Air Force Volunteer EPR Bullets

Adopt a Highway/Community Cleanup

- Devoted 2 hrs to sq Adopt-A-Highway; collected 30 bags of litter--beautified 2-mi stretch of community roads

- Adopt-a-Hwy volunteer--collected 780 lbs trash in 2 hours; strengthened community ties/beautified local area

- Active UAC mbr; collected 30 bags of garbage for Adopt-A-Highway prgm--aided local beautification efforts

- Ded'd four hrs to community cleanup; cleared lawns/removed garbage--provided safe area for Austin residents

- Spearheaded community cleanup; disposed of trash along 1-mi of local beach--efforts removed 200 lbs of waste

Meals on Wheels/Food Service

- Caring member of community; selflessly volunteered at local soup kitchen to serve food to those less fortunate

- Led sq "MoW" prgrm; strategized delivery of 33 meals/990 mi--enriched 66 elders QoL/helped w/basic needs

- Volunteered 2 hrs w/Tacoma Rescue Msn; prep'd & served meals to 250 people--boosted community relations

- Led 7 man team for Rotarians Against Hunger; primed 290K meals--assisted 20K afflicted families in west NC

- Support'd Citi donate $1M to No Kid Hungry; donated dining contributions--afford'd 10M meals to hungry kids

- Devoted 20 hours to feeding homeless during Trenton community food bank; exemplifies servant leadership!

- Devoted three hours to Serving Hope Las Vegas; fed 430 homeless/low income--fostered community relations

- Donated 25 holiday dinners to homeless shelter; vital nutrition ensured--elevated community welfare/AF image

- Feed My Starving Children vol; coor'd w/220 mbrs/prep'd 41K meals--vital nutrition to 40K+ kids worldwide

- Community supporter! Goldsboro Soup Kitchen server; served 100 ppl in 3 hours; extended hand to homeless

- Volunteered for local Meals-on-Wheels program; netted 26 hrs/delivered 67 meals--provided aid to elderly

- Represented squadron at community soup kitchen; served 75 citizens--set the example for all others to follow

- Represented base at community soup kitchen; volunteered 16 hours to serve food to 70 less fortunate citizens

- Worked 12 hrs for Second Harvest Food Bank; served food/beverages--provided for >100 families in need

- Served meals at local soup kitchen; bolstered esprit de corps; set a positive Air Force image in the community

- Volunteered at Missouri Veterans Home; played cards/served meals--fostered base and community relations

Duty Related

- Dplymt baggage detail POC; coord'd 22 vols/oversaw download 1.8k/50k lbs luggage/eqmt--expedited mbrs reunion

- Provided after-hours support; issued 1K+ consumable pieces worth $6.9M--contributed to mx 80% msn capable rate

- Obtained BLS instructor cert; org'd trng/eval'd 448 tasks/ran courses f/7 Sq/126 mbrs--boosted qual'd SF 95%

- Logistics Resource Mgmt crs instr; edu'd 12 Wg mbrs on risk prevention--fielded Cmd directive/fortified sfty

- Piloted FOD tm during HHQ staff visit; professionally insp ed veh s/prevented mishaps; lauded by USTRANSCOM CC

- Supports Superintendent w/candid input first; then executes with a supportive attitude--fortified our AFM team!

- Focused on self-improvement; accomplished NCO Professional Enhancement Course--reinforced AF standards

- Military Saves Week attendee; two finance classes/held informative brief to section--instilled debt mngt skills

- Completed 40 hr tax law course; prepared taxes for 162 ppl--saved $6.5K in fees/generated $497K in refunds

- Dedicated squadron Combined Federal Campaign rep; diligent efforts contributed spt to innumerable charities

- Performed flight PTL duty; led physical exercise for 24 personnel--maintained Airmen's deployment readiness

- Completed 90-day Security Forces augment; ensured safety of 96 aircraft, personnel and assigned wing assets

Habitat for Humanity

- Assisted Habitat for Humanity; 9 flt members/5 hrs--provided safe living condition for under privileged family

- Devoted 6 hrs to Habitat for Humanity; reconstructed shelves/increased space by 25%--saved 1K in labor cost

- Supported Habitat for Humanity; painted 2 houses; strengthened community relations/helped those in need

- Vol'd 20 hrs w/Habitat for Humanity; restored 3 houses/reduced costs $50K--provided families safe housing

- Volunteered 8 hrs during "Paint Your Heart Out, Shreveport"; painted home/instilled pride--promote to SrA!


