Readiness EPR Bullets

- Completed Pilot Unit UTC Review; validating manpower and logistic support requirements to NGB readiness function

- 51 FW lead for civ evacuation ops, NEO; led 140 Amn/briefed 28 ldrshp tms--Wing primed to evac 2.4K US citizens

- Briefed 50 deployers; est'd readiness timeline/coord'd 150 appts w/ base agencies--delivered MISCAP Amn to CCDR

- Briefed ldrshp on weekly readiness status; tracked 21 UTCs/372 mobility positions--enabled Spec Ops support

- Coord'd 2 wk TSP pen-wide logistics; enabled ### briefs/5 installations/## units--### mbrs financial futures secured

- Coordinated mobility requirements for 9 movements encompassing 267 personnel (65% of managed force) w/o fail

- Developed EFAC ops plan f/new location; trn'd 11 multi-agency tm's--installation readied f/catastrophic emergencies

- Ensured accuracy of 850 AEFIs/61 AFSCs; 100% mil postured for OCO requirements--bested HAF standard of 90%

- Exceeded AF 97% on time reporting goal with 100% currency rate employing ART, DRRS, and AF-IT programs

- Facilitated CDDAR EX; ID'd 3 major areas of improvement to MXG/CC--validated Wg Crash Recovery procedures

- Formulated exer setup/reconstitution pln; coord'd camp pwr distribution w/5AFSCs--permitted cert of 34 prsnl

- Goes above and beyond job standards ensuring deployers meet and maintain all critical deployment requirements

- Hand-picked by AFRC/A1RY for committee to create svs ARTS tool kits; streamlined processes--continuity ensured

- Led the wing in understanding ART, DRRS, and AFIT programs; assisted NGB with the UDM training of AFIT

- Maintains accuracy of complex readiness data using series of databases tracking 42 UTCs and 410 mobility positions

- Managed $30K IT equipment account; ensured serviceable equipment --zero discrepancies during Annual Inspection

- Mobilized 411 personnel/129 short tons during period--integral to success of four AEFs/six ONEs/15 TDYs

- Orchestrated amazing mobility machine; processed 37 maintainers/82 cargo increments--zero discrepancies

- Org'd 4x NEO global tracking system trainings; instructed/certified 46 prsnl--reached 100% NCE accountability/3 hrs

- Organized/engaged 136 tons cargo/16 pax processed; spt'd four OREs--fortified Wg 2.8K sorties/5.5K fly hrs

- Produced monthly readiness reports; submitted accurate/on-time in ART/DRRS--accurate site pic/health of unit

- Provide timely, consistent monthly readiness reporting for higher headquarters; depicting precise mission statistics

- Revamp'd sq LOG prgm; penn'd 1st ever CDF chklst/rolling-stock SOP--enabl'd rapid mobilization f/hvy const UTCs

- Scrupulously coordinates with supervision to identify manning variations and ensures uniformity of all requirements

- Skillfully tracked 41 UTCs/410 mobility positions and deployment folders enabling MXG/CC's sight picture statistic

- Submitted stellar board package; competitively selected by MAJCOM 3F1 for the FY20 Key Personnel List for FSS

- Tm leader for MARE; assessed 377 ABW and 58/150 SOW response--validated installation crash response capabilities

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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