief of record role; implemented AF directives/trnd 26 prsnl--safeguarded vital records plan

- Completed 4 hr IAO trng crse; validated 63 database access requests--uninterrupted access to AF mgmt system

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