3M Services EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Enforces US Food and Drug Administrations guidelines; conducts daily random facility/food safety inspections

- Executes shift leader duties; prepares/cooks food according to the AF Corporate Food Service Recipe System
- Prime Readiness in Base Services mbr; maintains high state of readiness to support worldwide contingencies
- Employs food production logs/standardized recipes directed by dining facility manager to produce 31.5K meals
- Plans, prepares, garnishes & serves quality meals for Essential Station Messing (ESM) personnel/other patrons

- Coordinates complex program activities with 43d Airlift Group units to support families of deployed members
- Monitors programs that activate during national disasters, mobilizations, deployments, separations & reunions
- Coordinates the Key Spouse Program, Remote Spouse Support Group and Hearts Apart Morale Programs
- Reviews/Processes Air Force Aid Loans/Grants as needed for Active Duty and Retired Air Force personnel

Performance Assessment

Dining Facility (DFAC)

- Showcased DFAC capes; hosted 14 events/4 DVs visits/12 unit/coalition BBQs--awd'd COA/coined by AFCENT/CC

- Alternate Sq WRM monitor; trained 2 Amn in Meals Ready-to-Eat sales process--$28K+ assets ready/secured

- Catered 5-star service to 50 DVs, fed 450K customers--supported 11K plus transients, fortified Afghan war effort

- Championed July 4th/Local Contractor Appreciation Day--honored 6500+ guests, improved Host Nation relations

- Cold Storage NCOIC; monitored 2.5K sqft chillers/safeguarded $650K rations--3M meals fueled 6.5K sorties

- Coord'd w/DOL & ABG/RM; secured $500K cook contract to backfill 9 deployed Amn--ensured no svc lapse

- Culinary drive & excellence!; led FSS team to the 2016 Kenneth W. Disney Award--NATIONAL RECOGNITION!

- Directed $4 Million Food Ops, 700K plus meals served-earned $1.6M plus Essential Station Messing funds

- Ensured use of progressive cooking techniques; eliminated waste by 50%--guaranteed food freshness

- Essential to success of DFAC ops; achieved over $300K of subsistence--supported over31K Moody consumers

- Excelled as DFAC NCOIC; filled manning gap/led 13 Amn/25 civilians w/56K meals served--vital JBLM spt

- Exemplary DFAC leadership; educated 11 Amn on ServSafe procedures--resulted in zero health insp discrepancies

- Expertly managed production logs; demonstrated innovative preparation methods--reduced plate waste to 15%

- Inspected, evaluated $2.5M food service contract; over 500 line items reviewed daily--100% compliance

- Led 150 contractors, 8 military in execution of $5 Million contract; prepped for future cutbacks, saved AF $70K

- Led 4 mil/10 OCNs ISO AFs 2d largest food ops; oversaw $24.6K contract/fed 24K patrons--fueled 31.7K sorties

- Led Wg hydration prgm; org'd distro f/218K G2 packets--rehydrated 3K EOG Amn/spt'd mx f/$10B war assets

- Maintained $175K subsistence inventory; planned menu/enforced progressive cooking--reduced food waste 10%

- Managed assigned contract workforce; directed ration storage, trash removal & water distribution--zero issues

- Managed Food Service Accounts for two dining facilites; exceeded AF goal of 3% savings, facility Best in PACAF

- Managed Manas Air base at A'La Too Dining Facility--supported 13K+ transients, facilitated Afghan missions

- Mng'd food production/inventory; processed 200+ orders--maintained 3% financial tolerance straight months

- Oversaw Flt Kitchen/daily coord w/Base Ops; 7.5K ground/flight meals served & delivered--spt'd 400+ msns

- Oversaw emergency DFAC repair; coord'd w/ 19 units, dev'd plan to feed 250 Amn--$169K proj done < 1 wk

- Provided no-notice humanitarian support; prepp'd meals f/Nepal earthquake emerg tm/75 mbr--enabl'd relief f/14K

- Revitalized 5 daily specialty items; boosted food variety w/healthier choices--customer sat rate soared to 91%

- Spearheaded food service for 1.8K Soldiers, Airmen, Marines & partner nation forces over a 3 month period

- Supported "Never Quit Never" 5K BBQ; 15 hrs prep time/800 lbs food worth $6K--record turnout/2K runners fed

- Trained 24 AF & Army personnel on field food preparation/sanitation/equipment, improved mess operations

- Trained Airman in the art of baking; over 300 desserts prepared each UTA--enhanced morale w/ safe healthy items

- Won ACC lvl John L. Hennessey award; led nightshift as shiftleader--all production logs accurate/shift praised

