8S000 Missile Alert Facility Manager

- Key to #1/15 alert facilities as MAF of 4th Qtr '15; maintained daily excellence & inspection order--sq awarded $500

- Identified brine chiller failure/ECS fault; drove CE dispatch/assisted w/repair--avoided $6M control center shutdown
- Trained four personnel on control center break-in procedures--prepared for emergency rescue of missile combat crew
- Spearheaded site prep for sq code change; readied MAF for 150% personnel increase--20 AF's #1 peacetime mission
- Directed $100K MAF lighting upgrade; assisted contractors/guaranteed project completion--increased site vis/security
- Hosted MW/CC for MAF tour; briefed FIP outcomes/QoL initiatives--highlighted FM's daily mission/responsibilities

- Discovered water sys failure; isolated circuit/averted shock hazard--restored function for 10 people/saved $2.5K equip

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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