Pest Management EPR Bullets

- Directed 3-mbr tm; trapped/relocated 8 disease vectors--guard'd 200 prsnl/$1.2B assets ISO AF's lgst TRANSCOM msn

- Aced 10 college/21 creds; rcvd 2 AA degrees CCAF/Bus Admin--reorganized 9 programs/cut admin time 5 hrs monthly

- Treated over 2600 sq ft of food storage facility for extensive rodent infestation--prevented over $1.3M in food loss

- Select'd/maintain'd pesticide dispersal equipmt; appli'd chemicals per label; max residual consistent with parameters

- Facilitated wasp removal jobs; removed 5 wasp nests/eradicated future nesting--shielded 200+ 319 Med staff mbrs

- Mitigated West Nile outbreak; eradicated 64 mosquito breeding sites--protected 4.2k Airman & civilian personnel

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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