- Work center trainer; skillfully trained 2 AF Reserve NCOs/4 Amn/50 hrs of mentoring--100% CDC pass rate


- Supported front desk ops f/busiest tanker Wg; handled 6.9K reservations/4 bldgs/92 rms--generated $1.2M in revenue

- Partnered w/ODR; mng'd 24-hr FAMCAMP call svc f/19 sites--generat'd $52K in rev/2.9K AD/Retiree campers aid'd

- Aided in lodging warehouse revamp; organized/DRMO'd >4K items--established accountability of $25K inventory

- MANG lodging program; mng'd/budgets $32k for 300 rooms a month for Airmen--Airmen have safe/clean lodging

- Vol'd 9 hours at Slam Attic; led/operated front desk ops & organized facility stock items--spt'd 9K AUAB prsnl

- Working on procurement of MAFB dorm for MANG lodging; will house 104 Amn--projected cost saving $20K

- Handled dual phones/conference room reservation books and programs--supported 30K+ customer svc base

- Oversaw $8.2M lodging operation w/ 172 bed spaces, five separate facilities; produced $2.1M annual revenue


- Complied w/Fitness Access prom; briefed & registered 3K personnel f/after hrs--provided 3 Wgs w/unlimited access

- Led front desk ops; provided fitness orientations/briefs to 400k annual patrons--97% customer satisfaction rate

- Managed $12K+NAF resale ops; 100% cash/reciept validations--zero descrepancies during quarterly AF audit

- Managed two fitness centers, fitness/sports activities, 300K customers/yr; directed fitness testing for 3.8K Amn


- Constant Vigilance '16 Ex UCC rep; deployed 3 pax/2 cargo pallets--ensured vital FSS B2 nuclear mission support

- Coordinated Home Station Training Classes; sharpened Amn war fighting skills--delivered deployment ready 3MO's

- Participated in MOBEXs; briefed and processed 200+ personnel/5sqs--maintained Team Pope-Ready now

- Cmbt enabler; validated 1.5K COCOM rqmts/equipped $10K in pro gear--prep'd 21 FSS warfighters for AEF 5 msns

- Coordinated w/5 commands/4 agencies, results: 50 pre-deployment briefings 650 warfighters--missson ready

- Completed all required Exercise Evaluation Team member training in record time--fully trained in one month

- Managed 20 hrs HSRT; provided training/guides/testing to 30 personnel--armed wing w/educated warfighers

- Supervised 3 military members, accounted for 30+ TCNs nightly--ensured zero Force Protection incidents

- Interim CGSC UDM; guided 23 FGOs/facilitated 300 PCS/AEF trng hours--0 DRI discrepancies/O-6 director lauded


- Conducted S&R trng; organized 4 inter-agency instructors/46 students--mbrs equipped to execute & respond <4 hrs

- Attended 5-day Mortuary Tech course; assisted w/$60K in benefits for 3 AD case--unfailing support to Amn/families

- Led FSS VCO pgm; established training for OGMVC/maintained 15 vehicle fleet--met 105 reqmt's 100% compliant

- Worked A & FRC outreach progams; Breakfast with Santa and Army Family Covenant--elevated AMN morale

- Executed $320K in EOY funds for 16 activities--proposal garnered $48K USAFE funds for new Club storage

- Filled 3 vital club ops billets <2 wks; positions classified/1 day--profitability up 63%/goal met 1st time/4 yrs

- Built Partner Capacity/20 hrs/Italian; dev'd Cmd Language Prgm for base Amn--earned SAF/IA spt, 2/2 DLPT

- Provided leadership/oversight of $20.7M APF and NAF budget with $14.2M in annual revenues and expenses

- Appoint'd by 43FSS/CC to investigate possible security incident--attained on-the-spot corrective actions

- Performs assigned duties in sufficient/equable manner; as bldg mgr ensured workorders were 100% submitted

- Master Resilience Instructor; instructed FTAC/MRTA/1-Day course--trained over 95+ Team Pope members

- Maintained $300 daily fund; processed 5K guests with no discrepancies--mastered duties w/ minimal training

- Planning team member; assists in yearly Services training plan--Amn know what to expect when arriving each UTA

- Unit VTNCO; trained 6 personnel on forklift/certified 25 off-base drivers/mng'd $1.5M vehicle fleet--zero msn loss

- Volunteered 40+ hrs on local national village/school vists--strenghtened relations between community/Manas AB

- Volunteered for 3 consecutive AEF Deployments--excellent dedication and service to nation's values

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