Whole Airman Concept EPR Bullets

- Exhibited remarkable military bearing/ldrshp; demonstrated sense of service--instilled purpose & responsibility in peers

- Pursued professional development; mastered Transformational Leadership crse--refined mgmt/critical thinking skills

- Exemplified wingman concept; volunteered at "Rock the Block"--transported > 300 cases of water to base hospital

- Completed Amn Professional Development crse; utilized skills to fill NCOIC shortfall--prep'd for supervisory duties

- Works three jobs and goes to school full-time; made Dean's list with 3.5GPA--monumental dedication/work ethic!

- Public svc advocate; vol'd 104 hrs to eight base & private organizations--awarded "President's Volunteer Svc medal"

- Served as interim squadron 1st Sgt for 150 members; counseled 4 amn/resolved 3 prnl actions--100% of issues fixed

- Mentored SrA on PME; restored Amn's reenlistment eligibility--unit's msn-essential personnel retention ensured

- AF Assistance Fund unit rep...gained support from over 100 personnel...wg raised $100K/$30K above goal

- Embodied AF tradition; participated in ALS retreat ceremony--demonstrated professionalism/esprit de corps

- Assessed section's MBTI types; id'd/utilized office strengths, promoted teamwork--catapulted section capes

- Seeks out growth/improvement; qualified 45 mbrs on Self Aid Buddy Care program--boosted unit readiness by 34%

- Continuous prof'l development; attended Tng mngr crs w/97% final exam--integrated knowledge tng curriculum

- Focus 5/6 mbr; briefed critical base support agencies/local info to 30+ Amn...reinforced AF wingman concept

- Proactive mindset; overhauled Sponsorship Program; smoothed transition for >10 newly arrived Airmen

- Enlisted Council Member! Represents SOLRS to allow enlisted voice heard to be heard throughout the wing!

- Weekend volunteer; expertly repaired/weight & balanced aileron--ensured acft met scheduled deployment time

- Selfless Airman; volunteered 40 hrs toward undermanned HAWC/testing 95 individuals--upheld FA integrity

- Emceed for flt award ceremony; displayed exemplary professionalism--honored seven NCO's accomplishments

- Kept Amn informed on cross-training/retraining/reenlistment options & limits--committed to thriving team

- Aggressively completed 6-hrs study tips seminar/communication skills courses--enhanced personal readiness

- Exemplified wingman concept; volunteered as designated driver--guaranteed safe transportation for 10 Amn

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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