Red Horse EPR Bullets

- Surveyed/prepped 800 LF sidewalk; constructed/poured 48 CM concrete--provided safe walkways for residents

- Installed 800 linear ft. forms; ensured precision alignment; allowed placement of 48 CM concrete for safe passage

- Hard charger! Aggressively demolished 1700 lf/8-in reinforced concrete sidewalk; prepped building for new surface

- Expert equip operator! Removed 1-acre vegetation debris/prepped for retention pond; critical H2O diversion

- Tenacious team! Guard trifecta/210/219/254 RHS enhanced Israeli JFTC capabilities; EUCOM elated

- Astounding journeyman; 210/219/254 RHS overhauled training Site 61; improved Israeli Air Defense Capabilities

- Red Horse cadre; instr'd 86 bare base ops skills f/2 AFSCs/XX hrs--enhanced crisis mgmnt/rapid gbl mobility f/3 bases

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