Air Force Recruiter EPR Bullets

- Executed # Surgeon General waivers cradle-to-grave; 44% applicant approval rate...critical

- Organized "TACP Fitness Challenge"; showcased the most skilled and courageous--200+ attendees & 3 accessions!!

- Sustained superior performance; achieved 121% of NEC FY17 MO--garnered 4th consecutive AFRS Silver Badge

- Gave speech at Pace University; portrayed elite AF svc to 35 High School cadets--set pro img/enlisted 4 war fighters

- Natural leader! Selected acting FC provided steadiness during absence--enabled G flt 240% NEC June FY15
- Expertly prepared 26 applicants for BMT; 1 hard-to-fill PS PJ to the elite 24th STS-- MEPS zero errors FY15
- Hand-picked as Alaska's Special Operations Recruiter; dvlp'd flight marketing strategy--enlisted 4 warfighters
- Meticulously reviewed 30 files; corrected 15 errors on spot--thoroughness ensured zero quality errors at BMT
- Revitalized medical eval process; 257 medical reads submitted--reduced rejections/increased efficiency 56%
- Led AF efforts at Valdez High yearly career fair; portrayed AF as elite service--500 attendees, 2 new contracts
- Streamlined MEPS processes; created simplified training/continuity user s guide training time cut by <30%
- Assisted Line Officer team; efforts helped team meet TDSP goal--ensured mission success w/critical program
- Led Active Shooter training class; readied 21 MEPS personnel--demonstrated critical lifesavings skills/insight

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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