- Morale motivator; delivered 3K Wayne County phone books--actions earned $5K for squadron Top 4 events

- Spt'd Wg Top III/gp booster club; escort'd 102 vets/sold raffles--strengthen'd QoL/raised $572 for MWR event

- Spearhead'd pie-in-the-face fundraiser; promoted school-wide cohesiveness--rais'd $400 for next NCOA class

- Honored mil traditions; sold 14 POW/MIA commemorative Coins; assisted AFSA Chap 1663 raise $140 toward morale

- Devoted 2 hrs to booster club; worked casetta food sales & clean-up at July 4th event; raised $2.1K for sq morale

- Passionate sq supporter; washed cars at booster club fundraiser--earned $761 towards sq morale/FY15 AF Ball

- Adamant contributor of American Cancer Society "Relay for Life"--event raised $617K for cancer research

- Worked concession stand at Winter Wonder Land Fest; sold food for >3k prsnl for 5hrs; raised $1.2k for booster club

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Community Support

- Devoted off duty time in support of base and local programs; active participant in neighborhood watch program

- Volunteered over 678 hours as Girl Scout Troop Leader--enhanced lives of local youth via positive guidance

- Dedicated 2 hrs at local children's home; 7 flt members mentored/provided social support for 9 neglected teens

- Vol'd 12 hrs/multiple events; NOLA 5K run/American Legion BBQ--enhanced AF relations across Gulf Coast

- Staunch supporter of Regional Wildlife Management practices; he volunteered over 13 hours to preservation research

- Donated 48 hours as an Assistant Leader with Mansfield Police Explorers--kept 18 troubled youth off streets

- Selflessly vol'd for participation in Dodger opening day game US Flag ceremony; flawlessly represented USAF

- Org'd Christmas tree lighting ceremony; directed 20 mbr setup team--bolstered AF image w/local community

- Volunteer stalwart; assisted local youth program raising $3.7K for at risk teens at Community Festival

- Volunteered for reading buddies pgm; read five books in four hours--enjoyed by 32 elementary school students

- Lcl middle school science fair vol; judged 200 proj for +1K students--strengthened mil/lcl community relations

- Reorganized Central Park Elementary School library-sorted 1.5K books/3 hrs; supt'd 400 students

- Devoted 6 hrs for lcl elementary school field day; supervised two events--positive role model for 61 students

- Proctored at local elementary school; oversaw final exams for 36 students--ensured test validity/accreditation

- Donated 20 hrs participating in "Toys for Tots"; collected 500 gifts for children--projected positive AF image

- Usher for Juliette United Methodist Church; services attended by 200 worshipers--upheld positive AF image

- Coached 10 youth soccer players; devoted 15 hours to teach new drills--developed team cohesion/abilities

- Volunteered at Anderson Elementary school; performed crosswalk duties--guaranteed safety of 300+ students

- Positively impacted the lives of over 2,000 children through efforts with the Children's Healthcare Foundation

- Selflessly gave 20 hours to organize & chaperone summer camp trip to Zama Zoo--70 children educated & safe

- Misawa AB Airfest Sq booth adjutant; raised $4.5K for unit/bolstered community relations for 110K guests

- Devoted; taught 12 mentally challenged adults from Goldsboro's Nova House beginner horsemanship skills

- Mentor; head coach for Spring Creek community youth football team--molded/guided 29 players' fundamentals

- Donated blood to American Red Cross; provided "gift of life" to community--increased critical reserve levels

- Volunteered time at local animal shelter; helped feed/water/clean animals--improved QoL for animals in need

- Supported Bossier City Goodwill; donated >$150 of clothing/household items--provided local community aid

- Donated blood through Shreveport/Bossier Lifeshare; gave two pints total--increased community blood supply

- Volunteered 8 hours at Sci-Port Science Museum; led 9 guided tours--enhanced community/Air Force relations

- Community minded; donated furniture, clothes and cell phone to local women's shelter to help battered women

- Selflessly helped others; collected over $22K in toys for annual Toys for Tots--distributed to underprivileged

- True mentor; volunteered off duty time to lead Boys & Girls club teens--strengthened base/community relations

Special Olympics

- Volunteer referee at Fayetteville Special Olympics--enhanced self-esteem for mentally/physically challenged

- Vol'd six hrs for Special Olympics Holiday Classic; fed/assisted 200 athletes--strengthened mil/local relations

