Ceremonies and Parades EPR Bullets

Memorial, POW/MIA, 9/11, Veterans Day

- Served as emcee f/9/11 Memorial Ceremony; fostered US/HN relations f/300 attendees--honored 2K+ fallen victims

- Vol'd for 51 FW POW/MIA ceremony; escort'd flag during 5K/24-hr vigil--honored fallen & missing comrades

- Formed up in service dress as flt member of 9/11 base flag detail; paid respect to flag/fallen comrades in arms

- Orchestrated 9/11 Remembrance Day; coor'd event/QA'd script/trained key prsnl--honored fallen heroes/responders

- Hand-picked escort for POW/MIA remembrance ceremony; 100 attendees--role exemplified military tradition

- POC f/Veteran's Day Memorial prj; dir'd 12 pers/laid 603 wreaths at gravesites--revered fallen heroes/garnered 2 LOAs

Promotion Ceremony

- Led CMS's promo ceremony; synced 5 wg agencies in supt of event--rallied 400 attendees/CC's largest turnout to-date

- Led 86 AW promotion ceremony; coord'd venue/emcees/set-up--61 promotees for 21 sqs/6 grps...400 attended

- Organized 86 AW promotion ceremony set up/tear down; 61 promotees from 4 grps/21 sq's--400 in attendance

- Headed first ever dual AW promotion ceremony; soiree enjoyed by 700+ Amn--set standard for future events

- Vol'd for 86 AW promotion ceremony set-up; ensured wg ldrship seating protocol--62 Amn & NCOs promoted

- Orchestrated sq monthly promotion ceremony set-up; ensured successful event for three promotees/family mbrs

- Amn leader! Vol'd to proffer at wing promo ceremony...aided in recognizing 9 promotees--upheld AF tradition

- Tackled Wg promotion ceremony; directed 4 mbr decoration detail/staged event--20 SMSgts recognized/150 attendees

- Chosen to deliver Airmen's creed at Wg promotion ceremony; "coined" by 1st Sgt for outstanding performance

- Emcee'd 618 AOC promotion ceremony; led presentation f/3 NCOs--honored military heritage/member achievements

- Involved; coord refreshments/proffered sq promotion ceremony--efforts key to professional/dignified event

- Assisted SFM w/ 2020 Chiefs and Sergeants Major Joint Induction ceremony--processed 60 credit cards/$2,100 sales

- Proffered 721 APS promotion/recognition ceremony; delivered six awds/decoration--promoted esprit de corp

- Proffered Sq CoC/2 promo ceremonies; revered 9 promotees/fostered esprit de corps...exuded prof excellence

- Pioneered sq promotion ceremony continuity; developed script/program structure--WG/CC instruction satisfied

Change of Command

- Team oriented; helped set-up & tear down stage at unit change of command ceremony--lauded by 51 LRS/CC

- Participated in 86 AW CoC ceremony; joined 160-Amn formation--embodied mil bearing/profession of arms

- Grp/sq CoC POC; organized 90 formation mbrs & 12 escorts/ushers/guidon bearers during grp/sq ceremonies

- Bearer of military tradition; 509 MXS/MOS/MUNS change of command set-up member--honored newest CC's

- Represented Group during Wing change of command; 1 of only 2 escorts selected out of 316 enlisted personnel

- Oversaw 16 CoCs ceremonies w/12 support flts; coord f/ 800 spectators--dignified CCs and units w/militaristic honor

- Collaborated w/8 mbr protocol team; energetically assisted w/EUCOM CoC-- contributed to unparalleled team success

- Co-led gp CoC cmte; coord'd w/DFAC procured supplies/$200 refreshments--event lauded by Wg/CC & new Gp/CC

- 1st choice for MXG POC for FW CoC; coord/directed set-up/parking plan/reception--event lauded by 3AF CC

- Chaired 379 EMXS CoC; coord facility prep/PA script/vols, 16 DVs/274 guests--lauded by 379 EMXG/CC

- Enabled FW/CC CoC; led static tow tm/sq formation mbr--demonstrated 31 FW pride, lauded by USAFE/CC

- Fortified Wg/3 Sq CoC events; staged 4 display acft/prep'd hanger--fostered successful traditional ceremonies

- Handpicked for AMXS/MXS/MOS CoC; set-up/formation mbr--flawless event w/ 500+ in attendance/7 DVs

