K9 Military Working Dog (MWD) Handler EPR Bullets

See also: U.S. Army Military Working Dog (MWD) Evaluations

See also: U.S. Navy Military Working Dog Evals

- Aided 7 BW/OSI w/ Op Cheech/Chong; 50 urinalysis/three dorm searches--deterred contraband from entering DAFB
- Ambassador in Blue! Led 24 on/off base MWD demos; schools/FTAC/JROTC etc--800+ taught in K-9 ethics
- AT/MWD SME; selected to augment AFGSC/IG f/ CUI 2 BW; selected inspections #1 augmenter/coined by IG
- Attended five day Jt MWD FTX w/Ft Lewis infantry; honed K-9 trainer skills--strengthened interservice ties
- Attended rigorous 21 day Jt Force MWD tng w/USMC; sharpened K-9 team skills--enhanced msn effectiveness
- Awarded Top Detector Dog Team in MWD School--set the standard for DOD K-9 handlers--promote now!
- Briefed Assistant Secretary of Legislative Affairs on MWD msn; provided insight on K-9 ops--promote now!
- Certified as Patrol Ldr 21 days ahead of schedule; scored 100%--simultaneously completed K-9 CDCs w/86%
- Chosen as lead EDD tm to attend 5 day jt MWD FTX w/Ft. Lewis; trained on K-9 tactics--deployment ready!
- Completed 100+ hrs jt tng; 30 int l service CCs briefed on AOR MWD Pgm--educated ldrs on K-9 utilization
- Completed DODs MWD Handlers course; awarded "Top Dog" awd--first amongst 15 AF/Army K-9 handlers
- Completed Iraq pre-deployment training at Brave Defender; received "Top Dog" honors--set bar for K-9 peers!
- Conducted 100 hrs jt tng; 30 int l service CCs briefed on AOR MWD pgm--educated ldrs on K-9 utilization
- Conducted 100 hrs jt tng; 30 int l service CCs briefed on AOR MWD pgm--K-9 utilization/flexibility attained
- Conducted 11 MWD demos; briefed 400 prsnl from local schools/ROTC on K-9 programs--bolstered relations
- Conducted 12 K-9 sweeps in support of Task Force Iron; vital to mission success; awarded ARCOM--promote
- Conducted 125 combat msns; 14K miles patrolled--secured Camp Bucca's Main and alternate Supply Routes
- Conducted 17 compound searches at Cp Bucca; ID'd 96 weapons/digging tools--prevented harm to security tms
- Conducted 64 explosive/narcotic detection tng scenarios; enhanced K-9 capabilities--ready for OEF/OIF msns
- Coord'd inter-service K-9 tng; conducted 40+ hrs of tng for five MWD tms--enhanced K9 combat capabilities
- Delivered EDD support f/ eight Secret Service msns; oversaw IED sweeps f/ POTUS/SECDEF/SECAF--incident free
- Deployed to Camp Cropper in spt of OIF; provided EDD K-9 support--secured 4.8K US prsnl/2.5K detainees
- Deployed to Kirkuk AB, Iraq; provided MWD EDD spt for 11K+ US/CF prsnl--$40B in PL assets protected
- Directed 10+ MWD explosive sweeps; secured area for NAOC/DV's--protected vital $223M/C4 resources/dignitaries
- Executed EDD for Army's only combat tracking K-9 tm; 50+ routes cleared--ensured safe passage for K-9 tms
- Governed accountability of narcotics & explosives; $500K of proficiency training aids secured--zero inventory losses
- Guided JBLM K-9 transformation; 30+ MWD tms prep'd for combined tng/deployment--leading JB initiatives
- Led three EDD teams on 300+ K9 sweeps during 08 MAFB Air Expo--377K prsnl enjoyed incident free event
- Oversaw K-9 training program; eight tms validated & certified/6K hr effort--key to 1K RAMs/$15B in assets secured
- Provided MWD spt for Senator Obama visit to Oregon; conducted six K-9 sweeps--ensured incident free visit
- Re-organized K-9 Logdet eqpmt pallet; inventoried/accounted for 1K items of K9 deployment eqpmt--OIF rdy
- Representative for 3rd ID in laying foundation of $8M kennel facility; #1 QoL for all Iraq deployed K-9 teams
- Safely provided EDD detection as the Army's only cmbt tracking K-9 team; 50+ patrols--$1M+ resources safe
- Selflessly volunteered for 7 on/off base MWD demos--300 ROTC/civilian/MAFB prsnl briefed on K-9 ethics
- Stellar NCO! Selected from 24 K-9 teams for DOS msn--ensured airtight security for SOS Condoleezza Rice
- Supervised 12 explosive detection sweeps for 13 DV/VIPs--ensured an explosive free environment each time
- Tracked all SAV team MWD write-ups until closed out; zero during UCI--"Excellent" unit UCI rating; promote

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