Additional Duties EPR Bullets

Tax Representative

- Vol'd over 40 hrs as 86 MXS tax advisor; aided in prep of 30+ tax returns--id'd missed deductions for jr mbrs

- Vol Income Tax Asst; dedicated 160 hrs/filed 80 returns; saved DoD community $630K in fees/returned $7.6M

- Lead tax advisor vol/212 man-hrs; rvw'd/filed 320 rtns--sv'd $110K vs tax-preparer fees/$1.6M refunded

- Tackled 5-day Unit Tax Advisor certification; vol'd 36 hrs/assisted 38 mbrs--saved FW Amn $12K filing fees

- Completed 40 hr tax law course; prepared taxes for 162 ppl--saved $6.5K in fees/generated $497K in refunds

- Go-to paralegal; expert knowledge utilized during base tax program; provided top-notch tax services for clients

- Processed 750 tax returns for active duty and dependents; $100K in prep fees saved and $150K+ returned

- Facilitated Tax Center tech refresh; migrated/installed 10 sys--recouped $630K in tax returns for Kadena Amn


- Overhauled section safety prgm; corrected 54 problems/49 pg's JSTO--trained/ensured shop safety f/52 military prsnl

- Safety Program Manager; identified/corrected deficiencies and created training tracker--100% unit personnel trained


- Coord'd/asst'd TODA pgrm; initiated 2K updates for 96 TO's worth $58K--increased MX proficiency by 10%

- Assistant TODO prgm mgr; zero discrepancies noted during '09 base UCI--sq & grp earned "Excellent" ratings

- Managed Technical Order accounts and commercial manuals for two functional areas

-- Prevented maintenance delays due to lack of technical references by providing necessary resources

-- Created intuitive index by function and equipment; increased maintenance effectiveness


- Excellent records custodian; ensured accurate inventory of files w/maintaining 17 types of records--inspection ready

- Assisted UPC w/ custodial records; organized Physical Training/DDRP/GTC Programs--ensured 100% info accuracy

- Maintained real-time SORTS reports for ARS and OSS via AF-IT--utilized by the JCS; wartime mission readiness

OPSEC/Security Manager

- Plan'd wg's 1st external OPSEC assessment; sync'd ACC/16 AF, eval'd web/email/phone/social media--wg info secured

- Overhauled wg OPSEC prgm; led 26 insps, updated SharePoint/OSIP/POCs/trng/4 books--aced UEI w/ notable strngths

- Protected EAFB's youth; expedited 36 vol background chks/led badging proc--saved 4 prgms & $2.4k childcare costs

- Flawlessly executed JTF-PS; monitored 3K sq miles/provided 21 hrs of surveillance--ensured 100% POTUS security

- Selected as sq OPSEC rep; completed all tng rqmts--entrusted to protect/safeguard critical/ops info from adversaries

- Unit OPSEC & Alt Sec Mngr; mng'd 14 MICT line items/auth'd qtrly trng/verified 20 clearances--100% compliance

- Tackled security mgr crs/4 hrs; exploited JPAS knowledge/validated 1.1K clearances--mitigated risk by 25%

- Assisted with online security incident; purged FOUO content from major search engines--mitigated risk!

- Maintains 50+ GSA certified storage containers; installed 3 FF-L-2740 combination locks--safes returned to service

- Merged CPTS/WSA security prgms; vetted 84 systems/8 clearances/11 area badges--zero discrepancies in CCRI insp

- Managed $475K SCI facility as SSR; ensured HHQ access to reach-back node--sustained COOP availability

- Processed 20 clearance renewals/17 visitor requests--maintained accountability/prevented security violations

- Safe custodian of Database Shop; maintained/inventoried critical classified info--zero Security violations

- Administer'd CC's Antiterrorism prgm; conducted 12 RAMs/100% compliant w/directives--thwarted terrorism


- Initiated VCO prgm transfer; coord'd GSA vehicle mx/cmpltd 2 taskers--6/11 HMMWVs FMC/raised readiness 18%

- Skilled VCNCO; maintained 2 vehicles/assisted w/inspections/fixed 6 discrepancies--restored $64K assets to 100%

- VCO alternate; coordinated 100+ mechanical/electrical repairs--sustained 20 vehicle fleet > $600K 90% FMC

- Performed 60 vehicle insps; ID'd 100+ finds/coord'd repairs on three vehicles--averted five QA/FOD mishaps

- VCO instructor; trnd four psnl on pre-use/issue/turn-in insp/procedures--efforts promoted 91% sq QA pass rt

- Maintained the section's vehicles and over $900K of electronic and specialized equipment

- Stellar up-keep of $1.5M vehicle fleet--achieved 99% in-commission rate--mission readiness enhanced


- Inventoried 2K support items daily; granted 100% eqpmt/CTK accountability--prevented 15 lost tools/FOD

- Fabricated/assist'd CTK rebuild; org'd/const eight new CTK's worth > $6.5K--reduced inventory time by 25%

