Stan/Eval EPR Bullets

- Superb CCIP manager; guided success for 33 MICT programs--ensured 92% compliance rating and #1 Wing ranking

- Managed unit MICT Program; rvw'd 34 AFIs/760 items/ID'd 30 discrepancies--coined superior performer during VUI
- Overhauled outdated CCIP; created self-assmnt rqmts/ctrl measures/ID'd 4 discrepancies--100% prep'd f/VUI/UEI insp
- Reformed rqmts f/duty pos evals; reconstructed 68 specific tasks/92 JQS--decr'd task saturation 42%/127 man hrs sv'd
- Conducted 164 evals/116 prsnl; revamped practical exer f/realism/relevancy--cleared 6 mo cert shortage due to COVID
- Birthed No-Notice assmnt prgm; created tests f/5 duty pos/conducted 8 evals--facilitated continued knwldg/proficiency
- Authored SF duty pos qlftn tests; dev'd 546 questions/5 crit pos tests--incr'd SF tech skills/sv'd avg of 41 man hrs/qtr
- Mng'd SQ WIT prgm; prep'd MSEL/org'd/executed 4 exer/82 objectives--fortified adv'd readiness f/6 Sqs/400+ prsnl

- Led 75 US & HN exercises; improv'd communication/cohesion f/jt NATO forces--enhanc'd overall security response!

- Developed COVID-19 WIT prgm; implemented training of 4.5K tasks f/153 prsnl--ensured unit ready thru pandemic

- Rdy'd 45 examiners <3 wks vs 36; rebuilt pipeline/cut gp admin/vested pgrm w/6 sqs--drove gp's 95% pass rate

- Revamped Stan/Eval pgm; ID'd 4 discrepancies/created 9 processes/12 checklists--set benchmark for 25 Sqs & 2 Wgs
- Oversaw $4M flying-hr pgm; coord'd 147 msns/mng'd 21 aircrew--facilitated 2.7K annual tng rqmts/Sq 100% msn rdy
- Stan/Eval NCOIC; led 3 evals/$32K EFB pgm/maintained 22 FEFs--enabled quals for 23 cadre/produced 16 students
- Lead for 6 MICT checklists; inspected 1.4K Sq action items/mng'd 7 pgms--readied Sq for future inspection success
- Top Sq instructor; led 4 new aircrew members through first cargo load--garnered EQ by Wg evaluator/set Sq example
- Led 3 syllabus TDYs; coord'd w/3 MAJCOMs/5 Wgs/10K lb cargo/mng'd $100K--incrs'd cmbt capes 46% fleet-wide

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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