College Level Examination Program (CLEP) EPR Bullets

- Clepped and passed Psychology class; received final 4 credits--awarded CCAF degree for Aerospace Technologies

- Aced 2 CLEP tests; earned 6 credit hrs--saved AF $1.5K in TA; CCAF degree in Aviation Ops 95% complete!

- Aced English CLEP exam; earned 6 credit hrs toward acft mx technology CCAF degree--three classes remain

- Actively pursing degree in Info Sys Management; earned 3 credit hrs by CLEP--12 credits remaining for CCAF

- Career focused; CLEP'd 5 classes/earned 15 credits for Associates degree--accrued 43 of 64 credits for CCAF

- Career oriented; pursued CCAF degree through CLEP examination--awarded 9 credits/one class short of goal

- CLEP tested American History and Literature; earned 6 college credits towards CCAF AAS in Public Affairs

- CLEP'd Principles of Management; passed test--obtained 63/89 credits towards CCAF Allied Health Sciences

- Completed 3 crs'/CLEP'd Math & English; gain'd 15 credits w/AMU--9 crs shy of BA degree in Intern'l Studies

- Completed College Level Exam Program test; earn'd three credits towards CCAF in Logistics--six classes shy

- Completed two CLEP tests; earned six credit hrs Health & Language Arts--CCAF degree in Trans Mgt on track

- Continued self improvement; completed sociology CLEP; earned three credits for Acft Mx Technology degree

- Determined scholar; completed 2 CLEP exams despite high-ops tempo; CCAF degree 88% complete/3.5 GPA

- Education driven NCO; aced CCAF/completed 2 CLEP exams f/final 6 credit hrs--earned Practical Nursing Degree 19

- Finished seven univ classes/two CLEPs--an astounding 30 credit hrs; 15 hrs short of CCAF in Logistics Mgmt

- Hot pursuit of CCAF only six credit hrs from completion--passed Principles of Mgmt CLEP--holds a 4.0 GPA

- Passed Principles of Management CLEP; amassed 3 credit hrs toward CCAF--set example for wingmen

- Passed two College Level Examination Program tests--increased personal knowledge--saved AF over $2,100

- Prepared/passed two CLEP exams--accumulated six credit hrs towards CCAF Aerospace Technology Degree

- Prioritized CCAF degree; passed three CLEPs/12 credit hrs toward AAS Personnel Recovery--90% complete

- Saved USAF/AETC over $2K by preparing for and passing two College Level Examination Program tests

- Self improver; CLEP'd college course--earned 3 semester hours in humanities towards CCAF...Promote now!

- Worked 6 on/1 off 12-hr shifts--completed Math/Science/History CLEPs during high ops tempo deployment

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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