Self Improvement EPR Bullets


- Completed SEJPME; enriched leadership abilities & jnt ops knowledge--postured for coalition forces supervisor role

- Completed NCOA/SNCOA DL/4 CLEP's; earned 24 credit hrs--garnered CCAF degree/BS completion within reach

- Attended 1st Sgt symposium; learned valuable ldrshp/resource options--increased the number of add'l duty shirts 20%

- Aced 40-hr SEJPME crs; gained insight to National Strategy & Mil capes--garner'd skills to lead in joint environment

- Awarded SEJPME certification; completed 40 hrs course/94% pass rt; enhanced joint leadership/management

- Completed SNCO Course 14...broadened leadership ability/knowledge...ready for additional responsibility

- Focused on self-improvement; accomplished NCO Professional Enhancement Course--reinforced AF standards

- Attended professional development writing course; acquired writing skills...created 4 exercise SOP documents


- Great leader! Guided 9 mbrs/led mentorship sessions; NCOQ winner/2nd qtr--prompted NCOIC appointment

- Attended six hr enl ldrshp crs; enhanced supervisory skills--applied mgmt/mentoring toward Flt Chief duties

- Facilitated 5/6 speed mentoring session; taught career progression/leadership/EES--guided 20 FTA thru AD transition

- Facilitated three FTAC sexual assault briefs/64 students on UCMJ practices--instilled healthy morals/manners

- Military Saves Week attendee; two finance classes/held informative brief to section--instilled debt mngt skills


- Completed 5 college courses; garnered 20 credit hrs/increased business acumen--only 1 class shy of bachelors degree

- Comp'd 2 business mgmt crses; enrolled in BA crs/1 class shy of CCAF--earned Proj Mgmt & Office Mgr MSI certs

- Pursued off-duty educ; awarded 10 college credits/maintained 3.2 GPA--10 credit hrs from CCAF/Pre-Nursing degree

- Driven NCO! Earned 9 graduate credits toward Master's degree in Educational Leadership--maintn'd 4.0 GPA

- Completed 5 college classes; 16 hrs/anatomy/health science/sports/nutrition/exercise--led 10 AF mbrs healthy living

- Driven to succeed! Achieved nine semester hrs in Criminal Justice CCAF degree--closed gap/fortified job knowledge

- Un-matched knowledge and skill; graduated Cum Laude with B.A. in Info Tech Systems--attained 3.74 GPA

- Con education advancement; cpl'd 5 classes maintained/3.4 GPA--earned 16 cr/hrs twds Acft Mx Technology degree

- Awarded CCAF degree in EM; applied exceptional mgmt skills within org--set example for peers and jr NCOs


- Certified as a med lab tech; triumphed 13 mos/2.3K hrs trng--awarded 3 yr lab cert/exceeded 88.5% peer avg

- Adult/Child/Infant AED/CPR certified; attended six hour course--served as group PTL; promoted health/fitness

- Completed two DAU courses 15 days early; five courses shy DAWIA Level I Cert--increased SCM knowledge

- Conquered SANS Security Essentials crs; improved technical competency--strengthened base security enclave

- 1st in workcenter to become CPR certified; driven by new policy interpretation--vital life saving skill acquired

- Self-motivated Airman; attended 8 hours women's self defense course; enahnced fit-to-fight performance/skills

- Completed 3-day AFSO21 crse; linked 8-step problem solving tech to OJT pgm--2 mbrs UG'd to 5 lvl <6 mos

- Completed 40 hr tax law course; prepared taxes for 162 ppl--saved $6.5K in fees/generated $497K in refunds

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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