Safety/AFSC 1S0X1 EPR Bullets

- Unmatched contributions and actions; facilitated the removal of 2400+ sq.ft. concrete--safeguarded $1M FD assets

- A take-charge individual; led the Volk Field relocation of 15 concrete barriers--mitigated all security violations

- Safety oriented mindset; developed into an Occupational health shop level MICT assessor; expanded safety program

- Talented investigator; examined 45 mishaps w/17 reportable--efforts instrumental in identifying BaseX trends
- Invaluable EOC experience; hand picked safety rep. for air show/EME; time critical data distributed flawlessly
- Assessed eight squadron safety programs/facilities; identified 50 major deficiencies; potential mishaps abated
- Crucial investigator on first fatality in two years; acquired critical mishap evidence--identified causal factors
- Developed FY12 mass motorcycle safety briefing; reinforced rider safety to over 800 BaseX motorcycle riders
- Meticulous professional; installed $55K fall protection equipment; secured life safety for 82 USAF personnel
- Attended Chick-Fil-A Leader Cast; leadership, creativity, and innovation focus--polished leadership abilities
- Focused learner; completed Career Development Course 4 months ahead of schedule; earned 96% test average
- Team player; orchestrated SE family/training day; significantly enhanced knowledge/promoted espirit de corps

- Revitalized safety program; ID'd discrepancies/streamlined 47 education rqmts f/2 dirs--mandated shortfalls mitigated

- Headed AFAFRICA's only wg SEG prgm/seven GSUs/15 units/1.3K warfighters--prevented zero Class A/B mishaps

- Minot AFB MSR trainer; instructed 48hrs in-class/driving course to 2 WG personnel--amplified mbr safe riding skills

- Insp'd 5 unit SE prgms; id'd inadequate Hazwaste storage/liased facility plan--advised Sq CC on environ/psnl impact

- Analyzed 4 Class C-E acft mishaps; secured evidence/prep'd AFSEC w/vital trend data--findings distributed AF-wide

- Briefed 158AS on ASAP; clear/concise presentation ensured 150+ aircrew aware of latest industry-wide safety pgm

- Lead investigator on 28 reportable mishaps; found root causes/corrective actions; enabled CC's risk mgmt for 5K mbrs

- Led 4 safety inspections; ID'd 47 discreps; correlated data; brf'd Wg/CC & ESOH Council on trends/abatement action

- Lead ESOH Council briefer; correlated data/prepared slides--WG CC abreast on all mishap trends/improvement areas

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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