- Selected for ITAF CoC Ceremony; honored out-going/incoming Host Base CC--cemented US/Italian freindship

- Selected for Wg CoC formation/acted as concierge; greeted 250 Amn/guests...exemplified AF heritage/values

- Supported a/c setup for 31AMXS/MXS dual Change of Command--stellar ceremony/fostered esprit de corps

- Participated in 31 FW CoC '13; stood in formation/boosted esprit-de-corps--400+ guest/lauded by 31FW/CC

- Prepared a/c for 31 OG Change of Command Ceremony; lauded by wing leadership--fostered esprit de corps

- Spearheaded 721 AMOG CoC; led 76 participants; coord'd DV trans/food--received LoA from AMOG/CC


- Enthusiastic volunteer; participated in sq retreat ceremony--honored our fallen comrades/paid respect to flag

- Flawlessly represented 91 ARS; guidon bearer during 6 AMW's Wg Retreat Ceremony--perfect performance

- Cmd'd 4.2K Amn during 6 retreat ceremonies; perf'd flawless military traditions--awed 10K families/attendees

- Dedicated NCO; represented ELRS SQ in retreat ceremonies embodied AF heritage--bolstered esprit de corps

- Led three flt mbrs in retreat flag detail; executed movements with precision--upheld AF heritage and traditions

- Participant for wing retreat ceremony; event attended by 100+--helped preserve/uphold time honored tradition

Retirement Ceremony

- Proffered MSG CEM's retirement ceremony; carried out military tradition/honored 29 years of faithful service

- Escorted family for retirement ceremony; honors conveyed to departing service member--upheld AF tradition

- Folded/delivered flag at SNCO retirement ceremony; precisely executed--commemorated member's service

- Utilized Honor Guard training; instructed four amn on a flag folding ceremony--bolstered retirement ceremony

- Supported retirement ceremony; prepped event/performed proffer duties...honored 27+ yrs of military service

- Usher/escort of family members during SNCO retirement ceremony--enhanced honor of AF customs/courtesies

- POC for CMSgt retirement; led 3 prsnl/created ceremony layout/coord'd 12 DVs--honor'd 30 yrs of svc/lauded by retiree

- Bolstered retirement ceremony; quickly organized/executed logistics plan--honored 23 yrs of military service

- Consummate professional--proffered retirement ceremony; sq retreat ceremony flight mbr--honored AF customs

- Assisted retirement committee; honor guard mbr/set-up photographer--honored Flt/CC's distinguished career

- Actively orchestrated J3-NOD CC Ret. Ceremony; arranged event for 30 guests--praised as protocol ace!

- Vol'd 8 hrs Nellis Retirement Appreciation Event; led 10 Amn tm/set up 367 tables/chairs--supported 1K vets

- Emcee'd Sq retirement ceremony; led presentation f/ SNCO--honored 20 yrs svc/successful event f/52 fam/attendees

- Organized retirement ceremony; led team of 5 Airmen set up 3 tents/10 tables/50 chairs--ensured event success

- Supervised 8 Amn during coord of retirement ceremony; ensured flawless performance-honored retiree's svc

- Team lead f/ 4-Star & CMD Sr Enl Ldr retirements; execut'd 5 events w/10 orgs f/ 1.5K guests--honor'd 70 yrs of svc

- Leader; co-chaired 31 MXG Chief's retirement ceremony/dinner--showcased 30 yr career--memorable event

- Master of Ceremony for SNCO retirement; authored script/set-up event--recognized 22 yrs of honorable svc

- Narrated officer retirement ceremony; imparted honor/dignity on 31 yr career--superior send-off for an AF ldr

- POC for retirement ceremony of unit SMSgt/1st Sgt; deftly handled all details--honored SNCO's 22 yrs of svc

- Point-man for high-vis events; narrated CMSgt retirement/NCO Charge at wg event--embodied prof AF image

- Dir'd two retirements; coord'd logistics w/5 agencies--showcased world-class events f/100 prsnl/celebrated 45 yrs svc

- Aided fini flt; showcased multi-agency coord of time-honored tradition--hailed distinguished GAF/CC 30 year career

- Assisted setup/teardown flt super's retirement; set standard for future ceremonies--lauded by wing leadership

- Retirement ceremony HG vol; performed flag folding detail--time honored custom rendered f/dedicat'd svc mbr

