2T Traffic Management

- Expedited perishable food msn; equipped Kwajalein Atoll w/250K lbs produce/$520K--provided lifeline f/3.5K prsnl

- Annual tour; oversaw transportation sustainment trng--processed 392 tons & 195 aircraft--rescued CJCS Pri 1 msn

- Revised rwy closure plans; drafted jt svc SOP/forged six new cargo routes--sustained 230 troops/$36M WRM eqpmt

- Reconciled $130K CBA billing; 12 on-time payments; beat HAF suspense by ten days--averted $3K in late payments
- Managed GSA City Pair program; audited 2K PCS/TDY itineraries to 42 locations--cut $9.1M from travel expenses
- Discovered errors w/ 37 Personally Procured Moves; initiated corrective action--prevented $2K in mbrs overpayment
- Identified 26 discrepancies on PCS/TDY orders; MPS corrected--eliminated miscounseling/excess cost to customers
- Counseled 1.9K mbrs on Personal Property PCS entitlements; processed 4K mvmt docs--enabled incident free moves
- Facilitated 60 Personal Property mass briefs/ 28 short-notice moves; arranged pick-up dates under 72 hrs--zero delays

- Monitored CTO for compliance; QC'd 4K itineraries; 100% use of GSA City-Pairs validated--slashed $5K in tvl cost

- Directed mvmt of 50 wpns/18 haz pcs worth $300K; processed to port w/o errors--met acft & prsnl safety std

- Processed $21K of AF assets via CMOS; handled 47 tons of Inbound/Outbound AF cargo--zero discrepancies

- Supervised receipt of 4.9K pieces of inbound cargo/97.5 tons; zero delays to ultimate cust--flawless execution
- Led Sq during 2013 Ground Safety Inspection...zero findings/observation..."Proactive mishap prevention prgm"
- Family care advocate; weekly personal contact with deployed personnel spouses--eased any separation stress
- Trusted leader called to test CMOS; identified functional issues with system--DOD fielded top-notch versions
- Asst'd w/trng crse update; integrated pugil sticks/combatives/M-16 live fire--saved $123K in trans cost annly

- Complet'd 80-hrs Hazardous Material Preparer crse; earn'd 2-yrs cert/scor'd 94% avg--fully qualified certifier!
- Instructed HAZMAT Certifiers course; trained 60 individuals--enabled 18WG increment monitor compliance
- Validated equipment listing; verified credentials/233 accts/466 individuals; decreased P&D's wait time 40%
- Investigated shipment rejects; collaborated w/18LRS customer support--correct'd <150 erroneous processes

- Completed 80 hours of Hazardous Materials Preparer Course--enabled 100% work center mission readiness

- Expedited mvmt for 248 MICAPs/125K lbs/3.2K cargo pieces--sustained wing flying ops w/ zero trans delays

NCOIC, Quality Control

- Managed largest QA element in USAFE, ensured effective carrier surveillance of over 12K personal property shipments

-- Saved 20,000 dollars in government owned container replacement costs

- Oversaw the flight that garnered Best Traffic Management Flight in USAFE 2009--excellent leadership!

- As Host Nation Customs Program Manager, issued over 5K customs forms, worth $25M to DOD military and civilian members

- Led flight to 100 percent compliance during 2007 United States Army in Europe Agricultural Recertification Inspection

- Earned "Excellent" rating on the 2008 HQ United States Army European Executive Agency customs technical inspection

- Directly responsible for the 435 Air Base Wing "Excellent" rating during the 2009 HQ USAFE Unit Compliance Inspection

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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