Billeting EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Maintains subject knowledge/performance level in mortuary, food, lodging and fitness during garrison & deployment
- Accomplishes home station and ancillary training requirements to remain current & available for contingency tasking
- 315 AW F2F assessment monitor; supports critical Wing programs, ensures accurate testing for 250+ UTA members


- Aided in lodging warehouse revamp; organized/DRMO'd >4K items--established accountability of $25K inventory

- Aided lodging refurb project; led 2/discarded/replaced 600lbs furnishings--enhanced resident QoL/coined by ELRS/CC

- Appointed 315 FSS UDM; oversaw 50+ virtual deployment folders--ensuring unit-wide deployment readiness cap

- Assisted w/AF postal distribution; processed, sorted & dispatched 1.5K lbs of mail--ensured delivery to 9 AJAB units

- Assisted w/EFS beddown; billeted 753 prsnl/primed f/14 F-16s--enabled rapid combat threat & exploited 1.7K targets

- Conducted QAE/FP role; escorted 3 OCN's/devoted 600 hrs--secured base prsnl/zero security incidents/spt'd $2M kt

- Delegated 315 FSS Safety Rep; utilized risk management principles prior to 315 AW Wingman Day--zero mishaps

- Drove civ ctr; forecasted, planned, mng'd, and executed $511K assigned ctr workforce--balanced 100% of accounts

- Executed DRMO; conducted disassembly/disposal EFSS equip--facilitated removal 8K lbs/400 sqft returned to WRM

- Facilitated hotel ctr spt; coordinated/reassured stable POC f/35 local hotels--enhanced military/community relations

- Handled dual phones/conference room reservation books and programs--supported 30K+ customer svc base

- Implemented COVID-19 mitigation; improvised multiple protocols/guidlines boost'd safety--safeguard amn readiness

- Lodging op mbr; lodged 1.5K warfighters/219K bednights--preserved $28M assets/supt'd 2.4K sorties/awd'd Oct ToM

- Lodging SME; briefed 200+ MSG Ldrs/mbrs on new Amn double occupancy prgm--spt'd CC s cost save initiative

- MANG lodging program; mng'd/budgets $32k for 300 rooms a month for Airmen--Airmen have safe/clean lodging

- Mng'd lodging prgm; oversaw 1700 commuters mo--provided Airmen safe/clean lodging/lauded by CC f/prgm stds

- Organizational master!; Mng'd billeting for 27 personnel/75K guests/186 rooms--maintained a 95% satisfaction rating

- Oversaw $8.2M lodging operation w/ 172 bed spaces, five separate facilities; produced $2.1M annual revenue

- Partnered w/ODR; mng'd 24-hr FAMCAMP call svc f/19 sites--generat'd $52K in rev/2.9K AD/Retiree campers aid'd

- Patrolled 272 lodging facilities; conducted 124 checks/rectified 45 issues--assured safety/sanitation/security f/residents

- Provided msn spt HHS/DARB relationship, readied 184 rooms for COVID response--2 mnth & $454k earn'd income

- Quarterback'd $673k renovation project; link'd w/6 orgs/arrang'd re-open w/ Wing--accountability saved USAF $20k

- Rectified ALRS sys deficiencies; ID'd/fixed errors w/Amn time--coined "Outstanding Performer" by 315 AW/CCC

- Superbly executed APOE/ROM mission support; f/6 APOE rotations w/540 PAX--enhanced dplmnt & msn readiness

- Supported front desk ops f/busiest tanker Wg; handled 6.9K reservations/4 bldgs/92 rms--generated $1.2M in revenue

- Supported warehouse cleanup project; accounted f/$87K inventory/discarded 3K lbs debris--expanded storage cap 60%

- Unparleled prtrship w/gov't agncies (DHHS, DOJ); 503 COVID-19 cruise passngers--zero issues return to normal ops

- Vol'd 9 hours at Slam Attic; led/operated front desk ops & organized facility stock items--spt'd 9K AUAB prsnl

- Working on procurement of MAFB dorm for MANG lodging; will house 104 Amn--projected cost saving $20K

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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