Air Force Security Forces EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Leads 150-pers SF Ops section providing planning/organizing security f/USSTRATCOM msn & deployment rqmts

- Provides armed response for security of DoD and AF Protection Level 2, 3, 4 assets & 59 KC-135s valued at $3.1B+
- Enforces Higher Headquarters & Wing standards/regulations for over 15,000 military, civilian employees and retirees
- Conducts witness and victim interviews; collects evidence, apprehends/detains offenders and completes reports/forms
- Safeguards 364 housing units, 1.3K buildings, and the base populace covering 3.6K acres; enforces traffic laws/codes

- Executes SF command and control f/entire 90MW 32-acre Protection Level 1 (PL-1) nuclear Weapons Storage Area
- Provides immediate visual assessment of all alarms within Weapon Storage Area (WSA) perimeter and structures
- Supervises/directs thorough searches of all transient vehicles for prohibited contraband and unauthorized personnel
- Ensures safety and security of conventional resources and personnel located within installation's 32-acre WSA limits

Performance in Primary Duties

- Assigned flt PTL/trainer; improved work performance f/45 psnl/energized flt--increased DPE/PFT passing rate by 5%

- Fire Alarm/CC; dispatched patrols, establish'd 360 perimeter, evacuat'd & swept lodging--source found no loss of life

- Facilitated tour of SED f/MSG/CC; toured hot spots/briefed current SOFA/USFK policies--coined f/professionalism
- Managed 7 curfew violations/12 UCMJ infractions; apprehend'd/processed suspects--upheld 8th Army/CC msn intent
- Informed Top III/1st Sgt councils; ed'd on curfew stds/violation trends--equipped SNCOs to enforce USFK standards
- Briefed 2ID/CC f/disapline trends; Drove peninsula wide curfew policy f/10K USA/8 locations--team coined f/merit
- Trained 35 prnsl on town patrol; 58 personnel/DV oversight/8 hrs of instruction--team coined/curfews diminished
- Revamped Sq training venues; Secured $280k f/FATS/SMC range w/MOUT caps--cost driven initiative saved $766k

- Combat Life Saver cert'd; complet'd rigorous 40 hr triage course--gained critical life saving skill set/passed on t/peers

- Mng'd sec prep f/sub emer mx; led 18 mbrs/setup ctrl twr/1K ft boundary--restored $4B nuke msn cape/4 days
- Org'd police veh GPS install proj; mng'd ops w/6 orgs/rotat'd 106 shift vehs--enabl'd tracking of $3M in assets
- Pioneered new tng plan; redesigned schedule f/150 psnl--add'd 50 tng hrs/reinvested 9K hrs to Amn readiness
- Revamp'd Defender's Resiliency crs; craft'd 70 field tng hrs/21 modules--incr'd skills & confidence f/250 psnl
- Drove Wg Expdtnry Active Shooter Tng; org/instr'd 140 mbrs/280 hrs--tm recogniz'd by 11 AF/CC/mbr coin'd
- Led logistics recovery f/17 day POTUS visit; restor'd afld/inventoried DV protection pkg--prot'd $754M assets
- Fill'd E-8 billet as Supt f/21 days; mng'd 31 psnl/3 armories 2K wpns--secured $38.8B in jt assets & 92K mbrs

- Id'd muns discrepancy; implemented Armory SOP/Policy Ltr for unserviceable ammo--MICT write-up closed

- Swiftly respond'd to three F-16/A-10 in-flight/ground emergencies; prepp'd 1st responders to possible mishaps
- Secured taxiway 12 In-Flight Emergency on F-16/A-10s; allowed emergency access--secured $1.4B AF assets
- Swiftly responded to 20 F-16/A-10 in-flight/ground emergencies--prepped first responder to possible mishaps
- Provided visual; 12 in-flight A-10 & F-16 emergencies; safeguarded $80M assets--landed safely w/o incident
- Secured taxiway for 10 IFEs on F-16/A-10s; allowed emergency personnel access--secured $1.4B AF assets
- Responded to three F-16/A-10 IFEs; locked down taxiway approaches--aided unimpeded emergency access
- Upheld and secured area for 8 IFE's; facilitated unhindered emergency fire/medical response--zero casualties
- Secured taxiway for 12 IFEs on F-16/A-10s; allowed emergency personnel access--secured $1.4B AF assets
- Swiftly responded to two F-16/A-10 in-flt/ground emergencies; prepped first responders to possible mishaps
- First responder to A-10 ground emergency; safely cordoned munitions mishap--protected $12B in AF resources
- First responder to A-10 ground emergency; initiated 1K ft cordon--safely evacuated 30 51 AMXS personnel
- Responded to HAZMAT ground emergency, initiated area evac; U-2 a/c--safeguarded resources worth $380M
- Led three F-16D ground emergencies; directed ECPs/cordons--ensured safety of munitions/$56M in aircraft
- Expedited to 747 a/c ground emergency; posted as EC for emergency personnel--minimized AB mission delay
- C3 during 2 munitions ground emergencies; cordon/ECP established; coord'd with fire & EOD--zero incidents
- Establish'd entry control point for grnd emergency; evacuat'd affect'd area--protect'd four F-16s worth $160M
- Aided response to aircraft fire emergency; provided 51 FW/CC critical information--saved $11.7M resources
- Reported aircraft fire on flightline; swift reaction led to Fire/Rescue dispatch--saved lives & extinguished fire

- Stopped gate-runner; popped barriers/challenged vehicle & corrected driver's error--enforced base standards
- Stopped gate-runner; popped barriers; challenged vehicle; corrected driver's error--enforced IBD w/o incident
- Stopp'd gate-runner; rais'd barriers; challeng'd vehicle; correct'd driver's error--enforc'd base def w/o incident
- Immediately rais d barriers for two ECP gate-runners; challeng'd driver/secur d scene--51st remains hard target
- Sounded alarm as EC during real-world gate runner; textbook procedures--SFS/CC quoted "picture execution"
- Responded to gate runner; performed K9 sweeps--prevented possible threat from impacting msn/PL resources
- Showcased urgency; challenged installation gate runner; popped barriers--denied access/apprehended subject
- Textbook execution; gate-runner incident; immediately initiated barriers/neutralized threat--ensured wg safety

- Reported major security incident on PL2 MPA; eliminated the tamper of critical assets--enabl'd mission continuance

- Directed resp f/domestic disturbance; split prsnl/solved incident w/3 wg agencies--restored order to 144 tower residents

-Executes security/TASS duties; C2 f/24 posts & patrols/monitors 132 sensors/6 LRTIs/53 cams--27 kmē BSZ secured
-Coordinated sec f/joint AMEMB/USMC exercise; bolstered relationship w/39 AMEMB prnsl--100% mission success
-Overwatch security f/11 rotator msns; sec'd 2K pax destin'd to five AOR's--protected AEF cycle f/USCENTCOM ops

- Directed AF's lrgst RP program; oversaw 402 controlled & nine restricted areas--vital to USAF '16 Best Lrg SF unit

- Established diverted security; protected 10 JASDF F-15/3 lcl acft--ensured safety f/350 prsnl f/Naha airfield recovery

- Unit OPSEC & Alt Sec Mngr; mng'd 14 MICT line items/auth'd qtrly trng/verified 20 clearances--100% compliance

- Authenticated 175 EALs/25 PALs; verified eligibility f/3K prsnl/100 CAs/9 RAs--100% on-time flts/unimpeded ops

