Self Help EPR Bullets

- Charged cosmetic overhaul; drove 15 labor hours/100% self-help/precured $250 supplies--saved AF $2K contract svs

- AF/ITAF F-100 static refurb projo; coord'd eqpmt/29 vols--restored acft...rdy for base 60th Anniversary event

- Ambassador! Estonia community vol; aided soccer field restoration--strengthened US & host nation relations

- Assisted with facility restoration; painted/personalized work section--bolstered team pride and cohesiveness

- Church restoration team mbr; performed construction projects/paint ops--improved facility for parish families

- Community leader; volunteered 16+ hrs w/ 2 MOS...cleaned/repaired/painted facility--enabled easy relocation

- Constructed base pedestrian sidewalks and parking lots; enhanced personnel safety...AF savings immeasurable

- Engineered youth center renovation project; organized 44-mbr team/painted 6K sq ft wall--saved 400 man-hrs

- Facilitated 3 self-help projects; procured materials/approval--saved $12K/improved section work-flow/QoL

- Initiated section legacy project; procured/assembled trophy display cabinets--cultivated morale/esprit de corps

- Led animal shelter repair; removed mold/fixed HVAC vents/painted interior--sanitized facility for 95 residents

- Led design/construction of new handicap ramp; saved +5k labor costs--restored safe access for disabled family

- Recognized by 82nd Brig CC for BAF Army/AF mural proj--volunteer efforts bolstered base Espirt de Corps

- Refurbished floors of ITAF church; efforts restored 80+ year facility--added facility for Catholic community

- Revamped Animal shelter; disposed 2 tons gravel/turf yard/poisonous shrubs--improved QoL for 50 deprived animals

- Volunteered 10 hr to Graf Ignatievo, Bulgaria; cleared/painted park area--boosted U.S./host nation partnership

- Volunteered 16 hrs painting three rooms/hallways; modernized 2 MOS FTD--enhanced learning environment

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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