Special Olympics EPR Bullets

- Contributed 8 hrs toward '09 German Special Olympics--provided mentorship/guidance to those less fortunate

- Organized Special Olympics volleyball event; enjoyed by 300 participants--enhanced AF/community relations

- Volunteered 8 hrs at Special Olympics; entered 300 scores in computer sys--enhanced AF/community relations

- Volunteered to set-up Keesler Special Olympics; assisted w/games/escorted children--promoted event success

- Devoted 8 hrs to 2009 Special Olympics; tracked event scores for 800 athletes--enabled fairness in scoring

- Volunteer referee at Fayetteville Special Olympics--enhanced self-esteem for mentally/physically challenged

- Vol'd six hrs for Special Olympics Holiday Classic; fed/assisted 200 athletes--strengthened mil/local relations

- Volunteered to assist Special Olympics; recognized all participants with ribbons--projected positive AF image

- Supported 2013 Special Olympics; mentored/coached youth softball & races--improved community relationship

- Community minded; served as Special Olympics bowling tournament judge--delivered wins and pride to all involved

- Volunteered 20 hrs to '13 Special Olympics; augmented escort detail tm--supported 1.2K athletes/7K attendees

- Volunteered eight hours for Special Olympics; fed/assisted 200 athletes--strengthened military/local relations

- Devoted; taught 12 mentally challenged adults from Goldsboro's Nova House beginner horsemanship skills

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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