AFSC 3E3X1, Structural EPR Bullets

- Provided rapid GSU spt; fixed non-op safe in PL-1 area--enabled POTUS messaging/use control of $6.2B WR assets
- Restored flight ops; repaired/replaced 3 vehicle gate motor/track--fortified Tower loop/safed 11 F-16 valued $409.8M
- Syncd' USAFE's #1 proj; led 5 prsnl/install'd 26 speed ctrl devices/30 signs--sfgrd'd AT/FP rqmnts/12K mil/fam mbrs
- Lead 3E3 scheduler; KO'd 12K WTs/command'd 39.5K man hrs/19 Amn/Civ--nixed work log 77%/msn capes boost'd
- Preserved fltline functionality; two motor install/gate PM--fortified Tower loop/safeguarded 11 F-16 valued $206.8M
- Planned F-16 sim bldg re-key; cut 50 keys/pinned cores--cmplt'd $44.5K refurb KT/increased combat capes f/60 pilots
- Responded emer job; opened/repaired flood gate--ensured flood protection f/33 NATO fac/surrounding LN neighbors
- Resolved 28 mo discrepancy; sealed 14 penetrations $25K fire suppression sys--restored LRS paint booth caps 100%
- Coor'd 2 GSU safe mx; restored crypto access/enabled POTUS messaging--assured sec/use of $6.4B WRM/NC3 assets
- Supported $609K/17 day/9 country NATO ex; opened HAS drs/free'd $19M acrft--facilitated 28 sorties/85 tons cargo
- Emergency response; repaired 4 PAS's door/track faults--secured/allowed access to PL1 assets/51 acft worth $1.93B
- Championed Zulu Loop proj; pln'd/installed hardware f/34 HAS doors--ax'd write up/bolstered security f/$1.3B assets
- Secured $17K postal assets; ensured PO maintain compliance w/ USPS regulations--deterred theft/unauthorized entry
- Safed 7 facs/42 prsnl/$570M WS3 assets; repaired/replaced 18 locks/doors--supt'd 24K annual flt ops/FW's $71M FHP
- Spt'd Kid's Warrior Run/FW Bazaar/Mud Run; vol'd 30 hrs/placed 36 obstacles/cooked food f/200prsnl--raised $6.4K
- Dedicated higher ed; comp'd 15 day contingency mx crs-/bested lock/tent/roll-up dr skills--attained 2 credits to CCAF

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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