Set Up and Tear Down EPR Bullets

- Bob Hope Enl Village vol; set-up/tear down tm mbr f/Bingo night--boost'd 80 residents morale/exemplified AF image

- Led hangar prep at Ramstein Officers' Wives' Club bazaar; garnered $2.2M for vendors--$275K for charities

- Piloted 86 AW CoC set up/tear down; inaugural dual bay hangar event--perfect execution lauded COMUSAFE

- Helped setup sq promotion ceremony; ensured notable event...five promotes recognized--incr'd esprit de corps

- Worked 4 hrs ISO Ramstein Welfare Bazaar; led "clean-up" crew--raised funds for annual holiday party event

- Combat Dining-Out vol; devoted 22 hrs/led 20-mbr setup/tear down crew--promoted unit cohesion/mil heritage

- Shaw community event vol; led set up/tear down/greeted guests--fostered stronger base relations/140 attended

- Heartfelt civic leader! Committed 6 hrs setting up 86 SVS "Cinco de Mayo" event--boosted 200+ Amn morale

- Recruited/led 25 vols; published schedule for "Rockin 2nd"/set-up/tore-down--raised $800 for mentorship pgm

- Selflessly volunteered 8 hrs as setup crew for USO sponsored Trace Adkins concert--improved morale for all

- Dedicated sq vol; setup equip ISO Operation SEASONS GREETINGS--bolstered military community morale

- Avid community supporter; set up Lt Dan's band sound equip & stage--fostered morale during 4th July festival

- Spt'd ROSC Bazaar; devoted 8 hrs to hangar security/set-up--facilitated vendor property safety/accountability

- Worked set-up/tear-down for wg promotion ceremony; arranged sound, chairs/stage--enjoyed by 500 attendees

- Dedicated 3 hrs VSAP; helped setup/run end of school yr event--240 children benefitted/enjoyed celebration

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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