Special Ops EPR Bullets

- Special tactics advocate for 8 VIP visits in OEF; briefed intel tm's capes & 15 high-vis initiatives--lauded by TF O-6
- Lead planner for 23 ops; oversaw 17 hrs of ISR, 5 operatives, med/tactical plans--enabled capture of 34 sr enemy ldrs
- Assisted in multi-natl hostage rescue; planned air assets, collected 50 pieces of intel--prep'd assault force for rescue
- Validated AF intel working grp; developed 58 advanced human intel targeting techniques--1 of 24 AFSOC pers trnd
- Led 7 man intel tm collection effort; operated in 300 sq km, organized 25 covert msns--generated 120 reports for O-8
- Briefed 24 SOW/CC; educated sr leaders on 25 msn types, --$600K received for new UAV & equip upgrades
- Served as liaison for 2 wk jt ex; provided timely intel updates to TF CC, spt'd/tracked 5 man tm--600 SOF pers trnd
- Organized first selection for flt; sync'd 7 role players, 4 scenarios & timeline--established vision for manning issues

- Led first ISR msn with SOCSOUTH priority nation; directed 22 mbrs/50 days/$380K budget--40 PN SOF trnd
- Taught counter-narco reaction force trng to Honduran SOF; executed 40 days/200 hrs trng--20 ldrs rdy to strike
- Administered US Emb Colombia wpns & ammo account--300 wpns/64K rounds/$350K--100% ops supported
- Assessed PN detainee center, housing 156 subjects; 89 discrepancies repaired--lauded by US Defense Attache

- Selected CAA qual crse guest instructor; hosted 12 days trng from operators view point--trnd 30 new advisors

- Provided FP assessments of FARC debriefing msns; supported 6 ops in hostile lands--54 operatives debriefed
- Built small arms tactics crse for Honduras; 40hrs intensive M4/M9/M60 live fire--certified 20 SOF operators
- High caliber mature TSgt w/ indispensable skills and extraordinary desire to succeed; promote to MSgt ASAP

- Performed multilateral airdrop msn; 60 foreign SOF pers on target--earned GP/CC "Mission Hackers Award"

- Established filing sys procedures; generated 20 permanent training folders--aircrew training continuity assured

- Alert launched to resupply SOF near insurgency activity; 40k cargo/20 SOF pax deliverd--enabled SOFAF ops

- Decisive actions taken; located & extinguished fire in flight/thwarted acft mishap--$75M aircraft/9 lives saved!

- Created/taught history lesson; detailed SOF capabilities utilized in the Battle of Mogadishu--42 mbrs educated

- Vol'd for 67th SOS change of command ceremony; coordinated PA for event--exemplified a positive AF image

- Vital cont' for aircrew tng amidst wpn sys change; monitored grnd/flying tng events for 64 mbrs--cbt msn ready

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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