Air Force Ball, Dining in/Out, Banquet

- Lead transportation rep for '09 Air Force Ball Ceremony; managed $4.5 ITT service contract--lauded by all

- Meticulously arranged detailed seating assignments; nine buses/315 passengers moved--zero incidents

- Managed 57 volunteers vehicle requirements; developed bus schedule--eliminated extra bus/saved $400

- Led nine Air Force Ball bus captions; developed detailed information continuity books--ready to respond

- KMC AF Ball committee leader; designed/fabricated 600 mementos, saved $3.5K--coined by 435 ABW/CC

- Oversaw AF ball setup/tear-down; led 60 mbr team in inaugral DB formal ceremony--lauded by COMUSAFE

- Unit Maintenance Professional of the Year banquet coordinator for 09; 328 attended--recognized MXG's finest

- set-up for 36 MXG Combat Dining-Out/'10 Annual 24 hr POW/MIA Rememberance Run--bolstered sq morale

- Organized 65th AF Ball setup; vol'd 3 hrs to arrange tables/chairs & decorations--efforts laud by 900 Wg mbrs

- Wrote/filmed original skit for OG/CC going away dinner; enjoyed by 150 mbrs and families--raved by Wg/CC

- Led 432d OSS booster club NHRA fundraiser; vol'd 12 hrs/ushered 109 guests--secured $3K funds f/sq holiday party

- MC'd OAY banquet; showcased AF heritage/honored Cmd's best Amn/families--CCC lauded "Best event in 3 years!"

- Emceed Maintenance Professional of the Year Banquet; rocked event for 800 attendees--coined by MXG/CC

- Committed 10 hrs to AF Ball; instrumental in souvenir wine glass etching process--1K wine glasses engraved

Commanders Call

- Improved speaking skills; delivered holiday safety brief to 100 Sq mbrs--zero incidents despite common trends

- First pick f/proffer/award ceremony; upheld time-honored tradition/professionalism-superb role model to peers

- Moderated AFCENT awards presentation; recognized seven top performers--team lauded by Major General

- Managed Sept CC call; appt'd/4 vol's/coor'd 3 flts/129 mbr unit staged event ctr--ensured flawless award recognition

Award Ceremony

- Vol'd 2 hrs during 99 ABW 2011 Annual Awd ceremony; assisted with set-up--enhanced morale/event success

- Dynamic speaker; emceed wing quarterly awards breakfast; professional event; excellence noted by AEW/CCC

- Selected as proffer at Wg & Sq Qrtly Awd Ceremonies; recognized achievements of 16 Airmen--upheld mil tradition

- Represent'd WSA at wg award ceremony; emcee'd event f/ 200 prsnl/enhanced speaking skills--lauded by base ldrshp


- Organized flt "going away"; ordered plaque/picked-up food--honored 13 section mbrs' invaluable squadron svc

- Orchestrated all aspects of flt qtrly Hail/Farewell; event enjoyed by 60 mbrs--properly recognized 18 Airmen

- Teamed for 379 EMXG/CC going away; facilitated vols/produced memento--bolstered grp's morale/welfare


- Led 6 mbr tm to execute 1st ever Thunderbird appreciation function f/ 35 guests--set standard for Pikes Peak Airshow

- Directed 6 JBLE immersions; supervised movements of 15 orgs--showcased msn ops & prowess/coined by CMSAF!

- Graduation Banquet POC...superbly managed culmination ceremonies--recognized achievements of 61 students

- Sel'd as Vet Day Wg POC; coord'd 10 Amn/3 vehicles for joint NG-VA ceremony--honored veterans/upheld tradition

- Managed US/IT Friendship Fest; delivered remarks for ceremony--ensured partnership event success for 1K+

- Coordinated four FTAC graduations; enhanced esprit-de-corps for 30 Airmen--commended by 36 AEW/CC

- Ensured lg workshop success; staffed registration booth/provided gnd trans for icebreaker--coined by Wg/CC

- Led 60K/10K AT vehicle prep; provided backdrop for 521 AMOW activation--opened era in European alft

- Organized logistics for annual Camellia Gardens Ceremony; honored 51 fallen heroes--lauded by 78 ABW/CC

- Safeguarded trans for AF Birthday ceremony; preserved tradition--50 DVs attended/event enjoyed by 700 Amn

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