Top 3, 5/6 EPR Bullets


- Wg Top 3 Pres; led 490 Jt SNCOs/cntrl'd $2K budget--direct'd 89 PDSs/287 Amn; oasis cleaning earned $1K

- AFSA/Top-3 Mbr; local vol--committed 40+ hrs to Outdoors for All--10+ miles of hiking trail accessible to disabled

- Single-handedly org Top 3 food booth; dedicated 65 off-duty hrs...led 68 vol at Ramstein Bazaar--raised $3.5K

- Active mbr Top 3; emceed promotion ceremony for10 promotees; assisted w/two Sq dorm room inspections

- Top 3 AUAB Promo Chair; coord'd two enlisted promo/awd ceremonies/26 vols--recogniz'd 80 mbrs/laud'd AEW/CC

- AMU Top III President; taught 17 prof development/12 EPR writing classes/embodied 36-2618--mentored 178 Amn

- Voted HQ Top 3 Resource Chair; chaired 3 mtgs/led 4 mentor events/mng'd $2K budget--boosted morale f/ 205 SNCOs

- Top 3 Treasurer/chaired Wg recog cmte; led 3 ceremonies/synch'd 7 orgs, Wg/CC--recog'd 123 Amn/Sq SNCO3Q14

- Elected Top 3 Secretary; recruited 96 mbrs/chaired 22 community events/led 777 SNCOs--raised $22K in donations

- Top 3 representative; instructed 4 Right Start briefings, presented crit info to 165 Airmen--inspired future AF leaders

- Top III Leader; Chaired SNCO Induction cmte; led 10 sub-cmtes/280 guest/$4.5K budget--57 SNCOs inducted

- Active Wg "Top-3" mbr/bazaar liason; assisted 14 vendors/2K transaction/$40K--ensured Wg morale funds

- 31 FW Top 3 Essay Scholarship prgm director; led/organized qtrly contest--16 Amn awd'd $100 scholarships

- FW Top III Force; Annual Awds committee treasurer; $11K budget/3-Star venue--honored 57 prsnl/300 guests

- Worked 4 hrs in the food booth during Spouse's bazaar; raised $3,700 for Sq Top III org--enhanced unit morale

- Elect'd Top 3 Secretary; mng'd 320 SNCOs/annual awds/2 PME crs's/6 evts--garner'd $13K/enlisted advocate f/8K pers

- Vol'd 14 hrs to NASCAR fundraiser; provided security/transportation for public--helped raise $6K for Top III

- Volunteered at Top 3 food booth; raised $975 for scholarships--provided jr enlisted w/educational opportunity


- Club 5/6 mbr; led construction of recreation area at Camp Cunningham--boosted QoL of >10K deployed mbrs

- Member of Osan 5/6 Club; volunteered two hours towards food booth during '09 Osan Air Show--raised $1.4K

- Osan 5/6 Professional Development Committee mbr & food booth volunteer--$1378 raised for future projects

- Selfless; 5/6 Alliance Treasurer, worked local school book fair & raised funds for 2 Amn's alcohol-free events

- Actively involved w/sq 5/6 council; participated in monthly meetings/planning events--boosted esprit-de-corps

- Teamed w/ sq 5/6 org; flt POC for Sq's toy drive/collected 218 gifts--boosted morale of less fortunate kids

- Org'd 5/6 DSD panel; liais'd w/9 agencies/solicited 8 gst speakers/hosted lunch--postured 24 Amn f/future ldrship pos

- Involved! Nominated 5/6 Treasurer/Vol'd 6 hrs to Fall Fest '14; coord'd CDC/AYP booths--unified 6K patrons

- 5/6 President; donated $9K for 14 wg events/oversaw professional growth x130 jr enl--upfront ldr/1.5K NCOs

- Active Focus 5/6 mbr; led food pantry detail, manned Right Start booth...fed 200 families/recruited 4 new mbrs

- Excellent mentor/ldr; mbr of 435th Air Base Wing 5/6 club--oriented 50 pers at Base Intro/handed out flyers

- Ardent spt; vol 41 hours to sq 5/6 Club/Fisher House org--improved sq mbrs morale/eased recovery ctr budget

- Active 5/6 council mbr; plnd/led Adopt-a-Community pgm--collected $900 cookware/donated to local shelter

