Medical Logistics Technician EPR Bullets

- Attended AFRC AE Logistics Symposium; sharpened skillset/set std across AFRC--poised for future supervisory role

- Piloted 31 COVID-19 small grps/20 bi-weekly mtgs; managed agenda/27 briefers--mentored 37 sq ldrs on CC priorities

- Base Legal liaison; compiled data points/ID'd staff availability--126 mbrs rdy f/court martial dty/exceeded JA msn rqmts

- BNR f/CREF recorder pos; briefed 55 prsnl on monthly safety topics--validated documentation f/3 strat planning mtgs

- Designed 2 virtual promo evts due to restrictions; designed digital presentations/certs--cemented milestones f/30 Amn

- Crushed 6 sem hrs f/MA in Healthcare Mgmt; elevated comprehensive ldrshp skills--inspired ## Amn to start college

- Led trng prgm; conducted ## trng rcd audits/cert'd ## JQS tasks f/10 prsnl/prepped 2 Amn f upgrade--capes incr'd 20%

- Acted as alarm monitor securing $### in gov't assets; coord'd closely w/SFS--5 mbrs secured/observed zero gov't loss

- Initiated medication purchasing plan; executed 24 orders worth $773K <3 weeks f/24 UTCs--crush'd AF susp 41days

- Lead GPC technician; oversaw procurement f/90 line-items/$2M--achieved "Excellent" rtg on 60 CONS financial insp

- Administered $1.8M BPA pgm; accepted 28 invoices/executed $115K FY funding--elevated std of care f/1M pt visits

- Convert'd 34 svc request files to e-folders; eliminated paper products by 100%--opened 150 sq ft of storage f/phamacy

- Created Med Logistics Handbook; foster'd cust relationships w/52 accounts--won EMDG/TF Med-E tm of mo

- Launch'd AFMS/DEA electronic requisition sys; train'd 9 techs/4 depts <10 hrs--select'd as Med Logistics Amn OTM

- Steered logistics disaster tm; met qrtly suspense; provided make-up tng 16/16 trained; flt readiness level/100%

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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