- Certified comm focal point redundancy; validated KAB C4I infrastructure--spot forged f/theater security cooperation

- Instructed Wg/IRP Prgm requirements; dvlp'd crse material/40 page traing slide--cert'd 55 AF/joint service personnel

- OSC f/US Army physical threat w/knife to KSA MOD prnsl; secured scene/investigated incident--diffused w/o injury
- Master of Ceremony f/unit prom ceremony; honored Amn transition to NCO corp--sustained 70 yr AF tradition
- Dispatcher f/Monaco Fire Alarm System; 1.2K bdgs/1K alarms/30 responses/8.4K sensors worth 53M--ensur'd safety
- C3 during catastrophic power/alarm failure; monitored 1K OCNs--$1.3M US/KSA contracts awarded & completed
- Primary C2; 100+ TASS alarms/dispatched/provided crucial IVA/executed 150+ MST's--prtctd AOR's hardest target

- BDOC Controller; dispatches/directs SF personnel, monitors intrusion/detection comm sys--stellar command/control

- Assisted U.S. Marshals with seven transfers of 50 DoJ high-risk prisoners; secured transports/aircrafts-- 0 incidents

- Dominated PL1 EC QC; 1/2 E-3 flt members w/certification--achieved perfect 100%/set standard for peers to emulate

- Lead patrol for fraud investigation at EAFB BX; recovered $100 in stolen merchandise--prevented losses to AAFES
- Oversaw training f/confinement Armed Transfer Team; certified two SF members--ensur'd inmate transfer capability
- Lead investigator for 2 major traffic accidents; ensured safety, integrity of affected area--preserved critical evidence
- Provided C2 for inmate transfers; coor'd escorts with AFSFC and TSA--ensured public/inmates safety during transfer
- Orchestrated airtight courtroom security for 3 CMs/11 days; coor'd MWDs & bailiffs--legal proceedings incident free
- Spearheaded re-write of Corrections OI; closed 2 critical write ups--ensured AFI requirements met/Inspection ready

- Provided support to Sq Warehouse; w/ inventory, maintaining, issuing, ensuring operational readiness--100% success

- Committ'd to Smokers Cessations; sav'd $1298 in prsnl funds/8.3k minutes wast'd time--decreas'd health risk by 50%

- Led patrolman during gate runner; prevented airfield shutdown--detained two civilians/protected 2.6k base prsnl

- Dispatches & directs security forces to security incidents, threats to resources/prsnl and coords w/other emer services
- Monitors & performs function tests on intrusion detection & communication systems; accounts for classified material
- Prepares & submits police blotters, reports, and related documents; implements Security Reporting/Alerting Systems
- Serves as liaison to the Command Post, Maint Ops Center, AF OSI, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies

- Coord'd LE Ops; processed 4 assaults/30 citations/9 warrants/4 debarments issued--safed 4K Cadets/11K+ personnel
- Lead security response force member f/ CORONA evnt; 30 GOs/SECAF/DVs in attendance--AF top leaders secured
- Virtuoso BDOC controller; coached 4 future desk sgts--DPEs accomplished ahead of schedule/1 wk/+90% qual rate
- Dedicated Flight trainer; responsible f/ developing 7 Airmen--accomplished superb 93.5% duty qualification pass rate
- Complet'd FEMA Active Shooter Crs; appli'd/develop'd 11 SF mbrs--bolster'd incident response capability/readiness
- CLEP'd Principles of Supervision--collected 3/CH f/ B.A. Criminal Justice/CCAF--steadfast academic achiever
- Oversaw 60+ RAMs/32 IEPCs; sustained BRAVO posting/secured 19K acres--recieved XX ABW Verne Orr Award

- Certified Emergency Medical Technician; garnered medical certification--bolstered emergency ldrship/resp skill sets

- Maintains all squadron weapons, ensuring proficiency and currency to support combat operations
- Provides support to all training iterations pertaining to weapons, ensuring operators are fully trained and ready
- Responsible for over 154,588 munitions inventory, with 100% inspected; resulting in zero discrepancy rate
- CATM instructor, personally engaged in training over 50 operators in 13 different weapon systems

- Trained 90 SFG's most diverse msn; instilled knowledge/courage--enabled 24/7 watch/security of USA's nuc aresenal
- Conducted SFG LF recap training; trained 205 SF <38K man-hrs--standardized tactics & raised combat readiness
- Safeguarded 42 nuc msns traversed 5.2K miles/1.1K hrs over tristate region--upheld TF-214's 99.7% readiness rate
- Conquered response force leader duty position evaluation; aced exam/scored 100%--raised bar for peers/set standard
- Attended five days/40 hrs of training; graduated Master Rappel crs 1 of 10 on base certified--trained 75 defenders
- Completed American Heart Association Heart-Saver crs; taught eight airman CPR--improved unit's lifesaving skills

- Lead vehicle control officer; maint'd $4.2M/17 tactical vehicles/certified 31 personnel--enabled 123 on-time convoys
- Scheduled 300 volunteers f/Frontier Days; dedicated 144 hrs to shift management/supervision--acquired $8K for unit

- Controlled six SF/helo integrated recap msns/mgd'd 314 personnel/corrected deficiencies--highlighted unit's abilities
- Hand picked above peers for Assistant trng NCOIC; vivaciously filled NCO position--taught 400+ Airmen crit duties

-Manag d FLT trng prgm;organiz d/train d 62 prsnl --prepar d AEW f/contingency resp/mitigat d AEW shortfall
-Authored Security Force manuels;TASS QRC/QRB/PB/JKH--streamlined response time f/10+ TASS operators
-Monitord 2nd largest TASS in AOR; 868 sensors/70 cameras/250 +IV As/ $10M in equip-- $1.4B assets prot d
-Hand selected by leadership! Decisively supervised TASS operations; secured 11km perimeter -- zero mishaps
-149th Squadron vehicle monitor; checked/preped/cleaned & assigned standby vehicles --ensured msn readiness
-Performed duties as vehicle trainer; trained 20+ flight members on SF vehicles--increased Govrn Vhcle drivers
-Decisively led unit patrols; ensured $167M+ assets/11K+ DoD personnel overall safety --100% accountability
-Dispatched Security Force patrols to 13.5K TASS alarms;oversaw Asst/dictated threat--Hardest Target in KSA
-Program Manger & VCO;instituted recommendations to eliminate accidents for GOV--excuted mnthly safty brfs
-Validated flight airfield license training program; 30+ Airmen in deployed location-- all recieved airfld license
-Managed CDC/PME program in deployed location; provided requirements/ guidance--ensurd100% compliance
-152nd SFS Airman of the Year; 152nd AW/Nevada 2010 Airman of the Quarter and Year -- Top 10% nationals
-Assisted S2/AT; collaborated S2/OSI/AT/FP/IN data -- evaluated enemy Tools Tatics and Proceedures/ threats
-Revamped Vehicle Control Officer Program; updated program --passed VCO inspection, up to 100% compliant
-Embeded Predator recon w/OTW msns; only ISR ready in GCCC; 2X perimeter defense -- CFACC, well done
-Maintaned TASS operations; f/8 Grd/2 IFE cordoned area/cleared routes--prevented loss of life or critical asst
-Synced 9 UXO responses w/4 agencies; established ctrl/set cordon/evac d camps--$1.8B CA/2.4K CF secured
-Diligently monitored 100+ cameras; abtained info -- valuable for Operations of Special Investigations analysis
-Processed/responded to 1,500+ alarm activations; ensured security of over $167M in Dod personnel/ resources
-Assessd 400 TASS intrusion sensors alarms; dispatched patrols; prevented theft of $1.5M DoD fighting assests
-Contributed to 50+ TASS assessments; zero deficiencies-- security of assests never in question/threat mitigated
-Partcptd MQ-1B Predator tng; integrated ESFS/ERS operations--maximized Integrat'd Defense Force ISR capes

