Promotion Ceremony EPR Bullets

- Led 86 AW promotion ceremony; coord'd venue/emcees/set-up--61 promotees for 21 sqs/6 grps...400 attended

- Organized 86 AW promotion ceremony set up/tear down; 61 promotees from 4 grps/21 sq's--400 in attendance

- Headed first ever dual AW promotion ceremony; soiree enjoyed by 700+ Amn--set standard for future events

- Vol'd for 86 AW promotion ceremony set-up; ensured wg ldrship seating protocol--62 Amn & NCOs promoted

- Orchestrated sq monthly promotion ceremony set-up; ensured successful event for three promotees/family mbrs

- Amn leader! Vol'd to proffer at wing promo ceremony...aided in recognizing 9 promotees--upheld AF tradition

- Tackled Wg promotion ceremony; directed 4 mbr decoration detail/staged event--20 SMSgts recognized/150 attendees

- Chosen to deliver Airmen's creed at Wg promotion ceremony; "coined" by 1st Sgt for outstanding performance

- Emcee'd 618 AOC promotion ceremony; led presentation f/3 NCOs--honored military heritage/member achievements

- Involved; coord refreshments/proffered sq promotion ceremony--efforts key to professional/dignified event

- Assisted SFM w/ 2020 Chiefs and Sergeants Major Joint Induction ceremony--processed 60 credit cards/$2,100 sales

- Proffered 721 APS promotion/recognition ceremony; delivered six awds/decoration--promoted esprit de corp

- Proffered Sq CoC/2 promo ceremonies; revered 9 promotees/fostered esprit de corps...exuded prof excellence

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