Green Dot EPR Bullets

- Created sq 1st virtual Violence Prevention crse; educ 155 mbrs on bystander techniques--hardened AF Zero Tolerance

- Handpicked sq Green Dot rep; led 10 lessons/40 prsnl trn'd--fortified Wg sexual assault/suicide prevention initiatives

- Facilitated SAPR/Suicide Prevention course; instr/interfaced with 2 ONI psnl--avoided ONI ~$3K in accrued tvl cost

- Certified as SAPR/Suicide Prevention instructor; org'd/fac 5 classes--armed >100 Amn in violence/suicide prevention

- 1 of 2 Wg Green Dot Coordinators; train'd 302 pers/manag'd 9 instrs scheds--reinforc'd Zero Tolerance Policy

- Broadened educ; cmpleted Applied Suicide Intervention Skls Trng--enabled wg wellness/resiliency initiatives

- Co-facilitated two-day crse; provided trng to 1 SOW mbrs on suicide intervention--groom'd 20 CPAC students

- Created gp Green Dot trng plan; org'd 18 sessions/educated 370 staff on cultural awareness--98% compliant in 2 mos

- Facilitated suicide prevention core gp discussions; accrued 47 mbrs buy-in--aligned skill-set w/prgm emphasis

- Green Dot Facilitator; 2 tng sessions held--1 AF pers primed for sexual & domestic violence intervention/prevention

- Green Dot Facilitator; armed 120 Amn in violence/suicide prevention reinforced Zero Tolerance Policy AF values

- Green Dot Wg Coordinator for 6 man-tm; completed 8 hr crs/47 crs's sched--firmed DoD suicide/SAPR drive, 5K psnl

- Launch'd Gp Resilience trainer crs; coor'd 12 lessons/9 instrs/4 MRTs--groom'd 10 mbrs to adopt/teach CAF principles

- Led Green Dot 2.0 roll-out; interfaced w/Wg SPPVs/coord'd 5 crs/trained 152 JBSA psnl; met AF trng rqmt < 3 mos

- One of 44 implementers; org'd/taught 182 Nellis/Creech Green Dot crs's--armed 3.5K Amn in violence/suicide prev

- Recertified as Wg Green Dot instructor; org'd/facilitated 12 classes--armed Amn w/violence/suicide prevention skills

- Stood up as Green Dot implementer; raised awareness of SAPR in the workplace--core AF values reinforced

- Taught 42 Amn resiliency/suicide awareness; gave application/content insight--laid foundation for future ldrs

- Vol'd for suicide prevention outreach/3 hrs; distributed 7.2K info pamphlets; promoted wingmanship/10K mbrs

- Wg RTA/select'd f/Green Dot facilitator; brief'd FTAC CAF/resiliency to 34 Amn/6 sqds--fortified mbrs coping skills

- Oversaw 1-Star/CC's Green Dot prgm; cleared 14 trng crses/160 pers--fortified SECAF/CSAF's zero-tolerance policy

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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