- Revised AFCENT FAST instrn; defined msn specific rqmts for 72 mbrs--mitigated inconsistent AO standards

- A dedicated NCO whose versatility, demeanor and job knowledge truly optimizes U.S.A.F. core values

- Provided sec f/10 xxxx prsnl captured by xxxx; safe transport to friendly territory--international incident mitigated

- Performed 25 RAM's & 8 BEPC's; enhanced detection capabilities at IECP's--solidified MAFB's IBD efforts
- Aided w/two unsecured buildings; secure/safeguarded $50k+ of mission essential assets--prohibited gov theft
- Dispatched to two unsecured buildings; secure/safeguarded $50k+ of mns essential assets--prohibited gov theft
- First responder to medical emergency; provided first aid and buddy care to injured individuals--preserved life
- Discovered 2 psnl with warrants; denied violent offenders entry & detained for MPD--safeguarded 26K psnl
- Selected to attend unit's Deliberate Development Crs; honed ldrsp skills--prepar'd to execute supervisor duties
- Completed 4 AUM classes; awarded 12 credit hrs towards Criminal Justice CCAF degree--obtained 3.8 GPA
- Joined Junior Enlisted Council; gathered flt involvement--aided in recruitment of two new members to council
- Volunteered 4 hours at Brantwood Children's Home; mentored troubled youths--enhanced outreach capability's
- Proffered at first Sgt Graduation; demonstrated military bearing/character--coined by Chief 1st SGT Academy
- Assisted w/POW of WII at wreath laying ceremony; escorted personnel to seats--paid homage to all POW vets
- Committed to achieving excellence; rec'd 95% on critical Armory Stan-Eval--"Exceptionally Well Qualified"
- Completed 14 day RTC pre-deployment trng; enhanced lifesaving skills/ABD tactics--honed skills vital f/ deployment
- Attended 32 hr Defensive Driving crse; improved pursuit/emerg response/skid control skills--ready for war-time msn

- Certified on RADAR/LIDAR, OC Pepper Spray & ASP baton;honed LE skills--enhanced mission capabilities

- Directed largest munition acct; 770K+ rounds allocated at >$364K--330K+ rounds fired/2.5K pers qual'd

- Hand-picked as Joint Controller; vital HN/US SF liaison & communication link--boosted security realtionship

- Verifi'd over 13k access creds; enhanc'd installation access w/DBIDS-reduc'd terrorist/insurgent/insider threat
- Maintain'd daily DBIDs inventory; confirmed 100% accountability--maintained control of $80K in crit equip
- Validat'd 100 personnel sec clearances in JPAS; process'd 100 RABs--enabl'd unit mission with 95% turnover
- Destroyed 1K sensitive RAB information, secured PII for base personnel--prev'd terrorist activity on AUAB
- Performed uniform disposal duties; collected/destroyed 2K items/salvaged/re-issued OCPs--saved DoD $5K
- Collected biometrics for 13.5K personnel; registered base population f/AUAB & CAS--solidified ECP TTPs

- Sexual Assault Theater Grp POC; 15 mock trial performances--educat'd FW on DoD's "Zero Tolerance" policy

- Wg leader! Elected base 5/6 Vice Pres--mentor'd '14 Staff Amn OTY, NCO OTQ and CCAF degree recipients

- Led security spt for French refueling msn; 150 sorties/3K hrs/24K lbs of fuel--strengthened coalition relations

- Reissued 13 Special Security Instruction; revised, editted, & prodc'd high qual binders--vital SF knowledge

- Coordinates with over 40 host and tenant units base wide on plans, training and operations; ensured joint effort

- Reviews/authorizes SF personnel generated paperwork; managed time/attendance for personnel appointments

- Volunteered as SF rep for rewrite of fledging base fitness program; instilled continuity and 100% compliance

- Proven leader; created success in others; always mission driven/Amn focused--ready to serve AF as a CMSgt!

- Lifetime Security Police Association mbr; helped raise 3,000+ toys in annual "Toys for Tots" drive on base

- Spearheaded to implement LEOSA program for XXX SFS; developed/ensured compliance with HHQ directive

- Prep'd 24 augmentees for SF duty--"every airman is a sentry" warrior ethos instilled; AUAB contingency ready

- Vetted entry requirements for 35K+ visitors; maintained $250K biometrics system--secured KAFB assets/prsnl
- Certified Records Custodian; managed VC program/AFRIMS; ensured AFI requirements met/inspection ready
- Achieved 92% on EOC exam; recognized by TRW/CC f/outstanding performance--promote ahead of all peers

- Primary Flight Chief; leads xx Security Forces (SF) personnel protecting $3.3B in USSTRATCOM assets

- Hand selected as "Flight Admin"; single-handedly oversaw flt personnel actions--assured 52+ mbrs fit for duty
- Skilled C2 for two suspicious pkgs; coordinated multi-agency response--set cordons/evac'd 78 prsnl f/recovery

- First-on-Scene to four domestic disputes/loud noise complaints; three suspects detained--order/peace restored

- Establish'd Alarm Working Grp; directed 30-mbr tm; ID'd Intrusion Detection issues to SF/CC--prep'd section

- Complet'd adversarial testing 350+ alarm points; detect'd 100% of intrusion attempts--AFI standards exceeded

- Gallantly commandeered two unsanctioned weapons during DUI detainment; potential active shooter deterred

- Completed 12 antiterrorism/force protection measures; created hard target--potential terrorist activity deterred
- Identified local wanted fugitive at VCC; coordinated with local law enforcement--seamless custodial transfer
- Zealously enforced traffic regulations; conducted traffic stops and educated motorists--increased traffic safety
- Graduated Kaplan University; earned Bachelors Degree in Nutrition Science--stellar 3.86 GPA/3x Dean's List
- Completed all training requirements w/o issue; maintained worldwide readiness--maximized unit capability
- Participated in local 9/11 memorial ceremony; proudly represented AF values--enhanced community relations
- Valued IMA and asset to unit's effectiveness; challenge continuously and increase responsibility--promote now
- Provided security for Senator Boozman's visit; crucial TCP for event--unit execution lauded by AW leadership
- Continued academic prowess; earned 12 credits toward Masters Degree in Nutrition--sets example for NCOs
- Top enlisted IMA in the squdron; dependable and committed to delivering mission success--promote to MSgt!

- Champion'd police outreach pgm; educated base community on SF duties--bridged gap between SF & base pop
- Account'd daily f/ 150 M4 rifles/189 M9 pistols--$5.5K in assets; enabl'd SF msn--secur'd 9K+ base populace
- Manag'd $800K in ammo/$400K in LMR/$35K in RADAR devices; SF msn critical equip--zero discrepancies
- Reorg'd armory; optimal equip/wpn configuration--decreased arming times 40%/sped major incident response
- Managed 20 vehicle fleet valued at $800K; ensured 96% Vehicle-In-Commission rate--trump'd AF goal by 6%

Vigilant entry controller; identified 7 curfew violations; assisted patrols w/apprehension/processing of suspects-- enforced Wg standards

- Augmented Flight; conducted entry point ID checks--safegarded 43K personnel & $4B in msn critical resources

- Trained eight man disturbance control team; augmented superlative list of skills--enhanced section capability

- Safeguards 31K personnel/30K acres of property, including protection level (PL) 2/3/4 resources, valued at $6.5B

- Instructed OU ROTC program; trained shoot/ move/ communicate skills--future USAF officers combat oriented

- Graduated AFMC Brave Defender Regn'l Combat Trng Ctr, Creech AFB--coined by 99 CC--receivd top squad

- Responded to medical emergency; secured scene until relieved by medical personnel--victim safely transported

- Rendered assistance for domestic disturbance; ensured victim/witness rights--diffused situation w/out incidents

- CATM line instructor; provided safe environment for weapons fire w/o incident--ready for promotion to SSgt!

