Sponsorship EPR Bullets

- Guided 25 Amn; walked mbrs through new in-processing rqmts--facilitated flawless transition for newcomers

- Sponsored two inbound Amn; guided/acquainted newcomers w/base agencies...process completed 3 vs 5 days

- Vett'd f/Sq Shirt/3 mos; shepherd'd complex legal issues protect'd amn/civilian rights--rock solid during sensitive times

- Noble Sponsor! Advised 3 PCS Amn; guided in travel/indoc/tng/cert--ensured right start/QoL/CP manpower up 20%

- Aided AFRC sponsorship prgm; created sections std pkg/greeted 4 FTA & 3 families--lauded as best welcome

- AMXS INTRO manager; mng'd 492 prsnl sponsor appointments/duty info updates--ensured program/data integrity

- Attended sponsor trng/Italian 101; sponsored 5 new mbrs/earned 4.0 GPA--ensured solid cultural integrations

- Developed new mbr sponsorship prgm; garnered 100% mbr contact--enabled seamless supt for inbound mbrs

- Directed flt sponsor pgm; revised 4 sources/trnd 12 mbrs & tracked contact status--kept ldrs abreast of arrival/9 prsnl

- Enhanced INTRO prgm; established mgt site, raised sponsor/inbound synergy--98 mbrs gained/eased PCS transitions

- Excelled in trng position; mng'd sponsor prgm/CDC certs--streamlined in-processing sys/processed 13 Amn upgrades

- Managed Sq Sponsor pgm; processed/tracked inbound allocation notices--ensured 18 newcomers 100% tracked in sys

- Refined base sponsorship pgm; solely tracked 200+ allocation RIPS & reduced redundancy--100% Amn sponsored

- Revitalized base sponsorship prgm; cut process redundancy/tracking system--100% sponsors appt for 300 Amn

- Sponsored all inbound Amn/2 mos; advised MTLs on contact status--served as focal point support for 200 students

- Sponsorship trained Amn; set-up dorm room/PO box/initial trng/provided trans'--cultivated Wingmen Culture!!

- Immersed in HN culture; learned customs/language at locally hosted seminar--aided new Amn w/ house hunting

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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