Disabled Veterans EPR Bullets

- Volunteered w/Operation Just Us; escorted wounded troops to local establishments--enhanced soldiers' morale

- Transported "Wounded Warriors" to Iditarod start; briefed 18 DV's on event; galvanized xx/military relations

- Organized Wounded Warrior day trip; provided 15 warriors transportation--spt'd msn "Serving our Wounded"

- Organized/escorted 24 wounded soldiers to Tops-in-Blue event; three bus trips--afforded uplifting morale opp

- Volunteered 20 hrs at Balad field hosp; spurred removal of injured service mbrs--35 mbrs received acute care

- Logged 12 shuttle drives/escorted 25 wounded warriors; guests enjoyed morale events--spt'd "Mission Just Us"

- Invested 18 hrs for Mission Just US; provided rides to KMCC/Commissary--raised morale of wounded heroes

- Devoted 16 hours at USO Wounded Warrior center; directed set up and food prep--raised morale 100 patients

- Escorted two wounded service members as part of local prgm "Operation Just Us"--elevated soldiers morale

- Vol'd 4 hrs for Project Rudolf; assembled & distributed gift bags--lifted holiday spirits of 6.1K deploying prsnl

- Caring for service mbrs; volunteered 3 hrs to wounded warriors mission 'Just Us' prgm--spt lauded by patients

- Assisted with food prep for svc mbrs at USO Wounded Warrior center--enhanced livelihood of 50+ personnel

- Compassionate; provided transportation to BX for LRMC wounded soldier program--improved mbrs morale

- Organized five vol; devoted 51 hrs ISO Wounded Warriors pgm--inventoried/packaged svc mbrs belongings

- Organized 10 vols; wrote letters/sent care pkgs to 20 dplyd mil pers--bolstered morale with a "taste of home"

- Vol'd eight hours at VA Gulf Coast Health Care System--enabled 15 patients to establish permanent residency

- Donated to Disabled American Veterans; $2k raised/donated--contributions helped struggling veterans due to COVID

- Dedicated 2 hrs to Horses for Heroes; cleaned eight stables--enhanced QoL for disabled veterans and families

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