A dedicated Airman whose versatility, demeanor and job knowledge place him above his peers--promote!

A multi-faceted SF mbr; performs above peers and always achieves top results--promote to SSgt immediately!

A professional Airman with tremendous potential and thrist for increased responsibility--promote with peers!

A proven performer and an invaluable asset to the unit and Security Forces career field--promote immediately!

A SrA who sets the standards and has the drive and determination to lead tomorrow's AF--promotion is a must

A true asset; exemplifies AF core values & consistently sets the standard for colleagues--promote above peers!

Active participant in local outreach programs; dedicated over 20 hrs towards 4 CDC improvement initiatives

Active participant in Police Week activities; honored fallen heroes--promoted community relations and healing

Active participant in Wing/unit activities; SF Turkey Bowl/basketball--promoted teamwork and healthy living

Actively supported CFC; assisted in 2 fundraising events--directly contributed to Wg meeting established goal

Airman is an outstanding example of how to act; sets the standard for SF--promote to Senior Airman now

Airman w/unlimited potential; high military bearing & professional attitude makes him a true asset--promote!

Airman willing to adapt & tackle new assignments/increased responsibilities; challenge and promote w/peers

Airman with potential; displays ability to become a valuable member of the Air Force--promote when ready

Alerted to seven 113 Wg klaxon alrms; secured alert fighter aircraft--guaranteed airtight defense of PL-2 asset

Amazing Amn! Puts forth 100% in job effort/production; accepts advanced responsibility--promote to SSgt!

Ambitious Airman w/unmatched drive and determination; a leader for todays Air Force--promotion deserved!

Amn w/unlimited potential; military bearing/professional attitude makes him stand out among peers--promote!

Amn with unlimited potential; high military bearing & professional attitude makes him a true asset--promote!

An ambassador of charity; bestowed $50 USD to Red Cross for tragedy stricken Japan--improved relief efforts

An exceptional NCO! Displayed dedication through superior customer service--promote him ahead of peers!

An Outstanding Airman! A cut above the rest! Consistently exceeds all standards; should be a SSgt now!

Assisted w/Ali Al Salem AB clean up; collected 30 bags of trash--improved living conditions for 2K+ airmen

Assisted w/DUI apprehension; ensured flawless processing of evidence--enforced AF "zero-tolerance" policy

Assisted with runaway case; vigilance and intel gathering proved effective--efforts resulted in apprehension

Assumed C2 during 10 unannounced alarm activations; swift actions/text book response led to safe resolutions

Attention to detail! Spotted unauthorized firearm during veh search--maintained secure posture for Andrews

Attentive patrolman; apprehended individual for shoplifting at BX--recovered gov't property and cited offender

Attentively patrolled '10 PACAF airshow; safeguarded $2B in assets--55K attendees protected w/out incident

Average SrA; demonstrated a modest degree of professionalism/job knowledge--promote to SSgt when ready

Avid SF supporter; mbr of unit intramural football team--vital to championship victory/lifted esprit de corps

Calm under pressure; responded to a volatile domestic dispute--quickly diffused situation and restored order

Certified flt armorer; issued/received arms/ammunition/equipment worth $2M--reduced arming time by 50%

Cited 30 traffic violators; enforced regulations--reduced vehicle accidents/improved public safety compliance

Clearly demonstrated sound understanding of SF knowledge; achieved 92% on QC--set high standard for peers

Clearly displayed technical skills & desire to assume increased responsibilities--promote him to TSgt ASAP!

Close Boundary Sentry for PL-1 aircraft; ensured the safety of aircraft and crew--guaranteed mission success

Close in/close boundary sentry for PL-1/2 alert aircraft; secured acft/crew--resource integrity uncompromised

Combat FTM; enabled movements of 110 msns/400 hrs OTW--secured 60K acre BSZ/24K CF/$20B in assets

Combat Ready! Graduated strenuous two week Contingency Readiness Training--deployed in support of OND

Committed to self-improvement; actively pursued CCAF degree in Criminal Justice--earned 6 semester hours

Community focused; 100 hrs devoted to Boys/Girls Club--mentored youth on intricacies of teamwork/fair play

Community involved! Devoted 235 off duty hours to American Red Cross--excellent role model for all NCOs

Community involved! Participated in inaugural Annapolis half marathon--raised 410K+ for Salvation Army

Concerned for less fortunate; donated $600 in food to local food banks--provided families w/life's necessities

Conducted 10 random AT/FP Measures; 20 vehicles/facilities inspected--prevented potential terrorist activity

Conducted 125 AT/FP RAMS; executed 62 hrs of fence line patrols/ID & bldg checks--deterred terrorist attack

Conducted recall procedures; 100% accountable through 41 IDF attacks--confirmed location/safety of 47 Amn

Consistently exceeded my expectations/produced excellent results; a standout among peers--promote to TSgt!

Consistently remarkable leadership qualities; effort directly contributed to "Unit of the Year" Award--promote

Consummate role model; devoted 50 hours to visit veterans at Walter Reed--supported Armed Forces veterans

Contributed $120 to the Combined Federal Campaign; aided local charities--helped SFG reach targeted goal

Contributed five hours at Northview Elementary career day; promoted AF opportunities--inspired 180 children

Controlled 23 in-flight & eight ground emergencies; cordoned the area--provided unimpeded emergency route

Coordinated w/Stalker Inc; trained 22 SF as LIDAR instructors--300 speeding citations issued/safer roadways

Cordoned three possible VBIEDs; secured search area and evacuated effected facilities--ready to pin on SSgt!

Cornerstone of community relations; motivated 34 flt mbrs to donate time helping others--460 volunteer hours

Dedicated Amn! Always strives to exceed the standards of his leaders/sets standards for peers--promote now!

Dedicated Amn!Strives to exceed established standards & set example for others--ready to excel as new SrA

Dedicated NCO; adaptive/highly proactive/set standards/achieved optimum goals--promote him ahead of

Dedicated SrA! Always strives to exceed the standards of his leaders/sets example for others--promote now!

Dedicated three hours to AADD program; provided transportation to Amn--upheld unit integrity/esprit de corps

Dedicated time as sponsor for new Amn; secured transportation/quarters--enabled smooth transition to unit

Dedicated to mission accomplishment; delivered max effort and exceeded expectations--promote immediately!

Dedicated to msn accomplishment; delivered max effort/exceeded expectations--promote to TSgt immediately!

Definite asset to unit & career field; unmatched abilities w/attributes of a rising leader--promote to TSgt ASAP

Delivered K-9 support for 12 high-vis events; SECDEF/SECAF/CSAF--perfect execution for 400+ GOs/DVs

Deployment RA/S4 Supt; managed $300k budget/equipment purchase/accountability--zero mission gaps/delays

Determined/motivated professional ready for more challenges--reward w/increased responsibility & promote!

