Negative Comments for EPRs

- Member was excus'd from attending Reserve Drill for extended period of time and has not performed a/c maintenance

- His confrontational management style is detrimental to unit effectiveness

- Self-motivation is at a minimum level for an NCO; must be directed to accept leadership roles--has room to improve

- Meets minimum standards for personal appearance with reminders; improved efforts shown--issues are fixed ASAP

- Showed improvement to time management skills; tardiness issue rectified--receptive to lifestyle change feedback

- Failed annual fitness test; displayed pattern of not meeting min standards--consecutive failures w/little improvement

- Multiple CDC failures despite supervisor coaching & tutoring, displayed poor study habits & ineffective use of time

- Capable of accomplishing simple tasks with proper supervision and coaching--not ready for promotion

- Lackluster! lacks enthusiasm or interest in utilizing his knowledge and experience to be successful

- Requires supervision; lacked ability to be an independent problem solver--promote when ready

- Does not follow-up or learn from previous mistakes; inadequate performance as Staff Sergeant

- Airman under-performed during rating period, resulting in imm sup and trainer devoting inc supvsn & tng

- Accomplished 66.6% of assigned tasks; working toward 100% qualification--60 days behind schedule

- CDC failure; despite sup coaching and tutoring, scored 52% on EOC; did not utilize time provided

- Failed to meet requirements for 5-level; will retest in 60 days--implement supervised study, monitor

- Committed to unit and AF but lacks knowledge & experience to be successful att--increase mentoring/tng

- Demonstrated poor judgment as shift sup/left unqual Amn unsupervised; multiple safety hazards; demote

- Training disaster; wasted valuable time, 14 Amn remain unqual, SNCO/NCOIC fill in to meet goals

- Administratively challenged; req substantial assistance for routine admin tasks--drain on sq resources

- Unable to multitask in a high OPS TEMPO environment; lack of planning, knowledge; consider replacing

- Decertified as Trainer due to multiple and repeated safety violations--carelessness threaten msn and Amn

- Failed to assume responsibilities as senior NCO in absence of NCOIC--tng status decline, backlog increased

- Unable to become shift-qualified; did not make effort; limited the readiness of the entire section/team

- Up and coming NCO; performed admirably in most duties but needs to concentrate on training and job log

- Failure to use T.O. or follow directions/OI is frequent problem and risks equipment and personnel

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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