- Volunteered to assist Special Olympics; recognized all participants with ribbons--projected positive AF image

- Supported 2013 Special Olympics; mentored/coached youth softball & races--improved community relationship

- Community minded; served as Special Olympics bowling tournament judge--delivered wins and pride to all involved


- Escorted Gp CC & CC Chief; professionally delivered to ACFT for TDY downrange; enabled ldrshp HHQ visit to Turkey

- Provided acft tour to Gp CC staff; showcased C-17 capabilities; enhanced positive sq/gp working relationship

- Moderated AFCENT awards presentation; recognized seven top performers--team lauded by Major General

- Narrated officer retirement ceremony; imparted honor/dignity on 31 yr career--superior send-off for an AF ldr

- Hand-picked escort for POW/MIA remembrance ceremony; 100 attendees--role exemplified military tradition

- Led 2 Sq functions; 5 mbrs farewells; incourage moral for 50 mbrs in assisted in Sq annual Wingman Day

- Escorted 6 DVs, supported USAFE Change of Command & arranged regular visits to VA Hospital

- Volunteered to load baggage, operate step truck for POTUS entourage--showcased AMC professionalism

Domestic Abuse/Victim Advocate

- Supported DoD eliminate sexual assault program, vol d 113 hours as VA; provided crisis intervention to AF mbrs

- Aid'd local domestic abuse victim--donated $1.5K for prostetic eye--afforded indiv ability of normal life/work

- Devoted 8 hrs Stop Child Abuse Now event; organized/led 12 Amn team; educated 400 attendees--raised $43K

- Facilitated three FTAC sexual assault briefs/64 students on UCMJ practices--instilled healthy morals/manners

Squadron/Base Support

- Active in flight functions; efforts raised over $700--used to recognize contributions of departing personnel

- Involved with squadron activities; volunteered for clean up detail for former commander's going away picnic

- A well rounded individual, supports/encourages participation in squadron and community activities--great wingman!

- Dedicated to 970 Esprit De Corps- An active member of the squadron Football, Softball and Winter bowling leagues

- Vol'd three hrs to Trunk or Treat; led setup of drink/snack booth--provided LRAFB families safe holiday event

- Inspired supporter of community fitness; participated in 2 half marathons--embodies Air Force warrior ethos

- Active mbr of unit softball tm; promoted fitness/teamwork w/15 players--raised morale/increased camaraderie

- Vol'd for Waldo fire relief; provided quarters for 2 displaced families--alleviated undue anxiety to mil mbrs

- Assisted w/organizing Seymour Johnsons 1st ever Combat Dining In; strengthened wg camaraderie--Promote!

- Vol'd for 67th SOS change of command ceremony; coordinated PA for event--exemplified a positive AF image

- Asst'd setup/teardown of sq superintendent retirement ceremony; +50 attended--boosted esprit de corp

- MXS Unit Advisory Council President; organized/led; coordinated Squadron holiday party

- Assisted setup/teardown of Flt OIC's PCS celebration; event attended by +70 people--boosted esprit de corp

- NCO w/Wg impact! Honor Guard volunteer/2 states/3 cities/600 mi; 100% msn success--TSgt promotion now

- Coached fellow AF mbrs wkly post-PT failures; implemented grueling tng sessions--PT test success achieved

- Organized clean-up and cooked food during Squadron Commander's farewell dinner--pinnacle to event success

- Active member and assistant coach of AGE softball team; bolstered esprit de corps among the flight personnel

- Demonstrated leadership; selected for key position in change of command ceremony--commended for abilities

- Actively participated in monthly squadron dorm inspection; held squadron Airmen to the highest AF standards

- Driven off-duty supporter; active player on flight softball team and assisted in building self-help improvements

- Squadron booster club member; hosted a burger burn, pancake breakfast and T-shirt sale--kindled unit morale

- Honored fallen & missing comrades; participated in POW/MIA formation--showcased AF legacy of valor

- Supportd positive unit climate; provided DJ svcs for 11 sq & NS Rota events--lifted morale for 3K jt svc base mbrs

- Devoted 4 hrs to AF Ball; assisted w/setup & tear down--exuded AF heritage/esprit de corps for 300 attendees

- Recruited participants for Andersen Wing Run; 36 EAMXS had largest showing--heightened esprit de corps