Developed 25 SF warriors into cohesive/effective team; flight's apprehension rate was highest in recent years

Devoted 160+ hours to Airmen s Attic; sorted and organized $3K in donations--improved base residents lives

Devoted Airman; served as designated driver for flight members--prevented DUI/reinforced wingman concept

Devoted eight hours at Korean orphanage; led recreational activities/distributed goods--children's spirits lifted

Directed response to mutual assault in housing; arrested suspects and gathered evidence--prevented escalation

Dispatched LE patrols to med emergency involving asthma victim--person resuscitated/transported to MGMC

Dispatched to 113 FW klaxon; set up blocking force between taxiway/resource--expedited alert crew response

Dispatched to domestic disturbance; administered first aid to victim--safeguarded area for medical pers arrival

Dispatched to four bldg alarms; established 360 of affected bldg--ensured all military assets were safe/secure

Dispatched to three vehicle accidents; secured scene/established TCPs--eliminated further danger/destruction

Displayed concern for fellow Airman; generously contributed to multiple CFC causes--helped Sq exceed goal

Displayed impressive technical ability; delivered excellent post brief--efforts recognized/coined by Wing/CC

Displayed outstanding commitment & provided expertise in all facets of MWD program; promote immediately!

Donated $600 of food to local food banks; provided families w/life's necessities--enhanced lives of community

Donated six hrs with Wider Circle; furnished food/home goods to civs--advanced JBA & community relations

Donated to American Red Cross; bestowed money and clothing--helped victims of disasters in desperate times

Donated to multiple CFC causes; helped the Wing reach its set goal--supported nationwide assistance agencies

Donated to national charities; contributed $100 toward CFC and Air Force Association--assisted less fortunate

Donated use of personal vehicle during 11 CES vehicle shortage--efforts prevented negative impact to mission

Dynamic Airman; continuously outshined peers/upheld strict military standards--promote to SrA immediately!

Dynamic flight performer; always goes above and beyond--efforts led to 11 SFS Squadron of the Year Award

Effective and capable Amn; continue to challenge with increased duties and responsibilities--promotion ready

Effective Leader! Achieved remarkable results in all assigned tasks; role model SrA--promote to SSgt ASAP!

Energetic and capable--a proven vital asset to the United States Air Force and Security Forces career field

Enforced base RAM pgm; conducted 48 base patrols/ID checks--deterred terrorist activities against installation

Enforced Wg's AT/FP standards; execution of 50 random antiterrorism measures resulted in zero penetrations!

Environmentally minded; vol'd to clean up 52 lbs of debris at Ft Wash Nat'l Park--enhanced park beautification

Excellent Airman who Performed all of his duties with determination and A desire to excel--promote w/o delay

Excellent Airman! Ready to meet new challenges & increase in responsibilities--promote him to SSgt ASAP!

Excellent Amn who performs all of his duties with determination and a desire to excel--promote w/out delay!

Excellent leader; conducted study session with pipeline Airmen--efforts achieved desired 100% QC pass rate

Excels in all basic and complicated tasks; prepares peers for QC--promote to Senior Airman ahead of peers

Exceptional Amn; consistently demonstrates highest degree of professionalism--promote to SSgt ahead of peers

Exceptional leader with unmatched dedication/skills; epitomizes highest AF standards--promote ahead of peers

Exceptional performer; motivates by setting the example/inspired others to achieve excellence--promote ASAP

Exceptional Senior Airman; ready for increased responsibility/challenges of an NCO--promote to SSgt ASAP!

Exceptionally gifted NCO; efforts aided unit in CI excellence/Wg's overall "Pass" rating--promote him ASAP!

Executed close in/boundary sentry duties on alert PL-1 acft; prevented unauthorized access--ensured msn ready

Executed flt security during 20 high-vis events; POTUS/CSAF/CMSAF/1K guests/200 DVs--superb oversight

Exemplified high standards of dedication; key to 51 FW "Excellent" rating during recent ORI--promote ASAP!

Expedited 332 ESFG AEF changeover; processed 500+ personnel/1K+ wpns; reduced transition time by 40%

Expertly directed dynamic team; controlled daily ops and training--100% EVAL pass rate under his leadership

Extraordinary NCO whose ldrship & mgmt skills are evident through results section achieves--promote ASAP!

Extremely efficient; sets the standards/challenge and capitalize on her strengths--promote ahead of her peers!

Extremely knowledgeable NCO; provided top notch PAX Terminal briefing--coined by AMC/CC for delivery

First on-scene to vehicle accident; secured scene/conducted investigation--minimized further potential hazards

First resp to breaking & entering in progress; led entry team direct to threat--subject detained, spouse unharmed

First-rate Honor Guard mbr; participated as bearer/firing squad in eight military funerals--textbook ceremonies

Flawless administrator; improved flight training plan--efforts directly linked to unit "Team of Qtr" recognition

Flt standout during UCI; Wg's 1st inspection in seven yrs--effort linked to unit's excellence/Wg's "Pass" rating

Generously contributed to CFC; direct benefit to multiple organizations--his efforts aided in unit raising $2K+

Go to Amn! Encrypted radio/satellite battlefield positioning system expert--improved flt readiness/capability

Goal oriented! Enrolled at American Military University--completed nine credit hrs towards CCAF & BA/CJ

Goal-oriented! Earned three hrs towards CCAF & progression towards Associate's/Bachelor's Degree in CJ

Governed Branch Avenue bus depot ops for '11 JSOH; 20K pers/30K bags searched--ensured safety of 195K

Graduated ALS; garnered essential supervisory skills needed to succeed/tackle new leadership responsibilities

Great Amn! Perfected all assigned duties/prepared for greater responsibilities--promote well ahead of peers!

Hand picked CE Escort; 480 hours providing security for CE civilian workers--base construction unimpeded

Hard charging NCO; possesses the knowledge & attitude most military leaders seek--promotion to TSgt a must

Hard working craftsman; exemplifies all the qualities/characteristics of a natural leader--promote to next rank!

Hard-charger with strong leadership traits; consistently accepted increased responsibilities--promote to MSgt

Hastily responded to worst ROK typhoon in 50 yrs; redirected traffic for responding crew--flawless execution

Highly ambitious Airman; completed two CLEPs--aggressively pursued his CCAF degree in criminal science

Highly capable Airman; consistently improving in all aspects of Security Forces profession--promote to A1C

Highly effective; flight leader who exemplifies the Air Force's core values--promote at the earliest opportunity

Highly energetic and talented Staff Sergeant; challenge with additional responsibilities--promote immediately!

Highly motivated individual; continuously sought out & accepted positions of greater responsibility--promote

Highly skilled Airman with unmatched motivation and a results-oriented philosophy--promote ahead of peers!

Impeccable Amn on the path to success; bright future lies ahead/increase responsibility & promote

Improved first-line of defense for JBA; Completed Moblisa trng--noteworthy improvement of AT/FP measures

Inability to adhere to basic unit and Air Force policies resulted in Administrative Discharge

Integral participant of the 2011 JSOH; conducted stringent searches at Branch Ave--28K personnel processed

Intelligent NCO willing to give up spare time to help others; would give the shirt off his back--promote now

Jt Svs Open House dir sec ops; led 1,185 DoD mbrs/3 sites/denied 76 protestors access--secured 106K guests

Key ECP member during sector lockdown; evac'd personnel & secured entry/exit lanes--prevented penetration

Key member of Wg Emergency Services Team; endured intense training/earned cert--leader among peer group

Knowledgeable & capable young Amn; consistently performed duties satisfactorily--promote along with peers

Knowledgeable and capable Airman; exceeded expectations--proven ability to perform at the next pay grade!