- Meticulous pgm manager; ensured CTK continuity binders w/in established guidelines--zero CI/LCAP defect


- Conducted annual inventory of 633+ hardware items; tackled one of Wing's largest ADPE acts--414k IT assets sec'd

- Managed ADPE prgm; controlled $21K/52 items computer acct--provided 100% equip accountability w/no shortages

- Oversaw unit ADPE acctount; inventoried 663 eqpmt items--turned-in $512K assets for redistribution in AOR

- Established inventory/control procedures ensuring accountability of 183 pieces of ADPE valued at >$100K

- Revamped work-ctr IT Asset Mgmt pgm; transferred/accounted for ## assets--prevented $10K report of survey


- Managed over 300 PMEL items worth $6M; guaranteed proper tool servicing/calibration--zero impact monthly FHP

- Recovered TMDE assets; transferred 320 calibration items worth $6M--guaranteed 100% on-time calibration

- Sq test eqmt monitor; mng'd 93 assets/$6.3M value--enabled proper mx $11.4M C2 radars/generators/spt eqmt

Finance/Resource Management

- GTC area prgm coord/sq resource advisor; zero defects during Ramstein '09 UCI--sq/gp received "excellent"

- Managed $25K allocation; surveyed 33 travel vouchers--ensured quick-turn TDY eligibility/no delinquencies 70 mbrs

- Managed $90K Sq O&M budget; ensured attainment of assets during fiscal Yr constraints--solidified spending FY15

- Mng'd wg's lgst DTS/GTC prgm; monitored/tracked 165 authorizations/vouchers--solid pgrm mgmt f/500+ personnel

- Managed and executed $16K GPC sqdn budget; reconciled 80 purchases-no errors during wing audit; fiscally reliable

- Prudent resource advisor--met all mission requirements in the face of budget restrictions; zero spending deficiencies

- Meticulous mgmt of lodging pgm for 27 commuters=>360 reservations; consulted by CC on new pgm stds

- Alternate CCM f/2 accts valued at $188K; aid'd w/budget conservation/FINPLAN revisions--upheld fiscal culpability

- Sustained 25 billing accts; insp'd 1.6K records/resolved 1K errors--validated accuracy of >$500K sales per yr

- Coached billing official/GPC holders; oversaw planning/dispersing $1.8M--tracked every xaction to the penny

- Screened & approved 603 Gov't Purchase Card (GPC) packages totaling over 368K; Enabling mission success

- Forecasted, planned, managed, and executed a $55.1M total budget with ending obligation rate of 99.9% FY13

- TOPS in CPFH document audit; received HQ AFRC A4 accolades for zero accounting errors; impeccable prg

- Managed CMD GP GPC progr; supported 5 staff offices--procured equip valued at $98K; enabled mission ops


- Unit Hazardous Materials & Waste Mngr; Accounts for 100+ produces, largest acct on base -- 100% accountability

- Asst'd HAZMAT prgm; disposed/coord'd removal 1.8K lbs of hydro/oil--eliminated significant ENV mishap


- Expedited LMR re-key process; refined/prep 60 crit assest worth > $285K--enabled/encrypted secure channel

- Maintained land mobile radio system--guaranteed critical communications at all times--always prepared!


- Developed & supervised fit prgm for Amn as PTL; ensured standards met--improved mbr fitness score by 14%

- "Fit to Fight" advocate; directed 11 confidence course events; 80+ participants; maximized physical readiness

Radiation Safety

- Managed the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Program for the 437th Fighter Squadron--zero incidents of RF exposure

- Unit electromagnetic radiation safety officer; scheduled initial inspections--ensured safe terminal environment

- Supercharged radiation safety program manager!; ensured 100% Nuclear Regulatory Commission compliance

Honor Guard

- Vol'd f/Wg HG tm; performed three ceremonies/cert'd 4 mbrs--spt'd COVID backlog/personified AF professionalism

- Exceeded families' expectations; dedicated 165 hrs over 30 funeral details/ceremonies--proved crucial asset to HG tm

- Primed 20 guardsman; instructed 87 hrs of drill/ceremony training--prepared Amn for msn success/supervisory roles

- Appointed as MAFB HG Bugler; held first spot/two years--provided seven families w/time-honored military tradition

- Led Veteran s Day ceremony firing party; boosted AF/local relations--awarded tribute plaque from American Legion

- Led eight firing-party details; safeguarded $13K in ceremonial rifles--fulfilled NFP duties/received zero insp findings

- Functioned as NCOIC of HG ceremonies; earned qualifications four weeks ahead of peers--embodied AF core values

See new Honor Guard page here.