- Assisted with set up and tear down of Hoban Hall for 2 MXS Christmas Party--enabled successful event

- Displayed exceptional character/military bearing during two base level retreat ceremonies--upheld AF heritage

- Exemplified organizational support; delivered 20K phone books; raised astonishing $5K for squadron Top 4

- Voluntarily inspected squadron dormitory; held subordinates to AF standards--recognized outstanding rooms

- Community icon; set-up single Amn's holiday meal--had US flag flown on AEF for Davis Elementry School

- Selflessly helped others; volunteered as cook for Single Airmen's Thanksgiving Dinner--enhanced unit morale

- Selflessly volunteered time to send care packages to forward deployed troops; promoted vital camaraderie

- Assisted First Sergeant during monthly squadron dormitory inspections; enforced AF standards on subordinates

- Excellent military citizen; active member of Air Force Sergeants' Association--helped recruit six new members

- Base and community focused; strategically positioned floodlight assemblies for wing Halloween celebration

- Selected as 4 EMS quarterly awards board member; recognized outstanding performance of squadron Airmen

- Hand-picked from peers to attend luncheon with 9 AF/CC; voiced support equipment matters affecting the wing

- Exceptional Airman; performed parade/funeral duties; recognized for achievement during honor guard rotation

Airman Against Drunk Driving (AADD)

- Vol'd eight hrs toward LRAFB AADD; provided safe transportation for three Amn--eliminated potential DUIs

- Donated 12 hours/AADD; provided safe ride home for 12 Airmen--mission sustained w/369 lives saved CY11

- Volunteered 65 hours as base-wide AADD driver; prompt response on each request--88 lives & careers saved

- Volunteered 14 hours with AADD; promoted wing safety/eliminated the potential of personnel DUI incidents

- Volunteered 7 hours to designated driving program, prevented 23 wing DUIs, guaranteed personnel safe return

- Model Wingman! Stepped up for Airmen Against Drunk Driving; 17 lives saved--subverted potential DUI's

- Supported Airman Against Drunk Driving; vol'd 8 hrs/responded to 14 calls--zero alcohol related incidents

- Supported Airman Against Drunk Driving; volunteered/responded to 14 calls--zero alcohol related incidents

- Volunteered to assist Airmen Against Drunk Driving; guaranteed safe rides for 13 Seymour Johnson Airmen

- Selfless wingman; volunteered to DD for unit Christmas party--provided seven Moody Airmen safe ride home

- Contributed 10 hrs to Moody Sober Ride; provided rides for three Amn--guaranteed member/community safety


- Led design/construction of new handicap ramp; saved +5k labor costs--restored safe access for disabled family

- Led animal shelter repair; removed mold/fixed HVAC vents/painted interior--sanitized facility for 95 residents

- Assisted with facility restoration; painted/personalized work section--bolstered team pride and cohesiveness

- Constructed base pedestrian sidewalks and parking lots; enhanced personnel safety...AF savings immeasurable

- Community leader; volunteered 16+ hrs w/ 2 MOS...cleaned/repaired/painted facility--enabled easy relocation

- Volunteered 16 hrs painting three rooms/hallways; modernized 2 MOS FTD--enhanced learning environment

Air Show

- AF Patriot! Volunteered time at a booth to support the Randolph Air Show--event hosted thousands of personnel

- Supported '11 Defenders of Liberty Airshow; readied/tow team mbr for nine aircraft--guaranteed event success

- Moved/set up bleachers for Global Strike Challenge; allowed spectator viewing; showcased AF "air power"

- Volunteered at Moody Open House/Airshow; cooked/sold food/drinks--raised >$1.5K towards sq booster club

- Wings Over Wayne airshow volunteer; spearheaded booth set-up--feat raised $1K+ for future squadron events

- Helped with 13 a/c tows for Barksdale Air Show; opened ramp for participant parking--key to airshow success

- Member of 23 AMXS Booster Club; worked Moody AFB Air Show booth--raised >$2K/boosted unit morale

Airmans Attic

- Ambassador in blue; donated clothing to Airman's Attic--provided apparel to families in need/improved QoL

- Spt'd Amn's Attic; dedicated 5 hrs to clean/organize facility--provided vital resources for needy Amn/families

- Organized Airman's Attic overhaul; led six mbr tm/8 hrs clean-up--streamlined process for 2.7K mbrs/families

- Positive roll model active in local community; Airman's attic volunteer and Cub Scouts pack 911 den leader

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