Leadership style led to maximum production--ops section received 386 AEW "Team of the Month" recognition

Led by example; exceeded standards/expectations--successfully carried out assigned tasks w/little supervision

Led response during four medical emergencies; administered first aid until EMS arrived--prevented loss of life

Managed 65+ OJT records; created checklist/conducted review--efforts resulted in 20 corrected discrepancies

Masterful SNCO; adaptive & proactive/exceeded standards & achieved optimum goals--promote immediately!

Met w/150 Iraqis' in home meetings; negotiated LN/CF interests--artfully obtained 200 pgs of actionable intel

Mission capable SrA; demonstrated sound judgment/strong leadership potential--SSgt promotion is warranted!

Mission oriented Airman; pursues mission success w/ full mental prowess--promotion recommended when rdy

Motivated attitude/work ethic; performed in courteous/professional manner--efforts earned him EST selection

Motivated/dedicated SrA ready for new challenges; increased responsibility paramount--promote above peers

My #1 pick to lead S4 flight; flawlessly managed unit's $500K budget/$2.1M supply acct; 300+ Amn benefited

My most versatile SSgt; impact felt group-wide/filled five positions in <1 year--bright future/promote ASAP!

Obtained Oleoresin Capsicum instructor certification; improved unit trng prgrm effectiveness/personal growth

On scene to five 113 FW klaxon activations; tactically established ECP--alert crew launched acft unhindered

Oriented/trained newly assigned Amn; ensured proficiency of duties--enabled smooth transition into AF & unit

Outstanding Airman; exceeded standards & expectations--ready for increased responsibility & SSgt promotion

Outstanding Airman; perfected all assigned tasks/prepared for NCO responsibilities--promotion well deserved

Outstanding Airman; perfects all assigned tasks/prepared for NCO responsibilities--promotion well deserved

Outstanding Amn w/can-do attitude; willing to accept any task with greater responsibility--promote SSgt ASAP

Outstanding duty performance/teamwork; directly contributed to Bravo Flt selections as "Team of the Quarter"

Outstanding NCO! Consistently demonstrates/produces excellence within the career field--promote to TSgt!

Outstanding performer! I relied on him to tackle most difficult tasks; goal met each time--promote immediately

Outstanding performer; controlled entry for 195K spectators during '11 air show--incident free three day event

Outstanding performer; highly motivated/prepared and eager for all increased responsibility--promote ASAP!

Outstanding performer--his sustained excellence directly contributed to Bravo Flt's selection as "Team of Qtr"

Outstanding SNCO with wartime experience; focused on AF/Jt msns/Amn--continue to challenge and promote!

Outstanding! Excels at all endeavors and consistently out performs her peers--more than ready for promotion!

Participated in the Halloween night "Pumpkin Patrol"; patrolled base housing area--safeguarded 300 children

Perfect leader/mentor for largest non-nuc SF Ops Supt the SF career field needs this SMSgt as a Chief now!

Performed 31 joint USSS/SF DV details; secured arrival/departure of acft/personnel--world leaders protected

Personally led two McGruff events; educated 400 children on crime prevention--enhanced community relations

Piloted EOD team to suspicious package; safeguarded convoy/equip--device neutralized/mitigated loss of life

Played key role in Tops in Blue function with 424 attendees; helped set up/tear down--highly successful event

Pledged monetary donation/spiritual support for local radio station--$1.6M raised--operation extended by 1 yr

POC for "Feds Feed Families" event; donated 50 hrs/collected 1.5K lbs in food--positive impact in community

Possessed superb technical skills & leadership capabilities while manning critical position--promote ASAP!

Possesses inherent ability to motivate; ensured 100% msn accomplishment every time--promote to MSgt now!

Primary records custodian for 88 personnel; strictly tracked & protected personal info--maintained INFOSEC

Pristine dispatch and coordination; two violators apprehended for CDS possession--resulted in air-tight cases

Proactive patrolman; detected eighteen unsecured facilities--prevented possible property loss valued at $100K

Productive member of USAF's most visible SF unit; "MAJCOM Outstanding Medium SF Unit" 2008--promote

Professional Amn; gave 100% effort in assigned duties/efforts linked to Wing "Sq of the Year" Awd--promote

Protected POTUS/VPOTUS & DV arrivals/departures; cleared travel routes--secured top US & world leaders

Proud supporter of Airman's Assistance Fund; donated $250 to worthy cause--impacted Amn/families in need

Proud supporter of the Combined Federal Campaign; donated $120 dollars--helped flight exceed goal of $2000

Proven performer with endless potential & abilities; conducts tasks without supervision--promote to SSgt

Proven performer with limited potential/abilities; conducts tasks with some supervision--promote when ready

Provided security for 10K pers during Montgomery 5K run; event earned $175K for five charities--role model

Provided security for Senator Kennedy's funeral; crucial TCP for event--perfect execution without deficiencies

Reacted to five alarm activations; established cordon/maintained exterior security--safeguarded vital assets

Reliable & dependable; clearly demostrated ability/desire to assume additional responsiblities--promote now!

Remarkable Airman on the path to success; puts forth 100% in job effort & production--promote without delay

Remarkable Airman on the path to success; tremendous career lies ahead/continue to challenge--promote now!

Reported catastrophic failure during Hurricane; swift notifications/actions prevented injury/loss to vital assets

Responded to 24 alarm activations; assessed/vindicated threats to resource--safeguarded $1B in critical assets

Responded to CDS at Main Gate; flawless processing of evidence/subject--unshakable case ensured conviction

Responded to domestic disturbance; diffused altercation/apprehended two subjects--quickly resolved incident

Responded to domestic disturbance; utilized swift intervention to defuse incident--enabled peaceful resolution

Responded to domestic incident; secured mother & daughter--effected apprehension/prevented further injuries

Responded to domestic violence BOLO hit; apprehended/detained/processed subject--prevented possible harm

Responded to five building alarms; decisive actions led to immediate assessments--promote to SSgt with peers

Responded to four shopliftings at AAFB BX; recovered $900 in stolen merchandise--prevented loss to AAFES

Responded to three 911 calls--checked vital signs & preformed SABC--patients stabilized until medic arrival

Responded to three in-flight emergencies; secured approach path--facilitated rapid FD response/resolution

Revamped controlled item inspection program--fixed eight major security deficiencies; 19K pers safe/secure

Revamped unit family care pgm/unit safety boards/EO board; zero findings/praised by IG inspectors during CI

Scored outstanding 91% on 7-skill level EOC--acquired leadership and management skills for ABD operations

Scored over 90% on Physical Fitness Exam; excellent rating--proven to embody AFs "Fit to Fight" initiative

Screened/vetted 60 local national workers; aided completion of 125 projects--$600M construction completed

Secured foreign dignitary aircraft, controlled security movement locations--allowed for safe arrival/departure

Secured high-vis Nuclear Security Summit; convoyed 65 DV s to/from site--on-time movements/incident-free

Secured launch site for counter artillery attack--enabled joint force strike to deter incoming indirect fire attack

Seized unauthorized media device & ID'd TCN perp; thwarted possible attack against critical C2 infrastructure

Selfless attitude; donated clothes and household goods to Airman's Attic--actions benefited military community

Selfless individual; volunteered to sponsor two inbound Defenders--eased transition for newly assigned pers

Self-sacrificing Airman; provided DNA for bone marrow drive--increased DOD supply for personnel in need

Sets and enforces high standards; flt performance/motivation increased in just six weeks--make MSgt soonest!

