Unit Deployment Manager EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Manages 13 HAF deployment/tng pgms; vets pers ISO 21 billets/11 nations, coord/schedules tng, liaises w/ 7 COCOMs
- Oversees sq Individual Medical Readiness pgm/365 mbrs; tracks profiles, verifies/schedules 25 reqmts IAW HAF stds
- Directs sq Defense Readiness Rpting Sys; authors monthly rpt for CC/relays 24/7 msn capes/manning to DoD ldrship
- Supervises sq Government Travel Card pgm; performs qtly audits on 475 accounts for CC/monitors $2.4M HAF funds


- Lead processor f/LP NORI 18-3 ex; prepped 220 prsnl/5 UTCs/50 STONS cargo--efforts garnered NCO of the 1Q18

- Postured 4 POTUS spt msns; coordinated tng/medical rqmts f/8 prsnl--spt'd AF 1 mx/fundamental f/AMC Top-V msn

- Owned 11 MICT communicators/187 inspection items; ID'd/42 errors/dev'd action plan--boosted compliance to 98%

- Secured $103K deployment gear; outfitted 120 pers w/theater reqmts--spt'd 13 AORs/sustained AF readiness posture

- Tracked 19 billets; scheduled 1.8K mobility crses/coor'd w/21 external orgs/verified 1.4K tng reqmts--365 mbrs ready

- Authored 36 sq readiness rpts/monthly reqmt; prepped JCS msn capes rpt/exposed unit shortfalls--incr'd manning 15%

- Managed sq IMR reqmts/365 pers; oversaw profiles/vaccines/DHAs/appts--90% ready/lauded by cmdr/2nd best in Wg

- UDM for most diverse/deployed OSS in AF; prepared 352 mbrs/7 flts/35 AFSCs--vital to 4.5K O/CONUS flt hr prog

- Oversaw sqdn DRRS/ART prgm; managed/tracked 320 personnel/37 UTCs--unit poised for msn spt w/zero set-backs

- Mngd IMR; rev'd 350 pers dplymnt req's/Org'd 150 vols for Op Home Coming/EOM Rotator--fluid transition for 450

- Oversaw DRRS/ART/AF-IT reports; 2K Amn/241 eqpmt/272 UTCs tracked--99% error free rate/MXG Mobility rdy

- Deployed 6 flts, procured 250+ equip items, deliv'd 300+ meals for Op Scorpions Den--passing grade for TMO/Supply

Unit Deployment Manager/Logistics Planner

- Procured more than 400 equipment items and specialty items for the Scorpion Nest beddown

-- ensured members were equipped for training and performing critical missions

- Served as the wing UDM, organized pre-inspections, produced excellent rating and SNCO of Log Plans recognition

- Procured more 200 equipment items in support of the ORI retake that produced a satisfactory grade

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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