Radio Operator EPR Bullets

- Polic'd 19 AOR network s/4K sys; adv d 126 fix actions/zero down time--stag'd C4 capabilities to DoD/coalition SLs

- Activated deployable RF assets; restored ATC RF comms/San Juan, PR--relief flights increas'd from 6 to 40 flights/hr

- Deployed to Poland as a Radio Technician; set up C2 radio comms--NATO msn success/88 sorties/129.4 hours flown

- Initiat'd JISCC mx f/crit discrepancy; restor'd 12 voice/64 data lines--achiev d excellent rating during CERFP ex eval

- Managed 85 wireless devices; configur d, support d, & maintain d vital equipment--minimum downtime f/wing users

- Ensured safe return of DOMOPS equip; volunteered as last Airman on ground beyond TOD--$1.3M resources secur'd

- Attended 80-hr tactical radio ops/mx course; acquired skills isolate/repair component level faults; saved $175k costs

- Contributed to the effectiveness and success of unit--resulted in consecutive "Outstanding Unit of Year" awards.

- Created RT-1319 Have Quick ops trng course; built SOP/taught 9 Amn--enhanced ops capes for $9B acft fleet

- Deployed 180 days in support of OIF, provided C2 for 100+ combat sorties--173 EKIA & 342 enemy captured

- Deployed Combat Controller Teams and Support Personnel supporting rescue efforts during Hurricanes Katrina and Ike

- Installed ICC UHF/VHF radio antenna; doubled ground-to-air range to 50 mi--max'd C2 for sortie generations

- Instructed 20 Airmen Demand Assigned Multiple Access--ensured seamless transition into new technology age

- Key to Wg-wide radio rekey--1.5K 1st responders/warfighters ready; five C2 shops comm ready for surety msn

- Led Army tactical JISCC sys; spt JFHQ/J6 request for network redundancy and backup--Achieved 100% capability

- Repair'd data link radio issue; synced TACP-CASS w/ SCs--enabled integrated air pic/1200 OIR sorties daily

- Repaired critical MetNav equipment during Exercise COPE THUNDER--completed msn & safely landed C-130 aircraft

- Resolved two air battle manager radio faults; reset modem connections--ensured wing aircraft missions control

- Restored airfield final approach radio set; realigned entire system--reestablished comm to landing aircraft

- Revised deployed COMSEC continuity binder, developed training program--reduced COMSEC incidents by 50%

- Sustain'd aggressive ops tempo over 24 months; coord'd 11msn's/9 UTC's/65 PAX--upheld units deployable readiness

- Taught 26 Amn proper setup/teardown of tactical radio equip--ensured pen-wide secure C2 comm for 10 sites

- Trained emergency-deployable crew members, ensured deployed operators successful in high ops tempo environment

- Upgraded 2 mobile UHF/VHF sys for 31 FW/XP; enhanced C2 for evaluators/acft/CP--key to wing exercises

- Vigilant; prov'd round-the-clock monitoring--zero missed calls--key to coord of joint ops, 27 acft, 1,200 psnl

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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