Skillful Pathfinder controller; operated $28M integrated base defense system--increased flt mission readiness

Skillful Pathfinder Operator; superbly cntrl'd $28M integrated base defense system--unhindered flightline Ops

Skillful Pathfinder Operator; superbly cntrl'd $28M integrated base defense system--unhindered flightline Ops

Solid Airman with unlimited potential; efforts aided unit in receiving Wg "Sq of the Year" Awd--promote now

Solid performer; displays exceptional leadership qualities/abilities--recommend immediate promotion to SSgt

Solid performer; earned respect of supervisors, peers and subordinates--promote at first available opportunity!

Sponsored new Amn/recent technical training school graduate; led familiarization--ensured flawless transition

Staff Sergeant excels at most tasks and adequately fosters team improvement/involvement; promote w/peers

Stellar Airman! Assisted with detail for USEUCOM/CC--coined by Naval Flag Officer for his professionalism

Strong performer; effective team player who consistently performed at high levels--promote to SSgt when rdy

Strong technical expertise & focus on improvement has contributed to unit's success; promote him immediately!

Superb Airman and future leader; without hesitation he sets the example for all others to emulate--promote now

Superb Airman; consistently exceeded leadership's expectations and standards--promote to SrA immediately!

Superb Amn; ID'd as outstanding performer during DV detail--coined by USEUCOM/CC for professionalism

Superb C2 during multiple incidents while manning ops most demanding & critical position! Promote to TSgt

Superb NCO; delivered outstanding results while operating in Jt environment--continue to challenge & promote

Superb supervisory skills; fostered teamwork/raised morale/motivated Amn--lauded by unit & wing leadership

Superior in every aspect; demonstrated ability to follow/lead/manage--consider STEP to TSgt/promote ASAP!

Superior NCO! Outstanding staffing, communication and management skills; sets trademarks; promote to xxgt!

Superior performer! Achieved remarkable results in all endeavors; a role model SSgt--promote to TSgt ASAP

Superior performer; achieved remarkable results in all endeavors; a role model SrA--promote to SSgt ASAP!

Superior performer; achieved remarkable results/key member of "Team of the Month"--promote to SSgt ASAP!

Superior performer; consistently performed at the highest lvls/direct link to Wg "Sq of the Yr" awd--promote!

Superior!Excelled at all endeavors & consistently out Performed peers without supervision--Promote

Supervised ground security for PL-1 alert acft; secured avenues of approach--ensured an incident free mission

Supported Andrews Air Show--$2B assets/250K guests safe/secured--recognized as an outstanding performer

Surpasses all expectations; consistently performed w/high level of efficiency--highly recommend for promotion

Take charge attitude infectious among fellow Amn; continuously performed above pay grade--promote to SSgt!

Take-charge SrA! Ready for new tasks & additional responsibilities; truly prepared for immediate promotion!

Take-charge SSgt! Ready for new tasks & additional responsibilities; truly prepared for immediate promotion!

Talented NCO with impeccable work ethic; professional image above reproach--promote to MSgt immediately

Talented young Defender who exceeded standards, set positive example & performed ahead of peers--promote

Took lead during 2 MWD Alerts while deployed; secured area/evac'd personnel--resulted in zero casualties

Top performer; deployed to Al Udeid AB--coined by 379 SF/CC for "superior performance" as alarm monitor

Top rate career NCO w/inspirational leadership skills; ready for advancement--promote to MSgt immediately!

Top rate patrolman; responded to street racing incident and damage to government--base populace protected

Top rate performer! Scored excellent 91% on Stan Eval; set standards for peers--promote him to SSgt ASAP!

Top-notch Airman! Consistent determination to improve; motivated and willing to accept challenges--promote

Trained four flt Airmen; assured competence in assigned duties & responsibilities--attained 90% eval pass rate

True ambassador; mentored AF JROTC drill team--imparted military standards & tradition to potential recruits

Truly gifted/extremely dedicated NCO w/proven track record; consistently attained goals--promote him ASAP

Truly lives "service before self"; volunteered 60 hours to coach little league football--superb AF ambassador!

Trusted mentor; trained six newly assigned Amn on flt policy/procedures--increased msn capability/readiness

Trusted mentor; trained six newly assigned flt Amn on policy/procedures--increased msn capability/readiness

Unit Safety Representative; maintained records/reports for 632 pers--identified as WG "Top Performer" by IG

Utilized $250K ID technology; validated credentials for 35K/10 DoD agencies--prevented unauthorized entries

Vital SF mbr; lauded by inspectors during 11 Wg UCI--key contributor in Wing "SQ of the Year" recognition!

Voluntarily assisted with set up/tear down of Wg's Annual Awards Ceremony; enriched morale/esprit de corps

Volunteer designated driver; remained ready to provide safe transit--prevented DUIs/reinforced team cohesion

Volunteered 10 hours in support of Airman's Attic--direct impact to worthy organization/fellow Airmen in need

Volunteered 30+ hours toward AADD; promoted well being of valuable AF resources--ensured zero lives lost

Volunteered for annual pumpkin patrol; aggressively patrolled base community--ensured a fun/safe time for all

Well rounded Amn; demonstrated ability to perform tasks on time--completed tasks with minimum supervision

Well rounded individual; can be counted on to adhere to the minimum standards required--promote when ready

Well rounded individual; continuously sought out/accepted positions of greater responsibility--promote ASAP!

Well rounded NCO whose professionalism and dedication surpasses his peers--promote to TSgt immediately!

Well-rounded Airman; displays the drive and enthusiasm to accomplish any given task--promote with peers

Well-rounded Amn with a strong desire to seek & accept positions of greater responsibilities--promote ASAP

Well-rounded Amn; displays the potential, drive & enthusiasm to accomplish any given task--promote w/peers

Well-rounded NCO with a strong desire to seek/accept positions of greater responsibilities--promote him now

Well-trained NCO; efficiently performed duties with positive results--continue to challenge & promote ASAP!

Willingly volunteered to assist with Vietnam Memorial clean-up; showed reverence to fallen brothers in arms

Willingness and dependable; has the knowledge & abilities to perform tasks he is given--promote with peers

Without question a top-notch Airman; performance/dedication to duty are unsurpassed--promote ahead of peers

- Validated 486 training records; tracked 250 upgrade training--ensured 400 records in compliance for stan-eval

- Completed AF Principles of Instruction crse; received six credits--certified instructor for 40 ancillary topics

- Vol'd f/National Night Out '13; promoted anti-drug/crime programs--cultivated relations w/local LE agencies

- Motivated junior NCO; ready for added responsibilities, challenges, and ways to prove himself--promote now!