Equipment Account/Benchstock

- Managed Sq equipment prgm; sustain'd 900 assests/mend'd ~426 error/incrs'd 92 asset--preserv'd $30M prgm success

- Alternate equipment custodian; responsible for over 4K pieces of inventory totaling $2M--ensured serviceable equip

- Managed $501K equipment account; ensured serviceable equipment--zero discrepancies during Annual Inspection

- Maintained an $18 million fixed asset property account with a 99% accuracy rating-best rating out of nine sections

- Simplified $762K bench stock program; initiated digital material tracking sys--100% rotational accountability


- Val'd COOP; updated 6 plns, constructed 21 QR books, C2 equip, 2 CAT recall exers--awd'd XP NCO 1st & 3rd qtr '21

- Org'd 2 short-notice TACAMO msns; coord'd wg spt/11 agencies, refined quick rsp C/L--primed rapid C2 msn execution

- Led 8 mbr SM working group; revised CIIL, deployment/exer/trng plans & updated risk assessment--InfoSec protected

- Appointed AT coordinator and liaison for unit; Coordinated 7 CONUS AT's disseminated f/ more than 105 personnel

- Train'd 3 WG UDMs; craft'd continuity/implement'd ROEs/revamp'd file plan--147 Amn rdy/coin'd by CMSAF

- Facilitat'd MRE inspection 15 prsnl/3 flts; extended shelf life/secured emer food cache--sav'd $25K Wg assets

- Global Thunder exer MST mbr; processed deployment line w/zero discrepancies--Wing nuclear mission ready

- Hand picked as Nuclear ORE MST member, recovered 10 acft; lynch pin to unit receiving overall excellent


- NAOC site visit liaison; org'd msn brief/tour, sync'd 7 agencies/2 wgs--solidified 24/7 C3 log actions spt f/ POTUS/CJCS

- Vital to AFMC/CC visit; facilitated static load/displayed test msn capes--bridged gap between test and CAF

- Key to COMACC visit; setup conf rm/enabled unit CC's priorities articulation--lauded as "a grand slam"

- Unrivaled protocol specialist; flawless support for VPOTUSx2/SECDEF/USTRANSCOM/CMSAF/NAF CC


- Led C2 f/AFRICOM's 1st Gp CP; tracked 15K vehicles & 37.2K pax--supported DoD's #1 SIGINT sys f/3 COCOMs

- Updated 52 chklsts w/contacts for Gp/Wg; reduced cmdrs notification time--awarded deployed Gp team of the month

- Boosted trng prgm; generated trng/continuity for replacements--reduced trng time to spt 3K flts ISO combat msn ops

- Managed 2 drug seizures from contractors; enable destruction of confiscated drugs--preserved 751M in base assets

- Coordinated response w/Army f/2UAS incidents; drafted 2 OPREPs f/CJCS--executed spt f/585-acre austere airfield

- Used time wisely; completed 7 FEMA Leadership Courses, 5 Courses in Disaster Mgmt; poised for disaster response

- Vol'd 350 hrs w/USO; afforded sppt f/deployed prsnl--promoted USO core msn to connect mbrs w/home and family


- Filled UPC position; dvlp'd trng plan/trnd GS-06/19 core tasks/decrs'd OJT time by 28%--incrs'd proficiency by 33%

- Chaired DDR initiative; scheduled 790 defenders f/mandatory drug screening--pristine on-time rate/zero "no shows"

- DDR Trusted Agent; trn'd 2 prsnl/50 notifications/Id'd & reconciled flt test schedule conflicts--unit msn ready

- Assisted CS w/no-notice urinalysis; gathered 200 samples/4 positive results--supported AF zero tolerance drug policy

- AFLCMC Gp DDRP Rep; organized data/directed tests f/189 prsnl--enforced AF zero drug tolerance std/0 violations


- Taught EMT psychomotor skills; guided 2 lectures/3 stations/8 nat'l recerts--earn'd TCCC intsr cert/svd Gp $4.7K PSC

- Appointed AT coordinator and liaison for unit; Coordinated 7 CONUS AT's disseminated f/ more than 105 personnel

- Vlntr'd to fill altrnte Gp SAPM role; trn'd w/IG on prgrm/clr'd 4 ovrdue IGEMS write ups--MXG CCIP imprv'd 35%

- Sync'd w/logistics/finance; expedited emer lv/created/certified orders/org'd flt travel--sv'd $8.6K decr'd stress f/9 fams

- Promoted volunteerism in unit; provided support for Special Olympics & mil parades--executed >50 key AF ceremonies

- Enthusiastic mentor for airmen & NCOs; consistently advises on resumes and career outlook--excellent influencer

- Oversaw Lead Sled procurement; researched/validated final plans--decreased ACFT jack seating procedure time 50%

- Alternate Emergency Mgmt Officer; managed risks for 3 exercises--ensured base-wide disaster readiness capabilities

- Studious Gp IAO; prepped 2 weeks for IAAP inspection--garnered an "outstanding" rating and lauded by CC

- Oversees Sq Emergency Mgmt pgm; ensured 74 QRCs/incident response ready--unit 710 days mishap free!

- Building custodian for $10M facility--all systems reliable and operational, the foundation for mission success

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