Diversity EPR Bullets

- Active member of Hispanic Heritage Committee; unparalleled efforts guaranteed annual cultural dinner success

- Created gp Green Dot trng plan; org'd 18 sessions/educated 370 staff on cultural awareness--98% compliant in 2 mos

- Cultivated environment of inclusiveness; valued diversity & unity--promotes healthy/effective organizational climate

- Embraced diversity; organized Eskimo culture portion of diversity awareness month--positive AF spokesman

- Facilit'd 9 speaking requests w/ Navy & AF reps incl Tuskegee Amn awd banquet/Navy Bday event--500 aud

- Forged Wetumpka HS JROTC event; taught 3 diversity sessions; leverag'd mil leadership exp w/121 cadets/3 schools

- Fostered fair treatment, cultural awareness environment; reduced incidents 30% as measured by annual assessment

- Gp Self Insp Mgr; MTS ID'd as strength for UEI/ drove 96% QA pass rt--awd'd MXG Tuskegee Amn OTY '18

- Hand picked as Diversity Day POC; planned/organized base luncheon & 10 performances--lauded by wg CC

- Lead character/Black History mo play; dedicated 80 hrs/coord'd w/4 civic ldrs--showcased talent for 100 lcl attendees

- Led Black History Month imagery project; imagery highlighted heritage awareness--strengthened total force diversity

- Mastered Diversity Mgmt trng; expanded knowledge on AF high-interest topic--critical to mentorship x32 Amn

- Multi-faceted; President of Asian-Pacific Amer Heritage Assoc; educated base community on cultural diversity

- Oversaw Asian Pacific Heritage Luau; organized fare/coord'd cultural fashion show--educated 300+ attendees

- Requested by-name to take on wing-level diversity projects; provided actionable insight to recruiting/retention issues

- Secretary of Black History fund raising cmte; coordinated/proposed strategic plans--raised $500+ for 5 events

- Vol'd 3-hrs f/Black History dinner event; set-up $200 of food/edu'd 167 Amn on soul food history--laud'd by Chaplain

- Vol'd f/Tuskegee Amn Scholarship prgm; intro 200+ high schoolers to the AF--fostered pos image f/potential recruit

- Vol'd for JB Charleston Black History prgm; prepped/served meals f/40 VIPs--bolstered morale w/safe healthy items

- Volunteered 15 hrs towards three heritage months; assisted with setup/tear-down--raised multi-cultural insight

- Volunteered for base Multicultural Day; assisted with heritage booths--fostered community and base relations

- Women's Equality Day/Hispanic Heritage advisor--raised AUABs cultural awareness/diversity appreciation

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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