- Detected four trespassers; prevented multiple threats/identified wanted felon--secured CSX deviation

- Teamed w/AD, contractors; secured Wg PL1 assets in 48 hrs--safeguard'd 9 constr projs/$16M NATO resources

- Demonstrated expert C2 during 55 alarms on PL 1-3 resources; ensured security of DoD assets valued at $50B

- Coordinated information during ten on-base fire alarms; ensured precision response by multiple base agencies

- Displayed excellent C2 during Schriever protest activity; directed forces/zero breaches--base perimeter secure

- Directed forces to nine 911 hang-ups originating in RA; coordinated to assess/secure area--resources protected

- Volunteered for week-long active shooter training; honed lifesaving skills and improved base-wide response

- Volunteered to improve perimeter defenses--picked up debris/cleaned TASS equip--hardened defense posture

- Lead investigator for major accident; ensured safety, integrity of affected area--preserved critical evidence

- Led trainning for Marine Patrol mbrs; instructed safe launch/towing/vessel maint--ensured 100% compliance

- Proactive patrolman; enthusiastically enforces traffic regulations--enhanced traffic safety for base residents

- Conducted 45 RAMs around Macdill waterways; negated area intrusions--ensured safety of base populous

- Intercepted 7 unauthorized vessels/10 personnel in CRA; subjects cited/briefed & released--negated threat

- First respondor to distressed vessel; 3 persons recovered/transported back to shore; averted further danger

- Led Joint Ops w/JCSE; secured area for critical water survival training certification; ensured mission capable

- Detained/apprehended one drunk driver; enforced wing's zero tolerance policy--removed threats to motorists

- Incident Commander certified; capable of assuming on-scene command during major accident--trained/ready

- C2'd forces f/ 14 alarm activations; searched & cleared bldgs--sec'd vital $2.3B in PL 1 & 2 warfighting assets

- Executed security f/100 acft/11K CF/$10B warfighting assets--directly impacted OEF/OND/CJTF-HOA msn

- Cert'd on UL/UC2 Emrg Mgmt sys; integrated Wing rspns w/IMMS pgm--instant situation updates AUAB wide

- Lead patrol for three PL2 AC ground emergency; set security/evac'd 55 personnel--AFCENT mission unstinted

- Responded to twelve IFE's; secur'd $824M critical war fighting assets--amply result'd in AUAB msn readiness

- Performed six vehicle accident investigations; gather'd/comp'd paperwork--restored good order and discipline

- Patrolled largest MSA in AFCENT; secured 5K munitions valued at $2.3B--enabled downrange OCO support

- Provided C2 for disturbance; accom'd to swift apprehension of suspects--effect'd five Article 134/117 charges

- Methodically train'd/cert'd four ECC controllers; provid'd 50+ hours of OJT leadership--enhanc'd msn success

- Responded to two suicidal gestures; stabilized patients until arrival of emergency med prsnl--saved both lives

- Detained/cited 19 violators; reinforced local/state traffic laws--efforts ensured safety of base & local populace

- Participated in honor guard detail for POW/MIA memorial service; honored missing & fallen service members

- Responded to 10 IFEs/GEs; secured acft/cleared response routes/expedited EMS/Fire--zero loss of AF assets

- Patrolled largest MSA in AOR; secured 5K+ munitions valued at $2.1B--sets base warfighting readiness mark

- Detected two TCN escort violations;eliminated possible hostile insider threat--denied PL2 access/six detained

- Demonstrated superior professionalism during DV visit; lauded for solid post brief/coined by 379 ESFS/DFC

- Responded to seven medical emergency calls; stabilized situations until arrival of EMS--flawless procedures

- Participated in two PAT Site recovery exercises; bolstered cohesion with Army ADA--$40M assets secured

- Accounted for $550K+ in SF eqpmt/munitions daily; zero losses--enhanced AW's readiness for war on terror

- Certified life saver; successfully completed rigorous 8 hr CPR class--gained priceless tools as first responder

- Hand selected as "Flight Admin"; single-handedly oversaw flt personnel actions--assured 30+ mbrs fit for duty

- Dedicated to excellence; earned an impressive 96% on ISRT/ESRT DPE--exemplified flight standard for peers

- Acted as alarm monitor securing $1B+ in gov't assets; dispatched patrols--10+ alarms observed/zero gov't loss

- Deployed to Balad, Iraq ISO Operation IRAQI FREEDOM--directly responsible for reducing violence

- Quickly calmed rapidly rising tensions among 300 demonstrators, coordination prevented escalation of violence

- Responded to 19 unexploded ordinance and IED sites, established cordons, evacuated personnel, and saved lives

- Apprehended, processed four DUI violators, responded to eight domestic battery and five felony assault cases

- Discovered Airman planning to use Luke AFB to traffic drugs--detained violator, transferred custody

- Member of Air Force High Power Rifle Team, secured two regional and two state championships

- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted AFOSI in recovering contents without unnecessary hazard

- Detained military member for DWAI, discovered two concealed weapons; ensured safety of all on-scene patrolmen

- Coordinated ground operations for Copper Shield mission supporting Gen. Flintstone--textbook operation

- Quick decision making during ERRI/CERI scenarios--executed post attack UXO sweeps and SABC care

- Took charge as Flight Vehicle Trainer and certified over 30 flight personnel on flight's specialty vehicles

- Top-notch Contingency Skills instructor--imparted his operational experience and combat skills to 200 students

- Sharpened SF skills; certified on All-Terrain Vehicles, expandable baton, and Intoxilizer 5000

- Crisis management expert; apprehended/processed military members for assault and solicitation in local off-base area and two other individuals for drunk and disorderly simultaneously--ensured safety of local and base populace

- Primary Observer/Controller for unit--evaluated Security Forces combat teams during scenarios

- Detained and processed 33 personnel for violations of Misawa AB 35th Fighter Wing base curfew policy

- Identified and detained individual for DUI and driving without a license; keeping the streets safe for all

- Conducted numerous random anti-terrorism actions and enforced installation security standards aiding in capturing Space Command's Best Anti-terrorism/Force Protection Organization for 2005--challenge and promote

- Compiles detailed after-action reports improving future deployment strategies throughout the entire USAF

- Trained over 450 base personnel on basic guard duties--increased post security, prevented injuries

- Prepared flight personnel for their Standardization Evaluations; increased pass rate by 75%

- Diligent; staked out likely base perimeter gap--caught local national juveniles and obtained info leading to arrest of 4 subjects who habitually broke into base housing cars--closed investigation and stopped break-ins

- Credited with the apprehensions of over 25 personnel for disorderly conduct, assaults in a single night

- Provided strict security for the President's first visit to the Republic of the Philippines; sanitized the area of the visit and ensured personnel remained extremely vigilant

- Part of the unit's Confrontation Management Team, minimized the escalation of events by over 3,500 protesters during a series of anti-American demonstrations--ensured the overall safety and welfare of the base populace

- Innovative and resourceful; led unit's migration to the MBITR tactical radio system

- Highly valuable first responder--provided first aid to victim assaulted at the Anderson NCO Club until arrival of medical personnel; investigated, apprehended suspect and processed; excellent job!

- First on-scene at accidental shooting; provided medical attention and expertly processed crime scene

- Performed as observer/controller during five USAF exercises; integral to overall success of SF assessments

- Single-handedly extinguished a building fire at the Air Force dormitory while directing responding units

- Expertly led a heavy weapons squad in more than 20 engagements culminating in 30 enemy KIA

- Performed entry control for more than 1,500 exercise personnel into a Protection Level 1 facility during Joint Chiefs of Staff directed Exercise OISHI MUSKRAT 2003--ensured zero security breaches

- Hand-picked to perform security for high profile mission in direct support of ENDURING FREEDOM

- Provided JIT training for 90 U.S. Army personnel tasked to augment deployed forces

- Maintained over $1.5 million in weapons, munitions, and other support equipment--flawless accountability of critical armor assets ensured readiness

- Dispatched to simultaneous domestic disturbance calls; sound judgement delivered safety to all concerned

- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted HAZMAT team in recovering contents--prevented personnel exposure

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