Weather EPR Bullets

- Briefed 8 Op Noble Eagle msns; mitigated 4 A/R turb threats--bolstered inauguration security & US/China relations
- Drafted 19 Coronet msns; synced w/ACC, 72 acft moved/3K+ lbs of fuel transferred--sustained CCDR's cmbt power
- Crafted 5 A/R fcsts for JIATF-S msn; max'd loiter/115K lbs fuel offloaded--fostered seizure of 20 tons of contraband
- Deployed to alt wx station; protected 6 msns w/limited comms--assured no-fail msn of 618 AOC /zero sorties canceled
- Provided 2 START msns' wx spt; pinpointed msn-limiting hazards/alerted C2 planners--int'l nuclear standards upheld
- Crafted urgent AE wx package; mitigated msn/coord'd divert locations w/acft CC--8 patients received life-saving care

- Comp'd 6 week wx course; mastered tropical forecast/analysis skills--enhanced Sq msn with science based expertise
- Nailed CA severe wind event; installation leaders equip'd with 8 hr notice--ID'd ops windows/2.2K psnl safeguarded
- Managed 85 surface analyses; coordinated North America wx hazards--integrated severe wx spt across 3 OWS AORs
- Trn'd 1 CGO/3 Amn analysts; oversaw 60 daily USNORTHCOM wx products--increased position manning by 133%
- Achieved Shift Supervisor qualification; led 3 mbr team/drove wx spt at 23 military sites--$65B DoD assets protected
- Aided 24/7 AFSPC msn wx spt; 33% surge/critical ops time-frame met--10 next-gen satellites successfully launched

- Led short notice T-VSAT new satellite migration; flawlessly executed--ops uninterrupted & saved AFW $25K
- Developed vital GBS test & resource plan; PACAF/USAFE ops testing now 50% complete--right on schedule!
- Directed install of GCH server; provided SIPRNet broadcast capability--vastly improved warfighter support!
- Managed ancillary training for 98 person directorate; scheduled/conducted classes--ensured 100% compliance
- Coordinated move/installation of office equipment into new bldg; smooth transition--LCM function unimpeded
- Designed theater datasets for GBS; datasets now AFWA managed--reduced redundancy & workload by 100%

- Led UCI preparation; superbly guided 3 team's efforts; key to AFWA "excellent" rating--coined by AFWA/CC
- Transformational leader; reconfigured Flt area in 2 days--max'd ops production & "Wow'd" STRATCOM/CC
- Mastered space wx msn in record time; NCOIC & worked shift w/ 95% EFR--protected $30B on-orbit assets
- Oversaw AFN fcst production; recorded 550 shows worldwide--AFRTS #1 rated prgm reaching 10M viewers
- Developed new Flt procedures; concise...eliminated confusion--vital products transmitted faster/fewer errors
- Orchestrated short-notice retirement ceremony in just 2 wks; outstanding result--honored officer's 23 yr career

- Generated 35 no-notice wx updates; rapid response used to deploy ISR aircraft--key info for OEF close air spt
- Analyzed 2K satellite images/model data; improved product accuracy 11%--enhanced IC ISR collection effort
- Produced 226 volcanic ash advisory bulletins; maintained 99% error-free rate--TACC informed of ash clouds
- Led METSAT training duties; instructed 90 vigorous tasks--3 members fully qualified/alleviated 20% manning

- Verified 85 wx alerts w/ 92% error free rate; relayed key wx intel to msn planners--safeguarded $17B coalition assets

- Pinpointed wx hazards for 10-nation exercise; mitigated effect on ops--enabled effective trng of 4.5k personnel

- Briefed seasonal wx scenarios to 50 pilots; upped awareness of potential flt hazards--key to zero wx incidents
- Supported Army pre-deployment exercise; crafted 151 wx briefs--18 aircrews ready for combat/Medevac ops
- Fused wx intel into joint op; warned pilots 96 hrs out of msn limiting conditions--route adjusted/msn successful

- Oversaw 4-hr wx fsct window; supported Mosul's largest coalition air strike FY16--destroyed VBIED factory
- Predicted Iraq wnd event; allotted 24-hr notice/3 min timing error--7 strikes to ISIL units/3 vehicles destroyed
- ID'd Kuwait strong wnd occurrence; afforded msn planners 3-hr notice--alleviated risk of $834M joint assets
- Disseminated 33 WWAs; increased QPM 8% above squadron average--supported 50 high profile ISIL strikes
- Accomplished 12 hrs of SWA wx trng; bolstered fcsting knowledge--achieved 87% TAFVER/improved x9%

- Certified to run counter at Hunter AAF, provided pertinent weather data for the personal on base

- Stressed rare snow event; CC refocused limited resources for sustained afld ops--21 acft launched/recovered

- Briefed MEDEVAC crew; pilot prep'd w/optimal rte--critical patient saved w/ higher-level care in "golden hr"

- Coord'd wx support; seven sorties flown across three continents--two acft/10k lbs of cargo/44 pax redeployed

- Pinpointed severe wx event; five acft/70 SF Amn repositioned--enabled CFACC vision of nonstop alert status

Aligned Tactical Meteorological Observing System w/satellites; enabled mission rdy deployable station--guaranteed troop movement covering 1/5 of the World.

Orchestrated maintenance f/4 pc's deployed to Anaconda ex; troubleshot/fixed crippling mi-fi connection glitches--7 WS 100% on target

Installed essential VOSIP phones for section OICs; enabled DoD secure voice ntwk capes ensured rapid weather intel to warfighter

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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