Tours and Escort Duty EPR Bullets

- Briefed Honorary CC's sq tour; showcased USAF capability/translated Italian--impressed host nation relations

- Conducted B-2 tour; enlightened 31 Warrensburg High School students--professionalism commended by staff

- Conducted civic leader tour; briefed LO processes/improvements--strengthened support for stealth capabilities

- Displayed phase dock for 7th AF Command Chief; briefed maintenance std--received coin for professionalism

- Escorted FN contracting tm; contributed 34 hrs/secured $4.3M fiber install--extended base ntwk to ZULU loop

- FW pick/crafted base immersion for SecAF; personally translated Italian for her/13-hr itin--SecAF: "flawless"

- Fabricated ACES II ejection seat model; provided demo seat at Science Expo--inspired 660 Aviano AB youths

- Facilitated tour of SED f/MSG/CC; toured hot spots/briefed current SOFA/USFK policies--coined f/professionalism

- Guided USO Brantley Gilbert a/c tour; readied static a/c/escorted 19 guests--event praised by USO staff/mbrs

- Hosted 9 Italian veteran tours; briefed/instilled Phase process/preventative mx concepts--strengthened HN ties

- Key to CODEL/Speaker of the House visit; arranged FW a/c static display/mx brief--efforts lauded by DVs

- Led Aviano F-16 showcase tour; escorted/aided two local terminal patients--solidified US/host nation relation

- Led seven facility tours; briefed Under SECDEF/provided hands on B-2 insight--relayed critical LO concerns

- Orchestrated 15 multinat'l tours; showcased F-16 cmbt wpns caps to 400+ prsnl--fortified US/Italian relations

- Orchestrated 38 tours; briefed >1.8K prsnl Aviano's unique F-16 msn/wpns cape--fortified US/Italian relations

- Performed DV escort duty; briefed ldrship on 31st CS local prgms; coined by Gen Norman for professionalism

- Provided insight during USAFE tour; briefed challenges of surety mission--coined by 3rd AF Command Chief

- Represented AMXS; led a/c familiarization tour during 8 mbr CODEL visit--coined by Speaker of the House

- Spearheaded T'Bird hangar/museum tour--highlighted team's prestigious 56-year history during Boy Scout tour

- Sync'd Snr Ldr visits; SecAF, CSAF, CMSAF, 3 AF/CC, Italian Prime-Minister--est. as face of Wg surety msn

- Wg twr tour POC; coor'd spt & briefed SECAF, CMSAF, 3 AF/CV & CCC--highlighted Aviano's jt msn capes

Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

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