Airman's Attic EPR Bullets

- Airman's Attic unit rep; vol'd 4 hrs/coord'd w/5 mbr tm/unboxed 100 clothing crates--championed QoL f/3K enl prsnl

- Ambassador in blue; donated clothing to Airman's Attic--provided apparel to families in need/improved QoL

- Contributed 4 hrs to Airman's attic; organized/sorted all donations--committed to improving welfare/AF family

- Devoted 6 hrs to Aviano's Airman's Attic; sorted/arranged donated items--enhanced QoL for military families

- Goodwill ambassador; donated $900 worth of clothing/electronics to Charleston Airmen's Attic--improved QoL

- Involved; spt'd Amn's Attic re-org x6 hrs, staffed Sq 4th of July booth x4 hrs--strengthened QoL for 3.4K Amn

- Led 5 Amn in relocating Airmen's Attic to new bldg; 20K+ lbs of eqpmt over 5 days--saved AF 40 man hours

- Mng'd 12 hr Airman's Attic overhaul; led five mbr facility clean tm/sorted 180 lbs donations--RAFB resources ready

- Organized Airman's Attic overhaul; led six mbr tm/8 hrs clean-up--streamlined process for 2.7K mbrs/families

- Positive roll model active in local community; Airman's attic volunteer and Cub Scouts pack 911 den leader

- Selflessly volunteered 8 hrs to Airman's Attic; sorted/arranged donated items--enhanced QoL for mil families

- Set up three sq Airman's Attic events; 16 mbrs volunteered...sorted donations--helped 50 Amn/family members

- Spt'd Amn's Attic; dedicated 5 hrs to clean/organize facility--provided vital resources for needy Amn/families

- Vol'd 2 hrs at Airman's Attic; sorted/organized/stocked 300 lbs of donations--assisted KMC families/churches

- Volunteer; Airmen Attic/unloaded truck/Fall Bazaar/sanitation relief--supplied 1K lbs of goods/raised $463K

- Volunteered 2 hrs at Amn's Attic; organized/stocked 200 lbs of donations--helped 10 local community families

- Volunteered 4 hrs at Airman's Attic; sorted/organized/stocked 300 lbs of donations--helped 10 KMC families

- Volunteered 4 hrs at Amn's Attic; organized clothing/supplies--> 100 viable uniforms assured for enlisted force

- Volunteered 80 hrs at Airman's Attic; sorted/cataloged/donations--ensured items available for airman in need

- Volunteered at Amn's Attic; spent 2 hrs loading/sorting donated goods--30 Amn/family mbrs positively affected

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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