Veterans Support EPR Bullets

- Led 3 drives/raised $450 f/vets w/PTSD & vol'd 8 hrs w/homeless; guaranteed crit care/treatment--aided 500+in-need

- Dedicated 8 hrs to Mission "Just Us"; provided transp--escorted 11 wounded soldiers to morale concert event

- Drove Assisted Living initiative; partnered w/5 vols/amassed 30 hrs--amped morale of 60 veterans/elderly community

- Horses for Heroes POC; solicited 24 vols/cleaned 12 stables--enhanced program for veterans/first responders

- Pat Tillman ctr vol; devoted 52 hrs manning booth/cleaning facility--awd'd Mil Outstanding Vol Service Medal

- Devoted 10 hrs; ITCP/SARC vol; clean'd facilities for wounded warriors/set-up pamplet table--spt'd 6K prsnl

- Coordinated 2-day Korean War POW/MIA vigil; 14-mbr team honored 8K vets--"Aviano's Finest" recognition

- Rendered military honors for eight veterans; professionalism ensured flawless service--nation's heroes honored

- POC f/Veteran's Day Memorial prj; dir'd 12 pers/laid 603 wreaths at gravesites--revered fallen heroes/garnered 2 LOAs

- AUAB wounded warrior 5K run participant/inter flight sport event leader-- promoted/enhanced esprit de corps

- Community partner! led 12 vols/10 hrs/collected 756 lbs of food/packed 2K boxes--supported 2K lcl veterans

- Assisted AF Enlisted Village; performed 10 hrs landscaping labor--boosted QoL for 150 AF retirees/widows

- Volunteered for USO Independence Day event; attended by 210 soldiers--improved wounded warriors morale

- Mbr of South Sound 1st Service Platoon; built 3 veteran homes--eliminated housing insecurity/homelessness

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