Event Security EPR Bullets

- Volunteered 12 hours; provided security detail for local Rockfest--maintained safe climate for 7K in attendance

- Worked 11 hrs on two wg town patrols; enforced 51 FW/CC policy--ensured troop safety and orderly conduct

- Bestowed 5 hrs to base Sesame Street Show; assisted with crowd control--children safe to enjoy presentation

- Vol'd 16 hrs at Devils Den; performed 100% id checks--raised $10K sq morale funds/$1K f/ Firefighters Association

- Devoted off duty time for Gaming Rendezvous; dedicated 24 hrs/sec 200 prsnl--safeguarded $14.2K in merchandise

- Led 4 prsnl tm f/courtesy patrol; devoted 4 hrs enforcing liberty stds--prevented violations/safeguarded US mil image

- Wild about Wheels car show volunteer; donated 12 hours as night security detail--secured $3M vehicles/parts

- Vol'd 8 hrs to Friendship Festival; provided event area security--spt'd 105K visitors/enhanced US/lcl community ties

- Provided security for American Music Festival; 10 hrs/crowd of 30K--raised $2.1K for 633 LRS booster club

- Wellspring Fundraiser traffic guide vol; spt'd 447 runners w/course--event raised $30K for family health svcs

- Wellspring Stampede volunteer; directed runners through route--promoted youth & family prgms/$35K raised

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