- Mbr of wg 5/6 club; registered 480 pers for Viking Challenge/sold merchandise--raised $30K for Fisher House

- Key 5/6 Club mbr; coord sq fund raiser...setup & cooked breakfast burritos--raised $400 for unit holiday party

First 4

- Participant in First Four meetings; arranged two squadron trips/events--bolstered QoL for deployed members

- Elected Rising 4 VP! Volunteered 73 hrs/org'd 5 events/raised $592--incr lcl community relations/morale f/357 mbrs

- Elected Sq Top IV President; est'd military writing class/Log Warrior awd--raised prof dvlpmnt/membership by 25%

- Elected Wg HAV Pres/Sq Rising 4 VP/booster club sec; contribut'd 106 hrs--rais'd $2.3K/boost'd esprit de corps f/8K

- Active participant w/KMC 1st Four; provided insight on Jr enlisted issues--raised quality of life for Airmen

- Base "First Four" representative; assisted w/block party planning--informed 150 sq mbrs of community events

- Active First Four Council mbr; organized two flt hail/farewell functions--boosted camaraderie/esprit de corps

- Led First Four burrito sale; 400 burritos delivered KMC wide--raised $500 towards Haiti earthquake relief

- Top IV President; coord'd 80 shifts/468 hrs for 2012 State Fair security detail--project'd $3.5K sq funds raised

- Directed traffic for 2010 ND State Fair; 5 MUNS Top IV earned $3K for sq events--enhanced esprit-de-corps

Dorm Council

- Aviano dorm council rep; advocated upgrades for 576 residents--secured Amn's voice/$11K for QoL additions

- 1/12 Dorm Council reps; actively engaged electrical/climate/internet pitfalls--improved QoL for 400 Airmen

- Volunteered for Airman Cookie Drive; 9,600+ cookies baked--boosted holiday morale for 718 dorm residents

- Elected Dorm Council President; liaised with wg ldrshp/org'd holiday party--championed Qol for 82 residents

- Augmented 1st Sgt/dorm insps; surveyed 6 rms/swept for contraband--upheld AF stds/ensured safe living conditions

- Provided leadership on dorm council; garnered dorm of the quarter Jan-Mar '09--earned $1k for improvements

- Assisted Amn Task Force w/ seven events; planned dorm council meetings--enhanced hlth & morale conditions

- Active member of dorm council; led clean-up for 4 EMS dorms--efforts raised $2K for future improvements

- Organized 2 dorm cleanups; 38 rooms cleaned & ready to be occupied--relieved stress for new inbound Amn

- Supt'd Sq Dorm BBQ/Outdoor Rec; dedicat'd 4 hrs f/setup--improved community Qol 300 medics/20 families

- Spearheaded picnic for AFELM dorm residents; 29 Amn enjoyed food/games--boosted morale/esprit de corps

Airman Advisory Council (AAC)

- Active Airmen! Sq AAAC rep; created 'Airmen for Hire' program--provided deployed families free gardening

- AAAC representative; briefed FTAC Amn on benefits/opportunities--energized QoL/bolstered Aviano capes

- Dedicated time for two 4th of July food booths; cooked/served for 31 MUNS/AAAC booths--raised $800 total

- Wing AAAC President; informed FW CC/CCC on Amn QoL/raised $3.6K for Amn Bash--lauded by FW/CC

- Community-minded individual; volunteered 18 hrs to 8 FW "A-cubed" program--epitomized wing-man concept

- Member of 8 FW 'A-cubed' program; vol'd 18 hrs towards safety of fellow amn--epitomized wing-man concept

- Peer leader; member of Aviano Airmen's Advisory Council--ensured Airmen's voice heard by FW leadership

- Critical tenant unit member of base Amn Advisory Council; kept host Wg leadership apprised of AMC focus

- Chaired Enlisted Heritage Initiative...20 mbrs/5 committees; led 8 USAFE wg POCs--coined by COMUSAFE

- Event coordinator on Amn Counsel; led collection effort for Wounded Warrior program--collected 250 items

- Pres of dplyd Amn's council; modified constitution/bi-laws & instituted peer recognition pgm--four recognized

Junior Enlisted Council

- Joined Junior Enlisted Council; gathered flt involvement--aided in recruitment of two new members to council

- AEW Amn Council Pres--led 10 mtgs; donated 50 hrs to Pat Tillman USO--garnered Volunteer Service Medal

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