Mental Health Service

Mental Health (4C) Primary Duties

- Created clnc referral database; tracked consults outcome/scheduled 350 pts; saved wg $120K in network costs

- Assisted w/3 insps; reviewed 250 pt records/eliminated 43 discrepancies; contributed to wg HSI "Excellent"

- Filled NCOIC role/2 wks; managed 8 providers' templates; drove business plan to 93%; promote to SrA BTZ!

- Id'd PI need; restructured 8 providers' scheduled/added 16 addt'l intake appts; slashed access to care by 7 days

- Org'd 3-mbr chart consolidation tm; centralized 2K pt records/4 clncs/1 duty area; reduced wkly admin/48hrs

- Co-facilitated 20 psychoeducational classes; taught participants healthy sleep habits; improved 700 mbrs' QoL


- Attended 9 advanced counseling classes; upped substance abuse assesment skills; garnered 8 CEUs toward SEI

- Completed 6 hr John Maxwell Ldrshp course; honed ldrship skills; applied knowledge daily to10-mbr wrk-ctr

Additional Duty

- Oversaw element safety pgm; conducted 60 safety briefings/educated 46 staff; increased awareness/0 mishaps

- Conducted 40 new pt interviews; provided concise clinical assessment for 35K pts/year; zero safety incidents

- Observed/documented behavior on 120 pts; delivered critical insight to providers; enabled accurate diagnosis

- Dedicated to outreach; led self-help initiative/dispersed 25 pt tri-folds; encouraged pt ownership of healthcare

- Rebuilt clinic duress alarm prgm; updated flt binder/revamped trng slide/60 personnel; 100% AFI compliance

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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