Base Environmental Health EPR Bullets

- Provided superior execution & efficiency of the annual POD exercise,vaccinating >500 members in three hour span

- Conducted 2 indoor air quality surveys; monitored 9 toxic gases; ensured environment free from health hazards

- Spearheaded stormwater sampling efforts; ensured proper collection; wing met all federal discharge guidlines

- Conducted daily heat stress evaluations; protected over 9,500 workers/500 children in three day care centers

- Contributed 20 hrs to environmental data migration; reviewed 10 hazmat shop folders; exceeded AMC goal by 30%

- Created database/tracked ventilation equipment in two hundered facilities--improved air quality/production

- Established contingency plan and trained facility managers for biological/chemical threat to military assets

- Ensured safe working/living environment for 30K military members--largest American military community overseas

- Provided over 30 hours of flight instruction; instructed 16 people on respiratory protection/QNFT--vital to EAF readiness

- Managed all follow-up activities of the Occupational Health Program ensuringcompliance with federal and state regulations

- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted HAZMAT team in recovering contents--prevented personnel exposure

- Led environmental health assessment teams in Georgia Republic in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM
-- Reduced substantial hazard to deployed troops--zero food and water borne illnesses!

- Vital to the safety of personnel supporting Operation DESERT SHIELD--established safe living/working environment for over 1000 deployed forces -- first application of biological warfare agent detection!

- Conducted over 30 extensive classes on NBC warfare defense for personnel deploying to Desert Storm--multiplied effectiveness

- Advised installation commander on environmental, safety and health (ES&H) issues--integral to Wing mission success!

- Supercharged radiation safety program--ensured 100% Nuclear Regulatory Commission compliance

- Conducted 3 indoor air quality surveys; measured 11 toxic gases; ensured hazard-free environment

- Revived hearing protection program--conducted noise studies in over a dozen shops--reduced hearing loss by 10%

- Led the Wing in pollution prevention initiatives--30% reduction in long-term hazardous waste/material storage!

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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